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omg we had like the BEST day at skool!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so it started out with me goin to skool and gettin to read my new John Lennon biography :O) and then when i went to ci we were watchin raidio (a movie) and the song thats on the swifer commercial came on and we all sang along to it and then we went to art and at my table alllll we did was talk about the beatles :OD and then i math well i had to do math and in english we got to present old iron sides (a poem) and they were all crazy :O) and in ss we talked about the beatles and at lunch the beatles again and in science i was "adopted" by sami and kate (kate is my mom and sami is my dad) and i now have a "big sis" sun and then we did science and i fell asleep and now im ALLL done with my home work so i thought id post this :O)

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Comment by Yer A Wizard Harry (Kendyl) on May 5, 2010 at 4:28pm
lol me 2...i hate when my friends jump on my shoulders cuz it hurtssss badddd
Comment by ─►BEA♥TLE◄─ on May 4, 2010 at 10:00pm
that is so friggin cool!!!! i wish my day went like that. but all i did was go to school, do walk n talk then my bf suprised me by jumping on my shoulder. n then had math then reading then talked how bout i was gonna "miss" my reading teacher next year. and then had art and finished my art piece. then went to luch with the 'cool' kids then i dont want to say the rest cuz im tired.

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