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ok, if ur a nerdfighter, then you know that john green's son was born today. if ur not, this blog post is for you.
ok, so like my favorite youtubers in the whole wide web is the vlogbrothers. they are hank and john green. they are brothers, and they went a whole year with out textual comunication to each other. they made videos instead, and put them on youtube. they have aquired an enormus fan base, which they call the nerdfighters. we are not made of flesh and bones, but rather we are made of awesome. nerdfighters work to decrease world suck. that year when all of this devolped was 2007. they still make videos, but not every day. this year it is every monday, wednesday, and friday. john on recently revealed in one of his videos that the yeti (which is what john refers to his wife as) aka sarah, is (well now its was) pregnant. idk how he kept it from us that long, she was like 8 months in when he told us. newho, their firt child's name is Henry, and he will probably never let us see him because he wont let us see sara because he thinks the cuteness level will break our computers, but if we can see his dog willie dressed as a pirate (even though ninjas are better) and the computer survived, i think seeing the yeti wont break it either. so, yeah. kthxbi! i think ill make that my new sign off thingy. i used to put luv ya, but ima start putting kthxbi.


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