The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: encounter

Renesmee POV:

"Renesmee wake up!" I heard Uncle Emmett yell which was completely unecessary considering I could here him even if he was whispering and I was already awake anyways. I got out of bed and Aunt Alice was immediately in my room.

"Nessie, can I fix your hair?" Alice begged.
"I dont know why you even ask Alice. You can pick out my jewelry and clothes too if you would like",
I said with some annoyance. She instantly brightened up of course.
"YAY! thanks, how about we do curls today, I already picked out an adorable outfit..." she talked on and on while she fixed my hair. (I will post pics after the post)

Once Alice had finally finished fixing my hair I got in my car, which was a silver lamborghini. I was in love with it, I think my dad was jealous of it though. The story was I was going to school with my sisters Alice and Rosalie and my adopted brothers Emmett and Jasper. Jacob was a friend of the family and was just staying with us. My mom and dad stayed at home with Carlisle and Esme who were my grandparents. I was going to be a softmore while Alice and Jasper were going to be juniors and Rosalie and Emmett would be seniors. I had just turned sixteen, which i had asked for so that i was able to drive my car legally. Carlisle was the local doctor and Esme had a book store that was very popular. My dad and mom were both stay at home parents. They were keeping in touch with Zafrina and Nahuel. They wanted to make sure that they weren't getting any problems from the Volturi after our little "almost" battle. So far we've had no other problems. Which made it easier for me to focus on school starting even though ? I was as smart as any graduated adult from college.

"Nessie, remember, you have Biology, Geometry, Lunch, World History, English, dance, and gym. We all have A lunch and me, you, an Rose share dance class and gym."
"I know, I know." Aunt Alice had already told me five times this morning.
Okay, well, here we go" she said as we stepped out of the car that we had been in afor bout only five minutes.

I walked to my Biology class and the entire way people were staring at me. There were several guys eyeing me up and down. i was going to kill Alice for making me wear these too short, shorts. O well. Then I saw Jake pull up on his motorcycle but my dad had made a condition. He was only allowed to go to school with me if we had different schedules, which kind of ruined the point of sharing the same school. At least there was a six min passing per. between each class.

He came up and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Good morning", I said smiling. He grinned back then the bell rang so I headed off to class. There was probably five guys following me and then my mood got worse when i realized that they shared a Biology class with me. crap. I could tell this was going to be a long year. I walked up to the teacher and he sat me next to a handsome dark haired boy with bright green eyes. he immediately looked back towards his friends and one of them whispered "lucky". again, crap.
"Hello, im John, may i ask your name"
"umm, hi, I'm Nessie, its nice to meet you"
"I noticed your new here. Whered you move from?"
"Forks, Washington"
Then the teacher asked for silence and i was very thankful. This boy was clearly attracted by me and i wasnt liking it, i missed my jacob. At the end of class the teacher had finished his lesson and allowed us to talk for the last ten minutes of class.
"So i was wondering Ness, if you would like to go to the movies with me. A few friends are going and i was wondering if you wanted to come." This boy was clearly very arrogant.
Why has he already givin me a nick name! then i got an idea..."is it alright if i bring a friend?"
the boys eyes got wide, "Defantly!" he said with a little too much enthusiasm.
"Great i'll c u later"
"K, Bye"
Of course i wasn't bringing just a normal friend, i was kinda bringing my boyfriend... oops, did i forget to mention that, o well. It would b funny to see how that arrogant boy thought about my very handsome and muscular boy friend. I was smiling when i met jacob in the hall.
"So how was Biology?"
"Great, a boy asked me to the movies"
" o..."
"dont worry i asked him if i could bring a friend but i didnt acually tell him it was my boyfriend, it will be an interesting sight to see his reaction when we pull up, wont it"
Jacob smiled then leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. The bell rang and i hurried to Geometry. Nothing out of the normal happened except these girls kept on whispering about how they thought my shorts were too short. I was going to kill Alice. The bell rang so i went to lunch and i was planning on confronting Alice about my outfits.

"Alice we need to talk"
"What is it Nessie?"
"You are no longer picking out my clothes!"
"Ugh, WHY!"
"Because everybody is starring!"
"Well whats wrong with that?" she asked innocently
"I have a boyfriend!"
"Its not like you have to be interested in them"
I was fixing to argue more when Rosalie walked up with a smirk on her face. Alice started laughing, im guessing she was remembering one of her visions.
"Omg, you will never believe wat happened to me" Rose directed towards me, she continued w/o even letting me guese.
"Some boy had the nerve to ask me to the dance right after i told him i had a boyfriend!"
"o, ya i have plans to go to the movies tonight wih a boy. I asked him if i could bring..." i continued telling her the story then the bell rang. My next two classes went by with no surprises. When we got to dance i was pleasantly surprised that we were learning latin dances. I would be doing the Mumbo. When we got into our practice clothes all the girls were literally jumping up and down with excitement. The teacher asked for a volunteer and of course Rosalie was the first with her hand raised. She started doing very complicatd foot work and all the girls just stared. Rosalie came back with a sug smile on her face. From then on all the girls were qiute jealous of Aunt Rose.
Gym was boring since we had to move so slow. after school i went home to get ready for the movies. Aunt Alice picked out a cute dress.
Jake was in a black leather jacket with sunglasses and blue jeans which alice was not happy about.
We chose to take my car and when we arrived at the movie theatre the five guys were standing there with three girls. im guessing that the other two(one was john) were waiting on me and my friend. When i brought jacob up with me their jaws dropped. Jake started laughing and put his arm around me.
John said "i thought you were bringing a friend?"
"She did, im her boyfriend" Jacob said. John immediately backed up. It was a funny sight because jacob was almost a foot taller.
"John, this is Jacob. Jacob meet John. So what movie are we watching"
"umm, Zomby slayer..." he said with his head down.
"O ok, well should we get going?"
"Ya i guese" He wasnt so arrogant anymore I thought with a smile.
When we got into the theatres i sat in between Jacob and John. I could feel the tension in the air. It was funny when Jacob put his arm around me and bent down and kissed me with a little too much force.
Johns mouth dropped open and jacob stared laughing.
The rest of the night Jacob laughed and John and his friend just sat there pouting.
"Hey im gonna go get some popcorn" I told jacob.
He looked at me questioningly since I didnt eat any human food other than meat and eggs.
I whispered to him" everyone else is eating and I know your hungry, I doubt you want to leave me in here with john"
He agreed so i left. The popcorn guy had to go and get change since I had only brought a one hundred dollar bill. I was the only one in the room until I heard someone open up the door and then i froze. That wasn't a human scent, it was a vampire.

I turned around and standing right infront of me was Aro.

He grinned. Immediately i thought of Alice, how did she not see this coming, i knew she couldnt see me but she can see the volturi.
"hello renesmee, i know what your probably thinking. How did Alice not see me. Well i have met someone who has become of great use to me." Then another female vampire walked in. She had short black hair and was very beautiful. "This is Sonya. She has a very interesting power. You see, she can block other vampires from seeing me. Its as if im invisible so they would never be able to see me coming. All she has to do is constantly think of me and then they wont be able to guess my plans. Luckily she is very good at this so its not a hard thing to do."
i was immediately terrified. Where had this Sonya girl come from? What did aro want from me? then it clicked. He wanted my power. He wanted me...

Then Jacob walked into the room...

Chapter 2:

"Jake don't!" I screamed, Jake was trembling and was fixing to phase, what do I do, I had to do something!

"What do you want with me Aro?"

"I've come to take you with me"

jake started, "Over my dead body!"

Aro smiled, "that can be arranged"

"NO! Jake dont" I was panicking, i knew that either one of these vampires could take jake and if there was two of them... I hated to even imagine it.

"you can either go with us or we could just pay a little visit to your family, im sure they would enjoy that." he said with and evil sneer

"No, plz dont, i'll go"
"nessie no, u cant"
"I have to jake", he put his arm around me and thats when I started cryin, he kissed me then I knew that if I didnt leave now that I wouldnt b able to leave at all. So I pushed Jacob off of me then I walked over to Aro.

"Wise decision" Aro said"Sonya, can you lead the way plz"
"yes master"
she took me to the car, I saw jake lunge then he phased but aro was already in the car and we were speeding away at an amazing rate, there was no way Jake would catch up. i looked out the window and I saw the love of my life dissapear.

Bellas POV:
me and Edward had been enjoying our time alone since everyone decided to go out tonight. the house was all ours. thats when the pone rang"ugh, ill get it" I said. Edward pouted

all I heard on the other side of the line was jacob phasing then the sound of wind and an agonizing howl

i stood there frozen until edward came over"Bella?, whats wrong? what happened?!"
"shes gone. they took her. nessies gone"

edward was frozen for an eigth of a secound then he took off runnin in circles so fast even my vampire eyes had trouble keeping up. he took the phone. he started calling all of the cullens and started calling for plain tickets. he was packing all of our stuff when Alice arrived.

"How did i not see this! whats happening!!! Bella snap out of it!"
thats when I realized that standing here was not going to do Nessie an good. I helped pack and then once veryone arrived we started off towards the airport, edward was trying to figure out how alice could have missed something so big. We arrived at the airport and jake was waiting for us. he was still trembling, I was afraid he was going to phase any minute with hundreds of people starring at us. We started talking about strategy. we were going to go to aro because he wouldnt be expecting it and we would fight, to the death!

Chapter 3:
the volturi

Renesmees's POV:

We were on the plane and well on our way to Volterra. I didnt know what my family planned to do but I knew that it wasnt going to just be sitting around doing nothing. I was scared of what could happen to them, there were so many vampires here that were powerful and i didnt know if my family could get enough with them to fight the volturi off like they did last time.

"So how do you like Volterra?" he asked with a smile. He was somehow scarier when he was being polite.

"I might be able to enjoy it if i didnt know i was experiencing the last few minutes of my life"

"What?! These are only the beggining minutes of your soon to be magnificent and powerful life. i would never hurt you Nessie." aro said.
"No, these are the last minutes of my life because i would never fight with you. I know that if i dont fight with you then you'll kill me so yes, this is the end of my life."

"You might reconsider when i tell you this. If you dont fight with us then i will sadly kill all of your family and friends. It will be a terrible loss to our kind but if its the only way to establish justice, then so be it"

"Justice?! Justice?! How can you truthfully say that his is justice?! this is the cruelest thing i have ever experienced. your using a young girl for power against her family! how is that justice?! "

"Because young Renesmee, your family had a lot of power and if they made a bad decision then we wouldnt be able to do anything about it. So i'm restoring balance so that our vampire world can be ensured of justice."

"So thats whats gonna be your reasoning to everybody, Balance! "

Then we landed, he didnt continue and we exited the plane. We got in the limo and drove off. When we arrived at the center of Volterra he took me to this huge building. We entered and then i saw all the people from my nightmares ever since the battle in the clearing. Jane, Marcus, Caius, Alec, Chelsea, Corin, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, and Renata.
They were all there, just starring at me except for jane who was very fiercly glaring at me.

"This is Renesmee as you all know. Renesmee, this is my guard and fellow brothers."

"Hello Renesmee" they all said at once. They reminded me of my old toy robots. I remembered how my mom told me that they didnt voluntarily love Aro and the rest of the Volturi. They were forced. Thats when i thought of something. Could they do that to me? Ofcourse they could, and they would...and they did...

Chapter 4:
What happened?

Bellas POV:

When we went inside the airport i saw what edward had been doiong when he was running around on the phone, he had been gathering. They were all there... Zafrina, Kachiri, Senna from the amazon coven, Eleaza, Carmen, Irina, Kate, and Tanya from the Denali coven, Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia from the Egyptian coven, Maggie, Liam, Siobhan from the Irish coven, even the Romaians, Stefan and Vladimir, were there. They somehow got the nomads to come(Garrett, Mary, Peter, Charlotte, and Randall). Alistar and Charles and Makenna were there too. There were new faces as well..

"Edward who are they?" i whispered.

"Bella, this is Tyler, Kylie, Krystle, Searra,clint, and Brittany. Clint, Kylie and Brittany are all talented in their own very unique ways. Kylie can see birth and death before it actually happens. Brittanys is a little more complexed. She can put a shield around someone , but it is used to keep powers in. For instance, she can decide to keep Jane from doing any harm by basically creating a bubble around her. Jane wont be able to use her power on anyone, but Brittany can only do this on one power at a time. It also creates a bounce-back, the vampire who she got the power from will also feel the pain. Clint can duplicate any vampires power. For example,if he were going up against me he would also be able to read my mind. If it were Alice he would see the future, but ofcourse he wont be going up against us. He could go up against Jane and create a lot of pain for everybody apart of the volturi but with you(Bella) on our side Jane wont be able to harm us. She'll be able to get a taste of her own medicine. Tyler will help us with his strength and Searra and Krystle have amazing speed which im sure will be of much use. Everyone else has decided to help us fight, even if its to the death. But we are sure that with our new allies we will defeat the Volturi, so it will be a celebrated death." Then Edward took my hand and we entered the plain...

Renesmee's POV:

I was ready to fight, it no longer mattered to me that they were my family and friends. I had no interest in my past relationships including Jacob's. They would all die and i would help do it. No one was going to stop me.

"Nessie, is there anything i should know about like new powers discovered or has someones power gotten better since the last time we met, any allies i should know about?" Aro asked.

"No master, not that i know of. they might bring along some new allies today but i doubt they will be able to get enough allies to stop us. We are the Volturi. No one can defeat us."

"of course dear, we have no worries" he said with plenty of confidence."Jane, is it time for Nessie's lessons on fighting?"

"Yes master, would you like me to get felix or demetri or would you like myself to teach her?" and i could tell that she was hoping he would say someone else, as was i.

"Would you Jane? You have the most experience."

"Yes master, my pleasure" she said sarcasticly.

so we began. She taught me everything that i needed to know about fighting. Luckily i already knew a lot and i was a skilled fighter. Uncle Emmett and Jasper had helped a lot. They had never imagined that i would be going up against them...

Bellas POV:

While we were on the plane all we did was talk strategy. We were pairing everybody up with who we thought they would be able to defeat the easiest. Kate and myself were going up aginst Jane. Edward and Brittany were going up against Demetri. Vladimir and Stefan were going to take Alec.Tanya and Irina and Carmen were to take Caius. Benjamin was going to make sure that the volturi couldnt escape once the battle began. He would probably end up making barriers to block the door. Emmett and Tyler were going up against Felix. Alice insisted on taking Aro but Jasper wasnt happy about that so we decided that they would both take on Aro.Esme, Carlisle and Jacob would protect Renesmee and try and get her out of there as soon as possible. She was half human after all and these vampires dont have great control in a middle of a fight. The wolves and the nomads(Randall, Makenna, Peter, Charlotte, Garrett, Mary) would stand on the side lines until Kylie had a vision of someone on our side dieing.. i hated to even think about that...and then they would help with whoever needed the most. Clint and Charles would take on Marcus. Tia, Maggie, Krystle and Searra would take on Sulpicia and Athenodora and Chelsea. Zafrina, Kachiri and Senna would take on Heidi. Allistar, Eleaza and Amun would take on Afton and Kebi. Liam and Siobhan will take on Corin. After we had all that sorted out edward told all of us that we should try and relax so that we're ready. Ya, like i would be able to relax...

After we exited the plain we got in our limos and we headed off toward Volterra. Everyone was already relaxed except for Edward and myself. He reached over and took my hand. Carlisle tryed to sooth us but nothing helped. Then jasper started to relax us and then thats when we arrived. We all got out and we took the many, many passageways to a room that I had never been in. Edward was leading the way so I was guessing that he was taking directions from Aro. Then he stoppd all of a sudden. "Edward, whats wrong, what is it?" i asked. He didnt answer he just starred at nothing. I started panicking. I almost broke Edward's hand trying to get him to answer me. He finally answered and told us something that ruined everything and it was the one thing we weren't ready for..."Chelsea has forced Renesmee to side with them, she plans to fight against us" and then with no hesitation at all, we ran.

We entered this huge room which i'm guessing Aro had made for a battle because there was only one way in and with Benjamin on our side there would be no way out. When Aro saw all of us come in he for the first time lost control of his facial expressions. First there was disbelief, then doubt, anger, and finally fear. He regained some control but if you looked in his eyes far enough you could tell his only emotion right now was fear of being defeated once and for all. I immediately looked around the room, i saw a lot of faces and some controlled themselves better than others, but you could tell that most were planning on just running out of the door any minute. Then... I saw her...

Chapter 5:
The Battle!

Bella's POV:

She was standing with the rest of them and was in those dark cloaks that i knew way too well. She looked at me as if i was her enemy and i knew edward was right. i had hoped that some how he was wrong even thugh i knew that it werent possible. i cant believe we hadnt thought about it before, its just i never thought that they would be able to break our binds. How were they able to do it now?

"As I'm sure you already know, Renesmee has seen the truth in our ways and has decided to side with us." Aro said with a smile.

"decided, decided?! Renesmee hasn't decided anything! All of us know she was forced just like all your other followers!" Edward yelled. I was afraid that he was going to attack Aro right then and there. i grabbed his hand.

"I dont understand, Chelsea has never been able to break families apart before" Esme said with great sadness.

"Chelsea has grown stronger as I'm sure some of your family members have." Aro said while looking at me.

"Edward?" i said, and i knew he would know what i was trying to ask him without saying it outloud even though im sure that Aro could guess what i wanted to know. The only thing that i wanted to know was how do we save her without hurting her or having her hurt us.

He looked at me and nodded his head. He had a plan, but what? He just simply said"stick to the plan". What does that mean, oh. Jacob, Carlisle, and Esme would take care of her. They would probably take her outside because as soon as she waaway from Chelsea Jacob would be able to get some since into her. We just had to do our job so that they could get her. But how do we begin? i looked at Edward and then i knew. He would start it and i would be right behind.

He looked around at all the people then he looked confused. i followed where he was looking and it looked like he was looking at this young female vampire. Who is she? He stiffened beside me and when i looked at him he had calmed down. He spoke to all of us now, "They have a new member. Her name is Sonya. She is able to block all thoughts and visions of a certain vampire. She can do it on only one vampire at a time. Thats why Alice didnt see Aro's plan."

He then looked around at all of us and then down at me, i understood. He was making sue we were all ready. My shield exploded. We were all covered. I was ready...

Edward lunged. He went straight towards Demetri and then there were vampires moving everywhere. Kate was standing right next to me and we were already cornering Jane. She knew it was the end but she probably planned on not going alone. If she was going then she was going to make sure that one of us went with her. Then something hit me from the back. Once i bounced off the wall I turned around and standing right in front of me was my Nessie. But she didn't look like my Nessie. Then Carlisle, Esme and Jacob had a hold of her. Jacob had a hold of her waist her arms were pinned against her sides and Esme had her legs. Carlisle was holding her head still so that she couldn't bite Jacob. They had her close to the door and they probably would have made it right thenand there but Demetri came out of no where. He was charging right toward her and had the darkest black eyes i've ever seen. Edward was on top of him in a tenth of a secound. Brittany was blocking his view while Edward was moving all around him ripping pieces off. I knew that they had it under controol so i focused back on Jane who had been pre-occupied with Kate. Kate was finishing her off when all of a sudden Jane made a fast move to the left and got a snap at Kates shoulder. I immediately went for the kill. Jane was in more than ten pieces in a secound and I already had the fuel and lighter out. Finally Jane was gone. I noticed that the battle field had become a little bit smaller. We were one of the first ones to defeat our opponent. Liam and Siobhan had defeated Corin. Emmett and Tyler were finishing up on Felix. Edward and Brittany had just finished off Demetri. Edward was immediately at my side. We went to where Jacob, Carlisle and Esme had Renesmeee. Then she looked at me and for the first time during the battle she looked like my Nessie. I looked around and i coulnt fid Chelsea and then i realized that she was gone and that my Nessie was back. Then the most horrible thing that could've happened, happened.

Clint and Charles had been going up against Marcus. Marcus had already injured Charles which distracted Clint for half a secound. But it was enough. Marcus charged towards Renesmee, but Edward was faster. He jumped inbetween them and then Marcus was on top of him and was ripping Edward to pieces. Then all i could see as I stood there frozen were ten giant wolves leap. Marcus was gone in an instant. Left laying there was Edward who had been bitten in at least ten different places. Emmett and Tyler had finished off Felix so they were carrying Edward off. I couldnt move. All I could see was Edward. I pictured him laying there hurt, over and over again.

Chapter 6:

Renesmee's POV:

I was standing there screaming. I didn't know what to do. Jacob grabbed me and took me in the opposite dirction that Emmett and Tyler had taken my dad. Was my dad going to be ok? Why wouldn't anyone let me see him. Then I saw my mom standing there. I burst out of Jakes arms and ran straight to her. She was still in shock and so I just wrapped my arms around her and told her I loved her over and over again. I kept apologizing until she snapped out of her trance and said, "your sorry? you didnt do anything wrong Nessie. don't worrry, dad is going to be okay. I'm going to go check on him, why don't you stay here with Jacob." she said. I could tell she was beggining to panic. She walked outside and Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie followed. It seemed like I was the only one that wasn't allowed to see him. The tears then began pourin down my face. All of a sudden I felt huge warm arms wrap around me. I turned to face him so that i could just rest my head on his chest.

"its alright sweetie, its all over." he said, trying to sooth me.

"N-n-n-no, its not. Since i was s-s-s-stupid and went with Aro instead of just listening to you, my d-d-d-dad is hurt."i said inbetween sobs.

"No, no, no. If you had listened to me then your entire family would have been at risk. I dont want you worrying about Edward, he will be fine. Just calm down, ok. Carlisle will put him back together and then he'll be as good as new, k?"

"K." he hugged me tighter to him and then scooped me up and we started walking away.

"Where are we going?" I asked confused.

"I'm taking you outside and Seth is going to come outside and update us about your dad as soon as he can. You dont need to be in here." I understood what he meant when i saw Zafrina and Senna adding fuel to a fire. As i looked around i couldn't see any injuries. The only one who got hurt was my dad and it was all my fault. I looked up at Jacob and the tears began again. About fifteen minutes later we stopped once we reached a courtyard. He sat down on a bench and I hid my face into his chest. He kept on saying, "it's alright, nobody's gonna hurt you, nobody's gonna hurt you. im here. shh" I eventually drifted to sleep...

Bellas POV:

I was so glad that we had our Renesmee back and that the Volturi were finally defeated. They wouldn't be able to hurt my family anymore. But the main thing that I felt was my heart being ripped in half. I had never expected for Edward to get hurt. I wasn't prepared. Alice kept trying to sooth me. It wasnt working. All of a sudden I heard someone enter the door. We were baically in a waiting room since they wouldnt let me go in to see Edward because Carlisle was still working on him and they didnt want me to have to see Edward in pain. But just because I couldn't see him didn't solve the problem. I wanted to see him. So that I could get that last image out of my head. Thats all could see. I finally turned around so that i could see who came in the door. It was Emmett. For the first time ever, he was actually serious. I had never seen this side of Emmett and it had me more worried than before. He saw my face and immediately tried to reassure me.

"Don't worry Bella, I came out here to tell you that Edward is doing well and Carlisle is almost done. Edward wanted me to tell you that he's okay and to not worry. He said the venom isn't stinging as bad as it was before."

Sigh, "how long do you think it will be before I can see him?" I asked. I was a little relieved but until I saw Edward I would still be worried.

"Carlisle said it will be about ten minutes."

Another sigh, "thank you Emmett"

He came over and gave me a huge bear hug. Then someone else came out the door. I stood up immediately but it was only Seth. "hey, I was just gonna go get Renesmee. I'll be back in like fifteen minutes." he walked off and then jasper walked out. I immediately felt calm and relaxed.

"Thanks Jasper" he just nodded his head and then him and Alice started talking about the battle. I wasn't in the mood to listen so i got up to walk around. I didn't realize I was pacing until someone else opened the door. It was Edward.

I ran to him and we fell to the floor. I didn't realize I was hurting him until finally he had to push me off.

"Easy Bella. I'm alright" he lifted us both off the floor in one movement. If I could cry I would. I was so relieved that he was okay. I kissed him and it started to get out of control until Emmett started coughing clearly so that he could say something.

"We have some things we need to get to. Not meaning to rush you." he said. He was finally beggining to act like himself again. Then i realized something. We no longer had a Volturi. This was a very good thing but also a very, very dangerous thing. With no guidelines in place anymore there would be mad chaos. What were we going to do?

Then Carlisle spoke up. I hadn't even noticed that he had walked into the room. "I already have a plan, we need to get to work though. Everyone is waiting for us in the North Tower. Edward and Bella can wait for her but i suggest that the rest of go ahead and go down there."

They all agreed and so they headed out to the North Tower while we waited. We sat down on a bench nearby and I sat there in Edwards arm. Now that Edward was okay I could focus on other things. "So Chelsea's power had become stronger?"

"Yes, and the Sonya girl is what started this. She came to the Volturi seeking power and ended up losing her life."

"I hope Nessie's okay." I was beggining to worry. The last time she had an encounter with the Volturi she was basically traumatized. She's had nightmares ever since then. At that moment Seth entered the room and following was Jacob with Renesmee in his arms. She was asleep.

"You can wake her. She asked me to as soon as I heard something but I figured I would give yall a moment." He handed her off to Edward and walked out of the room with Seth. They were probably on their way to meet with the others. As soon as she felt Edwards cold skin she woke up.

"DAD!! Oh my goodness, are you okay?!" she screamed.

Edward smiled and kissed her on the forehead, "Yes, I'm fine. It was no big deal, my life was never at stake." Nessie looked at me and at the same time we said, "No big deal?"

Edward laughed a our facial expressions and then he sat Renesmee down. "Are you ok? They didn't hurt you did they?" he was scanning over her to make sure there were no injuries.

"No dad, I'm fine. Now that they're gone I might be able to get a full nights sleep" she said with relief.

"Yes, but right now everyone is waiting for us. We should get going" Edward said. He had one arm around me and the other around Nessie.

"What do you mean? Whats wrong, did something happen?" Nessie asked, she started to panic.

"Calm down Ness, nothings wrong. Well, not yet. Now that the Volturi's gone it has created a little problem, well actually a big problem. The vampire world no longer has any laws to abide by which is probaly going to creat total chaos. Unless, something is done about it. Carlisle told us that he had a plan and so thats what we are all going to meet about." Edward explained to her.

We then arrived at the north tower. When we entered everyone was sitting around the biggest table I had ever seen. There were three seats left for us so we took our place among the rest.

"We are gathered here so that we can figure out what we are going to do about the Volturi's non-existence. We all are glad that they are gone but now our vampire world has no laws to follow and it could and probably will reveal our existence. Unless... We creat a new Volturi, but this time we will make sure that the right 'people' are put in charge. This is the only thing I can think of. Is there anyone who has another idea or who doesn't agree with this?" he asked. I had never imagined that there would be another Volturi. This was definantly a shock to me as well as many others.

"I say that we should all vote on who should be apart of this new Volturi. That seems to be the only way to make sure that the right 'people' are put in command." Vladimir said.

Carlisle continued, "I agree, so... lets put it to a vote and creat the new Volturi".

Chapter 7:
The Salvatori

Bella's POV:

"Where do we begin?" i asked Carlisle.

"We should start with the leader and then we will decide who is apart of the counsel and who shall be the guard. So first off lets take a vote on who shall be the leader of our new volturi. Who wishes to take this role other than myself?" Carlisle asked. But then there was a surprise, no one stood up other than Carlisle. Does that mean that we are all unanimous on who shall be our leader of the new Volturi?

"I believe we have our new leader" Vladimir said. We all cheered because we knew that with Carlisle leading us then there will never be a repeat of our past Volturi. This was a whole new beggining.

"Since we all agree about who should be our leader lets finish the counsel members. Who would like to be apart of the counsel?" Carlisle asked. Garrett, Alistar, Charles, Randall and Eleaza all stood up. Once we decided that they would be apart of the counsel then we went ahead and moved onto the gaurd. This was the part I was scared about. I didn't want Edward to be apart of the gaurd, it was too dangerous. I defantly wouldn't allow Renesmee to be in it and I knew that Edward would back me up on that. I didn't even want to be able to think about that. I knew that Edward wouldn't want me to be apart of the guard either so as long as he wasn't then I wouldn'tbe. I was scared for the rest of my family too. I couldn't picture Alice in one of those scary dull cloaks, but then I realized that it was never going to be the same and that we would never go back to the dark volturi.

"If you don't mind Calisle, I would like to say something about being apart of the gaurd." Edward said.

"Of course Edward, go ahead." Carlisle said.

"Well, I am pretty sure that you all know how important the gaurd is but I know that most of you don't understand the commitment and sacrifice. If you are apart of the gaurd then you have to make sure that this is something that you will want to do all of your life because we can't take chances on letting people in the gaurd and letting them know all of our strengths and then deciding that this is not right for them and going off and possibly tell others about us and our weaknesses. So before you volunteer yourself make sure you understand exactly what it means to be apart of this new Volturi guard." Edward finished those last few words with a sense of accomplishment and relief. He knew just as well as I did that this was going to change everything but something I didn't know was what he was planning to do next. "I volunteer myself to be apart of the Volturi, who else would like to join me?" he asked. I stood there frozen... I didn't know what to do. My Edward was volunteering himself to be apart of such a dangerous commitment that he promised to be apart of forever. NO! This couldn't be happenng! I wouldn't let it happen!

"NO! Absolutely not Edward! I won't let you! You can't do this to us!" without realizing it I had stood up and I was now yelling and beggining to panic. Edward walked over to me and held me in his arms. He was trying to calm me down and it was working to some degree until he said, "They need me. I will still be able to be with you, I'll just have a day job." he smiled at his little joke then his smile dissapeared as soon as he saw my face. I clearly did not think that this was a laughing matter.

"Edward, you can't, I won't let you. What about Renesmee? You won't be able to spend time with her if your apart of this. Wold you want me to be apart of the guard? No, you wouldn't." I said. At least I thought that he didn't want me to be apart of it.

"Yes I do. Why wouldn't I? You may not realize it but you being apart of the Volturi would keep you safer then just staying at home, plus I wouldn't be able to spend that much time away from you and Nessie. I love you too much." He said.

I stood there. I was soo confused. Did i really just hear that Edward wanted me to be apart of the Volturi. Then i understood it. He was right, I would be in the safest place possible. I would never be in danger because there would be soo many powerful vampires that were by my side.

"O..., now I get it. Does that mean that Nessie would be apart of the guard too?" I wasn't sure where he stood when it came to that issue.

"If she would like to be. I'm not going to force her to do anything she doesn't feel comforable doing. But with all the vampires we have she wouldn't have to particapate in anything until she was ready." He said. I had never thought about that. After we had finally sorted all of that out the rest of the guard was chosen. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Zafrina, Kachiri, Senna, Carmen, Irina, Kate, Tanya, Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, Tia, Maggie, Liam, Siobhan, Stefan and Vladimir, Brittany, Kylie, Krystle, Tyler, Clint and Searra would be apart of the gurad. Rosalie and Esme would be the wives and the rest didn't feel as if they had a place in the Volturi. Then something I wouldn't have even thought about came up.

"Carlisle, what do you think about changing the Volturi image?" Garrett asked Carlisle.

"I don't exactly know what you mean my dear friend" Carlisle said a little confused.

"Well, I say we get rid of the Volturi name and image. No more dark cloaks! I say that this should be a new beggining and if I'm going to be apart of this I want to make sure that it doesn't ever turn into something that even remotely resembles the past Volturi." Garrett said. You could tell he was trying really hard to just get that past volturi out of his mind forever.

"Hmm, I hadn't thought of that, shall we vote, again?"

"Are there any suggestions?" Edward asked. The only one that stood up was Edward. "The Salvatori. I believe it fits considering it means saviors in Italian."

"I agree, I couldn't have thought of anything better myself. Is there anyone that doesn't agree with this?" Carlisle asked. No one stood. "Then I believe we are the Salvatori."

Everyone stood in applause and yelled with excitement. "It will never go back to the ways of the Volturi! This is an ending and a start of a new beginning!" Vladimir yelled.

6 months later:

Bella's POV:

"Edward, why is Carlisle calling us to meeting?" I asked. We hadn't had a meeting since that victorious day. We hadn't had any problems since then. But all morning Carlisle and Edward had been whispering about something and they wouldn't tell me what it was about. Edward had stayed close and was always looking around. I knew something was up I just wish someone would tell me what it was. "Edward what is it? I know somethings going on. Why won't you tell me?"

"It's alright love, you will find out at the meeting but we must get going or we'll be late. Where's Renesmee?"

"Right here" she had been upstairs packing her stuff. We had agreed on letting her be apart of the gaurd and she was excited that she was going to be able to be of use now. She was putting all of her luggage into her car. I was sad to say that she had takin the liking of clothes from Alice. She was constantly shopping and whenever we went somewhere, even if it were for two days, she would take half of her closet for some reason.

"Ness, we're only going to be there for a few days most likely. Yu don't need to bring all of your clothes and you definantly dont need all of you dresses. Jeans and a t-shirt would be fine."

She started. "What?! I'm not going to wear Jeans! I need my clothes, what if something happened and I had only brought enough for two days? I wouldn't have any clothes!"

"Alright, alright. You can bring your clothes." ugh, she was so much like Alice these days. She use to be like me but once she hit seventeen it was like she completely transformed. I had a real teenager on my hands.

"Love, we must get going" Edward was getting impatient.

We finally left the house and met up with the rest of teh family in Volterra. We entered the meeting room and evryone was already there waiting for us. It was like deja vue. I very clearly remembered that day where I lost my Nessie and then got her back but Edward had goten hurt in the process. I had never been through so much pain in my life. It was ten times worse than my transformation from vampire to human.

Carlisle cleared his throat signaling for us to take our seats. He rose.
"We are gathered here today because there is a huge problem rising in the south. I believe you all remember who Joham is. " Carlisle asked. Of course we all remembered. He was the one that created the "Half-breeds". I had a feeling that things were fixing to take a turn for the worst.

"Well, there has been talk that he is creating an army. But he is doing it in away that our vampire world has never seen before. He is actually training them to not hunt humans. Your probably thinking, well then what the problem? If he shows no harm then why are we here? Well, Nahuel, his son, has given me some information. He says that Joham is planning on taking over the South. He trains the army not to hunt humans so that they don't have a weakness and then begins their training in fighting. He doesn't create more until his past creations are extremely strong. I must remind you that the females are not venomous but the males are. So, he trains the females to fight and teaches the males to hunt animals and not humans. He doesn;t want vampires. He only wants the so called 'half-breeds'. His reasoning for this is that the half-breeds will have an advantage in a fight. Their blood will draw them in and then while their enemy is distracted they attack. The others don't stand a chance. Joham doesn't know that there are a lot of us who are strong enough to fight them without getting distracted. He plans to take out any vampires who are in the south. His goal is to eventually be the strongest vampire that we have ever had and take over Volterra."

"But we won't let them" Vladimir said with confidence.

"Of course not my friend. We will leave out immediately. We are all going."

We left Volterra and we entered our plain.Emmett was jumping up and down with excitement. He was happy that we were finally getting some action. I kept reminding him that it was only six months ago that we defeated the extremely strong Volturi. He just kept on saying "ya, six months ago. Thats like six centuries for me. we had more action when you were human." Edward glared at him. Edward didn't ever bring up those days of my life. He didn't like to remember me being so fragile and in so much danger. Everyone knew that it was better to not bring it up but of course Emmett did often. Edward wrapped his arms around me tighter and I thought it was silly how he felt he should protect me. We finally arrived. We were in Texas. Once we had all exited the plain Carlisle began instructing us on the plan. We were in houston and Joham would be hiding out here. Our first priority was to find out where he was and then notify Carlisle. We all headed out in groups. I was with Edward, Renesmee, Alice, Jasper and Emmett. The secound group was Zafrina, Kachiri, Senna, Carmen, Irina, Kate and Tanya. The third group included: Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, Tia, Maggie, Liam and Siobhan, The fourth included: Stefan, Vladimir, Brittany, kylie, Krystle, Clint and Searra. We were to take the south side. We had been searching for 2 hours and were coming up empty handed. Then Edward got a call on his cell. It was Carlisle.

"Carlisle, did they find something?"
"We are on our way"
"What?! we'll be there in ten secounds. "

"What is it Edward?" I asked. What was it that could have taken Edward by surprise.

" They have taken Nahuel as a hostage. He says the only way that he will release him is if we will trade."

"Who do they want? Renesmee?" it was the only thing I could think of. Was it because he wanted to be able to say that he was the creator and he wanted to make sure that we didn't take credit for it?

He looked down at me and thats when I knew. They wanted me.
"But why? "

"Don't worry Bella, no ones going to hurt you. We'll fight. Theres no way that we're going to give them you as a trade. We will get Nahuel back. They won't hurt you."

"I'm not worried about that. But why would they want me?"

"He knows how powerful you are. He believes that if he had you he would be able to use you as a creator as well." Edward made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat.

"Wait, he wants me to creat half breeds? But I thought he wanted to be able to take credit for this new creation?"

"He does, it will be more like a partnership. " Edward was beginning to get angry.

Then we stopped. Carlisle walked toward us. Esme hugged me. I smiled back at her. "Whats the plan Carlisle" I asked.

"There are two different entrances. Group 1 and 4 are to take the main entrance with the coiunsel behind them. Group 3 and 2 will take the back way. There will be no escape. "

I looked around and then I realized that there were only houses. This didn't make sense. Where were they at? how could they hide so many of them?

Edward looked down at me and noticed that he needed to explain. "They're under ground. It was the only way that they could go unnoticed for so long."

"How long have they gone unnoticed? How many are there?" I asked. If they are under ground then there could be a hundred of them.

"Brittany says there are about thirty. It won't be a challenge. They've been down there for about 4 months but since he takes the time to train them it hasn't gotten out of hand."

"We will begin now. Please make sure that you stay with your group and don't split up. We must make sure they don't escape. If they do then it will start all over again."

Once we were with our groups, we started descending down. They had built tunnells underground and it eventually was a dead end. At the end there was a door. We opened it and waiting for us was an army far bigger than thirty. We started backing up and then I bumped into something. It was Tyler. He was grinning at me but it wasn't a smile. It was an evil grinn. It was like he had known about his. He was apart of this. I looked around and all the new comers had turned on us. They were blocking our way. Krystle, Clint, Kylie, Brittany and Tyler were all standing together and they were ready to fight. It was a trick. Ever since the very beginning. But why? What were they going to do? What was going to happen?

Chapter 8:
Hidden army

Edward was crouched in front of me. I was ready to attack. I had Nessie behind me. On the sides were Vladimir and Stefan.; Behind us were Alice, Jasper and Emmett. In front of them were over a hundred half vampire/half humans. How was this possible? How did Alice not see this? How did Edward not know about this?

"This isn't possible." Edward said. He was as confused as I was.

"Not quite." Tyler said. "Do you not rememeber what our powers are?" Then i remembered what he was talking about. Clint could duplicate powers and Brittany could creat a shield around somebody to where it kept their powers from working. He was now talking to Edward, "You didn't read our minds because Clint duplicated Bella's power. Your probably thinking well, that only stops you from reading his mind. But something we did't tell you is that Clint is very strong. He used Bella's power but made it stronger. Now your not able to read any of our minds. Brittany made sure that Alice couldn't see this coming. Now we have the upper hand. " He said with a grin. I was now scared, not for me but for my family. There was no way we were going to be able to stop over a hundred vampires without Edwards power or Alices. I looked at Edward and i could tell that he thought differently. He wanted to attack right then and there. I grabbed his hand. There was no way I was going to let him get hurt again...

"If you ever want to see the rest of your family again then you should probably do as your told. Searra is going to lead the way and you better not give her any problems or I will signal for everyone to be killed. Got it?"

Searra started walking down another tunnell. The army split down the middle to give us barely enough room to walk. Edward was holding me and Renesmee as tight as possible and he gave out a warning growl whenever someone got too close. "Your not gonna get away with this, we'll fight to the death!" Edward was talkig to Tyler.

"Do you honestly think I care if any of these filthy half-breeds are killed? go ahead, I won't haf to listen to them anymore." He ended with a laugh.

We entered a huge room and on the other side was the rest of my family. Rosalie ran to Emmett and Carlisle and Esme ran towards us and embraced us all. I saw Carlisle whispering into Carlisles ear. I could faintly hear what he was saying..."Whats the plan, what has the counsel said?" Edward asked.

"We plan to take Clint and Brittany out first. We haven't found Joham but I'm sure we'll see him here pretty soon. Once we find him we will defeat Searra, Kylie, Joham and Tyler. Then we start on the army."

Edward nodded and then looked at me. I nodded in agreement and then we lunged. Me and Edward were teaming up against Clint and Emmett and Carlisle were taking out Brittany. Alice and Jasper had takin care of Kylie already. Stefan and Vladimir were going up against Tyler. Zafrina, Kachiri and Senna had already taken out Krystle and were now working on Searra. The rest of the gaurd including Renesmee were protecting us from the army and the counsel was looking for Joham and Nahuel.

Clint was giving us a harder time because Edward couldn't read his mind and he was a stronger fighter than what he had lead us to believe. Then he lunged towards me which was a huge mistake and he was a pile of ashes in an eigth of a secound. I went and stood next to Renesmee and made sure that there was no harm towards her. Now edward could read their minds and Emmett had taken out Brittany so Alice kept giving us updates whenever one of the half-breeds made a sudden decision on who to attack. We had finished off thirty when all of a sudden The counsel reappeared and Nahuel was standing beside them. I knew that they had defeated Joham so now we just needed to defeat this army. It was getting harder because they were starting to team up against us. At the moment Emmett was taking on three of them when all of a sudden another came at him from behind. I ran over and instantly took care of him. Emmett turned around. "Thanks sis"

"No problem." I grinned. But then I realized that this wasn't going the way I had planed. I had expected them to be good fighter but not this good. They were stronger then what I had hoped for. We needed help. Then I noticed that the Counsel was moving towards us. Rosalie, Esme and Nahuel were with them and then they started fightin with us. That was the help we needed. We quickly took care of forty more. It was becoming easier until Alice yelled out, "NO!!! EMMETT!"

I turned around and Jasper was surrounded by seven of them. At that moment one lunged from the back. Then in less tha a secound there were five others on top of him. I ran over and threw one off of him. Edward had snapped two of their necks and was burning them when Alice came over and knelt to the ground next to Jasper. He had been bit six times and I could tell that they were stinging. Alice was panicking. Although I knew that Jasper would be okay I knew that Alice would still be worried. I suddenly remembred whenever i had seen Edward laying on the floor torn to pieces. Jasper wasn't nearly as beat up but I had a lot of sympathy for Alice. Carlisle took Emmett and Alice followed. The rest of us continued fighting but with a greater drive. Edward was fierce. He killed ten in two minutes. We had defeted the other forty in fifteen minutes. As soon as the last had been taken care of we sprinted off towards Jasper. Carlisle had already put him back together and Alice was calling him an idiot. I laughed with relief. He kissed her and said he was sorry. Once Jasper was up on his feet we all gathered together.

"I am relieved to say that Joham has been defated along with all of his allies. I hope that all of our battles won't be as hard and surprising as this one."

There were a lot of agreements. It seems that my life was always full of action. Was I ever going to get some piece and quiet?

"I think its time to go home." Edward said and I could tell that he was thinking the same.

I took Renesmee's hand and we headed off. Carlisle said he would stay behind with the counsel and the rest of the gaurd and clean up the mess. We were entering the air port when all of a sudden Edward stopped. I asked "Whats wrong, what is it Edward?" but he wouldn't answer. He was starring at nothing. I didn't know what he was hearing but it didn't seem good. Then Alice was right in front of me. "If we hurry we might be able to beat them there." she said. Then all of a sudden we were moving so fast that the humans couldn't see us. We were on the planes in two secounds. What was going on? Why wasn't anyone telling me anything? Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Nessie, Carlisle, Esme and the rest of the gaurd were coming. The counsel was staying behind to take care of our last problem. What now?...

"Edward what is it?! Why won't anyone tell me anything?! Someone, answer me!" I was getting angry. It had to be something bad. What could be so bad that Edward wouldn't tell me, that he would rather have me worry about nothing than worry about this? I wasn't in danger, if I was he would be freaking out. What would he keep from me? What is my weakness? Edward was. Then my family would come next. But they were all safe, right? I looked around and everyone was with me, except... Charlie

Chapter 9:

"Charlie" i whispered. I was in shock. This couldn't be happening. I was on a roller-coaster and it was never going to stop. Why won't it stop? This wasn't right. Normal people and vampires had maybe a year that was tough for them or had one life changing moment. I had lot count a long time ago. How did this keep happening to me?

"It's alright Bella, we'll b there in no time. We'll save him, I promise. He's going to be fine." Edward had wrapped his arms around me. "Alice, what do you see?" Alice was starring at nothing. Something was happening but what? What had already happened? Why were there so many secrets here lately?

"We're too late. She's already done it..." she kept starring into space. Had already done what? What had they done to Charlie?

"Edward? Please tell me, I can take it." Even though I knew I couldn't, I still had to know.

"Joham had a wife that we didn't know anout. We never considered that because of, well, what he does. It's our fault Bella, we didn't look into it. But don't worry we'll save him."

I knew exactly what that ment. revenge. I knew too well that you didn't kill a husband without taking the wife into consideration. When Edward killed James, Victoria chased after me until we killed her. She was never going to give up until she killed me. But Edward still didn't answer my question. What was up with all of these half answers?

"Edward, tell me the whole thing. What are we too late for? What happened?"

"They both were working together to creat this new 'breed'. She would ruin relationships and then Joham would be there for them to cry on. She trained them to fight while he used compassion to teach them to hunt animals instead of humans. She was actually the one in control. Once she heard of what we had done she wanted revenge. She went and found Charlie. The wolves smelled her and ran towards the house. They cornered her and she realized that she wasn't going to be able to finish him off so... she bit him." I had stopped breathing but this last bit of news had me gasping for breath. "The wolves attacked but it was too late. He's at Billy's house now. Don't worry Bella, he'll be alright. Carlisle will give him morphine and it will help the burn." Edward was trying to calm me but i knew something that he didn't.

"Edward no!!!! You don't understand, the morphine doesn't help!! It makes it worse!! It makes it to where you can't move and your paralized. Your body is aching and your frozen in blackness and theres no way out!!" I was screaming, I felt as if I should have water rolling down my cheek, but of course my eyes ran dry.

"Shhh. Ok, ok. We won;t give him morphine. Why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't want you to be upset." he nodded. He understood. He knew as well as I did that if he knew that the morphine hadn't helped , but has actually made it worse then he would have felt horrible. "Plus, I didn't think that we would ever havea reason to change someone else."

Edward turned towards Alice. She was starring out the window again.

"Billy is worried. He's never seen anybody thrash and yell like Charle is. Jacob and them ot it under control. Billy just doesn't understand."

Of course he wouldn't understand. How could you imagine a burning so great, you couldn't.

"What about Sue, how is she handling this?" Carlisle aked. I actually had completely forgotten about Sue.

"Luckily she was at the grocery store. She was scared when Jacob told her what happened but she understands what it means. She says that she'll go and visit her friend from college in florida for a while. When we get there we're gonna take him to Carlisle's place. We'll keep Renesmee at Billy's. Everythings already settled."

I was glad that everyone else was taken care of but all I think about was my transformation and all the pain it caused. My dad was experiencing that now. I knew that he would want to hear someones voice and that he would want answers. I would be by his side through out the entire thing.

We finally arrived in Seattle. Jacob was waiting for us there and he immediately grabbed Renesmee. Edward gave them a disapproving glare when Jacob leaned in to kiss her. Nessie blushed and then got in the car. She reminded me of myself , I remembered when I was so care free. What happened?

"Bella, how are you doing?" Jacob asked. I looked over at him and apparently that was enough said.

On the car ride home it was mainly quiet except for a few reassurances from Edward. He kept on saying "Its alright, he's going to be okay" but until then he would be suffering. We arrived at Billy's and I took off. He was laying there in Billy's bed. He was thrashing every way that he could. Sam, Seth, Brady, Quil and Embry were holding him there.

"Dad, its me Bella. I know you can hear me and I know your scared. Its okay, I know your in pain but yelling and screaming isn't going to help anything. It's just going to make it much harder. Just try to stay still long enough for me to explian to you whats happening" I knew he could because I had. He stopped throwing his arms around and he layed still for the most part. He was no longer yelling and it made it easier for everyone.. except him. "This happened to me too, Those few days where you wern't allowed to see me after the honey moon, this is what was happening to me"... I continued explaining my story. I told him every part. From the very beginning. He would change his facial expressions whenever i mentioned James hurting me, Jaspers attack and especially Edward leaving. That part was almost unbearable for me and Edward had to leave the room. I ran through that as fast as I possibly could. I finally finished explaining about Renesmee and the most recent battles. Carlisle said that i could go find Edward if I liked and that he would keep my dad company. I walked outside and he was sitting there with his face in his hands. I walked over and put my arms around him.

"Edward, are you ok?" he looked up at me with a face full of agony.

"Why are you asking me that? i should be asking you that question. This isn't fair!" he yelled.

"What isn't fair? What are you taling about Edward?"

"It made me really see how much pain you have had to go threw ever since you met me. It's not fair. You just spent six hour explaining all the things that went bad and you didn't even explain all of it. I'm sorry I left the room but I couldn't re-live that time where I left you, I..I.."

"It's okay, I know. But everythings alright now. Did you not notice the other pattern? Evertime the ending was the same. You saving me."

He just shook his head and leaned down and kissed me. He seemed as if he had finally gotten through the sadness and so I stood up. He followed me into the house and we sat next to Charlie for the next two days. I talked to him constantly. I explained to him the rules that he would haf to try and follow and told him about not being able to see Billy, Sue or Nessie for a while. I told him that if he tried really hard then he would be able to see them sooner. On the last day he began yelling and thrashing again. I had to call Emmett and Jasper in. Edward couldn't do it. Jasper tried to calm him as much as possible. It helped a little but eventually was of no use. I knew that it was almost over when I heard his heart going at an alarming speed.

"Dad its almost over." For the next twenty minutes I explained to him how different things were going to be and how much shock he would be in. Alice said he would be complete in about thirty secounds so we all gave him space. He finally stopped and was just laying there until he opened his eyes. He layed there looking around.

"Bella?" he said.

"Right here dad." I started walking towards him. Edward held me back. I looked up at me but I understood. My dad was going to be uncontrollable. It was best to keep my distance for a few minutes until he could calm down a little.
He looked up and saw me. What I hadn't been prepared for were his eyes. I had watced his apperance change but this was the first time I was actually seeing his eyes. They wee blood red. "Dad?"

"Bella... I...I.. don't nderstand. Everythings so much different. My throat, it burns" he was starring at me as if he was seeing me for the first time, and in a way he was.

"I know, we're gonna fix that. " We had created a plan so that he wouldn't cross any humans. Emmett had already checked the woods behind Billy's place.

He understood what we meant since I had already explained it to him. Emmett walked outside and we all followed. We started at a slow pace towards the center of the woods. There were a couple of buck and five doe at a creek.

"Just follow your instinct dad."

I was at first shocked at the sight in front of me. my dad was crouched over a huge buck that he had taken out in a tenth of a secound. That continued for about twenty minutes. He finished off the last doe and when he stood up it was a shocking sight. He was covered in blood and thankfully Edward had brougt a few change of clothes. Once he was done changing for the third time he looked up at me.

"It still burns" he said while holding his throat.

"I know, it will for a while. It will eventually get easier. Your going to be staying with us for a while. We're heading that way now. Nessie will stay at Billy's with Jacob. Don't worry about that though. Billy has it under control. Are you ready to go home yet?" he nodded so we took off in the opposite direction. We stayed far away from any civilization and we finally reached our place. We walked in and Charlie continued asking questions until morning.

"Dad, I know theres a lt you want to know but I have to go check on Nessie. I'm sure Carlisle can answer a lot of your questions. Are you gonna be ok if I leave for a while?"

"Of course Bella, you don't haf to baby-sit me constantly ya know." I was happy to see him smiling again.

Edward and I left to go see Nessie. We told her that Charlie was doing fine and we called Sue. She wanted every detail so I was on the phone for an hour telling her every detail since Charlie 'woke-up'.

We went back home and I was finally able to rest. Maybe my life was starting to et easier. Maybe, my roller-coaster was coming to an end...or not...

9 months later...

Chapter 10:

"Hey Dad, todays the big day" I said smiling."Are you ready" Today was the day that Charlie was going to get to see Sue and Renesmee. He had already come face to face with a human and he had done well. He was ready to see Sue and after that he would see Renesmee. She was so impatient. She wanted to see what grandpa looked like.

"Yes Bella. I wish you would just let me run there." I thought it hilarious that my dad would rather run than ride in the car. It use to take all of my energy just to get him out of bed in the mornings. A lot had changed since then.

"People will see you if you go to La Push."

"Not if I run fast enough, they'll just feel a little breeze" he said grinning. My dad had become a major prankist ever since his transformation. Him an Emmett were best buds. They were always messing with the humans. They would tap them on the shoulder and run off before the humans had ever even realized that something had tapped them. It was funny to watch but of course I had to be the grown up of the situation, ugh. I hated doing that.

"Dad, don't be difficult. Just get in the car." He was so stubborn here lately.

"Ugh, fine." he was mumbling something about adoption.

We finally arrived at Billy's where Sue was waiting for us. Charlie walked up to her and she was shocked at first. She started crying and the Charlie was at a lost. Apparently he was still uncomfortable with the whole crying situation. Carlisle stepped in.

"Sue? Everythings alright, Everyones safe now." Carlise reassured her.

"I... know, its just so different and I know that he's in pain. It's not fair. " I had already thought about all of this. There was no way their relationship was going to last but that was their buisness. The only way a relationshp could survive under this type of situation is if it were as strong as mine and Edwards, and theirs wasn't. Sue eventually stopped crying and we allowed them to talk for a while privately. We walked inside and Renesmee was hopping up and down in her seat. Then Charlie ran in the room unexpectidly.

"NO!!!" Alice screamed. But nothing had happened then I looked at her and she was starring at nothing.

"What is it Alice?!" I asked but as I turned around I knew what she had seen. When Charlie had ran in the door he had smelled Renesmee. She was his brand of heroin. It was a reaction so no one saw it coming including Alice until it was too late. Now Charlie was crouched down ready to spring. I jumped in front of him right next to Edward who was already ready. What was going to happen? Its not like I could fight my own Dad! But I wasnt going to let him attack my daughter either. Luckily Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle had him. He was definantly strong but not stronger than all of them put together. They pulled him outside and Esme ha already gotten Sue and had taken her out to the car, they were driving away so he shouldn't catch her scent. Emmett started dragging him out to the woods. I pulled renesmee into my arms and Edward wrapped his arms around te two of us.. Renesmee was crying.

"Its ok sweety, your alright."

"I know" *sob* "But doesn't this mean that I won't ever get to see grandpa? Its not fair!! I want grandpa!!"

"I know but hes not strong enough yet, you'll just haf to wait until we figure something out. ok?"

She had started to calm back down..."ok" *sniffle*
She sat down with Rose who held her for a while. I walked outside with Edward to talk to him about the current situatio. What did this mean? That Nessie would never get to see Charlie again?

"Edward? What does this mean? What going to happen? I dont know what to do?"

"I know, I afraid theres only one solution to this." he looked down at me. And I understood. Renesnee would never be aloud to see Charlie again....

Charlies POV: She had smelt so good. I couldn't get that smell out of my head. Then I heard Carlisle.

"Charlie you must calm down. Just stop thinking about that smell. Think about the Renesmee you truly love."

That did it. I froze. What I had I done? Did I really just almost attack my grand daughter? I can't believe it. How could I?

"Carlisle, how is she? Is she ok? I didn't mean to, it was what yall had told me about, the amazing scent that Bella used to be for Edward. Thats what it was. I didn't mean to, I'm so sorry."

"Its alright Charlie, we know you didn't mean any harm. Your instincts took over, its happened to all of us at one point. Renesmee's fine, she knew she asn't in any danger. "

Not in any danger, Not in any danger!!! I almost attacked her!!!What did this mean? When would I get to see her again? I hoped it wouldn't be a long time.

"When do I get to see her?" I asked Carlisle. He just looked around at Emmett and Jasper. What? Did I miss something? "Well?"

"Actually Charlie, I'm afraid that you probably won't ever get to see Renesmee." He was now looking at the ground. I could tell it pained him to tell me this. " You see, this scent doesn't ever go away and it will probably be a long time before you ever get to see her again and even then you would never be left alone with her."

"Oh" I definantly didn't see that coming.. This was horrible, she was one of the only things I had left. I was loosing Sue and I had lost all of my friends since my transformation and now I was losing Renesmee, how could this be happening? I sat there for what seemed like hours.

"Dad, are you ok?" i heard Bella whisper behind me.

I just looked at her and apparently that was enough.

"Its ok Dad, Nessies fine and ifthings go well and you get stronger then you might get to see her again." she was trying to sound hoprful.

"Bella, Im not an idiot. Plus I wouldn't be able to do it. If I smelled that then there would be no stopping me. I can barely keep myself still just thinking about it. I'll never get to see Nessie again..."

3 months later.

Bellas POV:

We had been working with Charlie for a while and he had become a lo stronger. We still didn't think that he was ready until...

Everyday we would make Charlie come into close proximity with another human just so that he would be stronger. We had come up with an idea. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that Alice wasn't here. She was out shoppinng. But I didn't really think that anything would happen, boy was I surprised. The idea was Edward was going to go get some of Nessies clothing and we would let Charlie smell them. We would be near in case he decided to go find Nessie... Edward had just handed them to Charlie. Then something unexpected happened... Charlie started running in the direction of Billy's house which was expced but then when Edward came to stop him Charlie stopped him. He had created a shield but it wasn't a mental shield like mine, it was physical. Edward bounced back off of an invisible wall. But this had taken all of Charlies concentration so now he wasn'tthinking about Nessie at all. I walked up towards the shield and placed my hand onit. It was like a glass wall. Then Charlie let it go. he just stood there speechless. We all did. We had never seen such a thing.

"Woah, that was so cool!!!" Emmett yelled.

"I've never seen anything like this before, have you Carlisle?" edward asked.

"No, never. I doubt there has ever been a shield like this before."

"Wow dad, maybe shields just run in the family" I cracked a smile.

"Charlie, do that again but give me Nessies clothes." What? Why was Edward having Charlie do this? What was he up to? Eward held the clothes and then Charlie brought the shield back up.

"Unbelieveable! Ive neverheard of anything like this before!"

"What did I do Edward?" Charlie asked.

"Try and smell renesmees clothes with your shield up" Edward said.

Charlie closed his eyes and he put all of his concentration on that scent but...nothing happened. He opened his eyes and...

"Edward, I...I.. cant smell anything. The scent is gone. Where did it go?" Charlie asked.

"It ddidn't go anywhere its just that when your in your shield it stops all scents from entering. You know what this means right?"

"I get to see Renesmee!!!" Charlie yelled. He was so excited, as was I. I couldn't wait to tell Nessie.

"Dad!" I ran to him and then fell to the ground. Edward picked me up immediately. Emmett was roaring with laughter. My dad hadn't told me that he had put his shield back up, that wasn't fair! I was going to get him and Emmett back for that.

"I know where you sleep" IO was directing it to my dad. "You too Emmett!" I glared at him and that made his laughter even louder, he was now rolling on the ground. Ugh where was Rosalie when you needed her, when were Alice and her gettin back! If Alice were here then she would have warned me.

"Bella? Are you alright?" Edward asked. At least he cared if I was alright.

"Ya. " I pouted. Charlie who had been laughing the entire time had finally put his shield down and had walked over and gave me a hug.

"Im sorry honey, I didn't mean to. Im not use to it yet" But he was still gigglying. Ugh.

"Its fine dad."

Once Emmett had finally gained a little control over himself w ran to Billy's. Renesmee was there and was extremely shocked to see Charlie there.

"Ness?" Charlie said. he had his shield up.

"Grandpa? What...what are you doing here!! Ive missed you so much!" Nesie yelled.

"Grandpa had learned that he has a power as well." I explained. We told her the entire story and then her and Charlie started talking for a while. I didn't leave. I was afraid that if I left my dad would lose his focus and something bad would happen...extremely bad...

"Ness, I thik its about time for bed. You'll se grandpa tomorrow, I promise."

She nodded her head and said her good byes. She would sleep at our house with Edward and Charlie would sleep at Carlisle's house.

The next day Carlisle called the Salvatori to a meeting. He said that there was nothing to worry about but wanted to welcome Carlisle to the Salvatori. He said he had some ideas and he wanted to share them with us. We took our seats. Charlie was invited to the eeting. He sat next to Carlisle as a guest.

"We are gathered here today to consider adding someone to the counsel."

He hadn't told us about this but my dad didn't seem shocked. He must have already asked his opinion on this.

"We have found Charlies power. If you do not know Charlie is Bellas father. He got changed about a year ago. He has a special power and it is a physical shield. Now I know wat you are thinking. He doesn't have enough power to fight i a batle because he would get distracted with the smell of blood since he is so unexperienced and young. Wellwhen Charlie has his shield up it blocks out all smell. He would be of much use. With him and Bella with us then we would be undefetable. We are working to make him stronger" What? We were? What was with the secrets? "Charlie can only block himself right now but if we train him then he will eventually be able to make his shield as big as he wanted." wow, I hadn't even thought of that. So, is anyone opposed to having Charlie on the counsel?" No one rose. "Then we are all agreed to have Charlie apart of theSalvatori. "

Everyone cheered. Now the only normal person in my family was my mom. Wow, I had never considered her normal before but compared to me she was as boring as you could get...

Chapter 11:

Alices POV:

After Charlies addition to the Volturi everything went back to normal except Charlie was now clued into everything. Everyone was going back to school and Emmett ws being his usual self.

"Rosalie can you please control your husband!" Emmett had been bothering me all morning. He was gong on and on about how I was way to obsessed with clothes after I had chosen his out fit this morning. He got mad because he didn't want to wear them. I couldn't believe he was arguing with me about fashion. But of course he had given up, i thought. He went into the kitchen and pulled out some grape juice. I sw what he was going to do. "Emmett, don't you dare!!" Itsnot like he was going to drink it.

he smiled and poured the juice all over his clothes. "Oops" he said smiling. He saw my face and ran. We raced outside and I was yelling at him the entire time when I saw Eward pull into the drive way. Him and Bella and Renesmee had been at the store buying 'groceries'. right. "Edward, will you please control you obnoxious brother since Rosalie can't."

"He's your brother too you know" he said smiling. It was as if everyone thought it was funny except me. I hated it whenever Edward sided with Emmett over me. The wind blew and then we all stiffened. Someone was here. We immediately searched. I tryed to figure who it was and what they wanted. Then my vision surprised me and Edward. It was a young female vampire. Her name was Rachael. She was one of Johams daughter, but she was different. She hadn't sided with him and she was more like Nahuel. She despised Joham. I could tell she was walking up through the trees to the West and Edwrd did too. He already knew who she was by my vision and I was wondering what he was hearing from her thoughts.

We waited for her and when she walked up she held her hands up. Edward smiled and she knew thatwe wouldn't harm her.

"Hello Rachael, I'm Edward and this is Bella. This is our daughter Renesmee. I know you have questions so why don't we go inside and explain it all." he said very politely.

"Umm, sure." She was surpirised. She didn't understand how Edward knew her name.

We walked into the house and she sat down. Then I realized something huge. She didn't have a heart beat. She wasn't half human. What happened?

"Umm, Rachael. I am Alice. I know your probably confused as to how Edward knows your name. Edward is able to read minds. I am able to see visions of what is to come. But what I am confused about is why are you full vampire if your Johams daughter?" It didn't make any sense.

"Hold on Alice" Edward said. "She doesn't understand how Renesmee isn't full vampire actually. Why don't I let you explain." she told Rachael.

"Well, when I was born Joham had taken me to a vampire named Jordan. He took care of me until it was time for me to see my mom. When I saw her I was so happy. She was t most beautiful creature I had ever seen. But I was one of Johams earliest "creations" and he did not know what to expect. She then attacked me but Jordan who had been standing by had grabbed me. As I'm sure you all know he was trained to not hurt me.She hadn't bit me bysome miracle. Joham destroyed my mom and came back to get me but while he was gone I had fallen in love with Jordan. Jordan wouldn't let him see me and of course Joham wasn't happy about that. He attacked Jordan while I was hiding out. Once I saw that Jordan was losing I came out of hiding and started to attack Joham. I didn't know how stupid that was until Joham had already bit me. Jordan attacked him and told me to run. I ran off and hid while my tranformation took course. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I still to this day don't know what happened to Jordan. Im afraid that Joham defated him. I dont see how its possible that Jordan lived since you saw Joham alive here reecently. But I am still searching for him. I came here tday to ask you for your help. I know how talented your family is and I know that you would help me a lot. I completely understand if you do not want o do this. It will probably take some time." She said. It didn't look like she really expected us to help her. Then of course Rosalie had to open her big mouth.

"Sorry Rachael but you can't expect us to change our whole schedulejust to help you whom we don't even know. " Rosalie said very rudely.

I hadn't noticed that Jacob was in the room but I should have expecte that. He would have smelled her. "Rose, shut up!" we all started laughing. "I will help you Rachael and I'm pretty sure that there are others willing to help" Roslalie was now glarring. Rachael was extremely shocked at how rude Rosalie was but thats not why she was shocked. She had noticed Jacob.

"What...I don't understand." She was backing away towards the door.

"Don't be alarmed, this is Jacob. He's not what you think he is. He is not a werewolf. He is merely a shape-shifter. They have a friendship with us and are nt dangerous to us or any friends of ours. Please stay. We are willing to help you but you haf to trust us." Edward said.

She nodded her head and came back to stand by Edward. "Thank you." She realized that she might be ale to see Jordan and she was ready to go.

"As soon as we get our stuff together and mae a few calls we will be on our way. Do you have an idea of where he might be?" I asked.

"The last tme I had heard anything about him he was in Canada but I was unable to find him." She looked down. I had so much sympathy for her. I couldn't imagine not being able to see Jasper for that long. I looked over at him and he knew what I was feeling. He came over and wrapped his arms around me.

"Lets get packed" I said. I had everyones clothes packed in fifteen minutes. I had brought every kind of luxury that would fit in Emmetts jeep.

The young girl just watched in amazement.

"Yes, we will need you to show us where you last heard he was. Do you know what city?" I asked.

"Umm, no. But I do know the general area. Its the most western part of cental Canada."

"Ok, we will look there first then I will call all of our friends anda sk if they have heard of a Jordan asking about you. "

"Thank you so much, I can't tell you how much this means to me." I smiled back and then we all loaded into the cars. I was taking mine and i was driving myself, Jasper and Rachael. Carlisle was taking his car with Esme and Edward would take Bella and Renesmee in his car. Emmett complained about having to tke the stuffed jeep but Rosalie insisted so that she would be able to use her luxuries. Emmett just groaned but said, "sure babe". If Emmett was scared of anyone it was Rosalie. We finally took off and we arrived a while later. We asked around and we were coming up empty handed until we entered a police station. Emmett had asked if they had heard anything about a Jordan or a Rachael and they had said there was a missing persons report for Rachael.

"I'm Rachael. Do you know how long ago that was made?"

"Umm" he was speechless after seeing how beautiful Rachael was.

"Well?" Clearly she was becoming impatient.

"o, it was two months ago. He left a phone number though if you would like it." even though I knew he was not supposed to do that but I wasn't going to argue.

"Yes please. Do you now the name of the man that left the missing persons report." Rachael asked.

"I dont remember but I do know that he was very muscular. Iremember that he had black hair and was about 6'2"." The police officer said. The man shuddered. I guessed that he had been pretty frightened of Jordan. I could imagine that. I giggled and Jasper stared at me. I waved him off and he just looked away shaking his head.

"Ok, what about the number?" Rachael was beginning to act a little rude but could you blame her. This man was completely incompitent.

"Try 214-469-2602" he said.

She was already on her phone. We all walked outside and waited for him to answer.

"No ones answering...Its gone to the answer machine." she was dissapointed. She left a voice-message, "This is Rachael. If this is Jordan then I wanted to let you know that I'm in Canada. You can reach me on this phone. Please, please call me back. I still love you." She hung up. I walked over and gave her a hug, sheeeded it. I was sure that if she could cry she would. This had been her last hope and she had only found a number.

"I'm ok, I just want to go home. " She looked up at me.

"How would you feel about coming and stayng with us for a while just in case w here something from someone about Jordan. i wouldnt want to haf to go and look all over the country to find you." I said smiling.

She immediately agreed and we started on our way back home. We arrived and Bella and Edward left to take Nessie home. She was exhausted. Jacob then left and Carlisle and Esme made sue that Rachael felt at home. i offered her my clothes and she was happy about that. i was excited when I found out that she loved clothes!!! We talked for hours about tat and were running threw my closet when her phone rang. It was the number the police man had given her. She stood there frozen.

"Rachael, answer it!"

"Right" She was like in shock. "Hello?" she asked

I could here from the other end of the line.

-Hello? is this Rachael?-

"Yes. Jordan?"

-ya. I can't believe its actually you! Are you alright? Did he hurt you? Where are yo-

" I'm fine. After my transformation I heard about a family who was extremely strong and they took out Joham. Im with them right now. Where are you? I want to see you." She said. She was pacing back and forth now.

-I'm on my way to Canada. As soon as I heard your message I got in my car. Are you still there?-

" No, I'm in Forks, Washington."

-I'm on my way.-

They continued to talk for hours while Rachael waited for him to arrive. I was glad that we didn't haf to worry about him harming Renesmee since Joham had trained him. I didn't really know what would happen once he arrived. I didn't know that I should have been worried....

I heard a huge howl then a terrifying scream.

I was immediately out the door with Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Carlisle andEsme on my heels. Edwards was already here with Bella and Renesmee. Then Rachael was standing next to me. I yelled at Jacob.

"JACOB, NO!! Its Jordan!!! "

Emmett had ran over and had knocked Jacob over. Edward grabed Jordan who didn't have any damage done, luckily. Jacob hadn't had enough time to attack yet. He had just pinned him to the ground. Jordan stood up and was in shock. Then he saw Rachael. She ran to him and then just stood there in front of him.. they stared into each others eyes until he wrapped his arms around her. Jacob had walked into the woods and was changed.

"Hey dude, Im so sorry. I didn't know who you were. When you came running threw the woods and your scent wasn't something recignizable I kind of just let myself go. I thought you were going to hurt Resnesmee." Of course she was the only one he was worried about at the time. He walked over and kissed her. Edward coughed which signaled to break it up. Jacob laughed but let her go. I dont think Edward liked the fact that Jacob went around without a shirt all the time. Then I realized that Jordan was not happy with Jacob. He was glaring at him.

"Umm, Jordan, he didn't know who you were. He didn't know that you meant no harm." Edward said. I didn't understand why Jordan was still mad.

"Whatever, we're going to leave now." Jordan said. Rachael looked kind of surprised at his rudeness but she was just happy that she had her love back in her life. They then ran off.

Edward walked over to me. "He was afraid that Jacob would harm her and thats what he was surprised about but you'll never guess why he was mad" he said.

"What?" I wasn't going to guess.

"He was jealous. He saw that I was very handsome and muscular and he thought that Rachael had fallen for me. But he was trying to feel for something. I dont know, it was confusing. He kept on thinking about her feelings as if he were trying to figure out what they were." Edward just shook his head. Apparently there was soething going on with Jordan. Edward was really confused on this and I decided that we should look into it. I still had Rachaels number.

" Well, I can call her"

"No, we'll wait tillmorning so that he can calm down some and plus I need to get Nessie to bed. "


We all went inside except for Bella, Edawrd and Nessie who went to their home. I was still thinking about it in the morning when Edward burst in the door. he started yelling, "I figured it out!"...

Chapter 12:

Alice's POV:

Edward: "I figured it out" ...

"What is it?" i asked. I had been thinking about it all night and I couldn't come up with anything at all.

"Last night while yall had gone in the house I had decided to go ahead and follow them to figure something out. I have never heard such a complicated mind like Jordans before. He kept on changing thoughts before I could figure out what he was thinking about. He finally slowed after a while and i realized that he has a special talent. He can understand emotions and feelings. He can't alter them like Jaspers but he has understanding for them. He was trying to figure out if Rachael had any feelings toward me and well, she felt for me. " He looked over at Bella who was glaring. She wasn't happy.

"Edward, why don't you tell me this in the kitchen. I had a question." I said. It looked like Bella was fixing to explode.

"Sure." he hadn't taken his eyes off of Bella and was relieved that I was helping him out.

We both hurried to the kitchen. "Alice shes in love with me!! Bellas going to kill her! Jordan knows how she feels and he plans to kill me. He has already lost her once and he doesn't want to lose her again. What he doesn't know is that if he kills me then she'll probably kill him. Help me! What do you see happening?" I stood there just taking it all in. Then I burst out in a fit of laughter. I had never heard something so funny!

"This is not a laughing matter!! Ugh, I knew you wouldn't be any help, wheres Emmett? Emmett!! Get over here now! Jasper control Alice please and get some sense knocked into her!" When he got angrier the whole situation just got funnier. I thought that I was never going to be able to stop laughing then Bella walked into the room. Uh-oh.

Bellas POV:

I couldn't believe her!! We found her one and only love and how does she repay us? by taking our husbands! I dont think so! Why the heck is Alice laughing?! I didn't see any humor here. Why did Edward want Emmett and at least he didn't think it was funny. Ya, Jasper needs to control Alice. Jeez, doesn't she have any self-control at all. Whats going on? I walked into the room and immediately Alice stopped laughing. Good.

"Bella." Edward said. Why did he seem scared of me? He isn't the one that should be scared of me. Alice and that stupid Rachael should be!

"Emmett, can I talk to you?" Edward asked while keeping his eye on me. It was like he was expecting me to bolt and go looking for Rachael at any minute which I would have considered ut Edward would have caught me. I had no chance.

"Ya sure. What yuh want?" Emmett said. He was curious. He didn't understand what had made Alice so giggly.

"Privately?" Edward asked. Clearly he wasn't comfortable about talking about it in front of me. At least it was only a crush and nothing more.

Emmett walked out and I was kind of wonderig why Edwad wanted Emmett? Why was there a secret? If he just wanted to talk about it to someone else he would talk to Carlisle. I knew Carlisle wasn't there( he was hunting with Esme) but he could wait for him. Or was there more urgency in the matter? But why? Why would he want to talk to Emmett especially?!

Emmetts POV:

Why did Edward want to talk to me privately? He never talks with me privately. This is odd, kind of funny but still odd. "Whats up bro?"

"Emmett get serious. I have a major problem on my hands" He kept looking around the corner for some reason. To make sure no one could hear us? whatever.

"Fine, jeez. Whats the problem?

"Well you already know that Rachael has feelings for me but what you don't know is that Jordan had a special talent. He can read emotions. He noticed that she is completely in love with me and he's not happy!! He plans to kill me but what he doesn't know is that once he kills me Rachael will probably kill him. But of course thats if she gets the chance, ugh." he put his face in his hands. I was already shaking with laughter but I had more control then Alice did. O who am I kidding, she has way more self-control. I burst out with laughter.

"What do you mean if she gets the chance?" I said once I ha calmed down a little.

"Emmett, grow up. jeez, what is with this family? Yall have no self control what so ever! What I mean is that she won't get the chanc because from the looks of it Bella is going to kill her as soon as she gets the chance! What do I do?!"

Thats it. I lost it. Edward walked off and I fell to the floor. I had never seen Edward like this before and it was hilarious! He walked over to the back door.

"Finally Carlisle's home. He'll actually listen to me." Edward was fuming.

Carlisle walked in the door and when he saw Edwards face he said, "What did Emmett do?" ugh why were they blaming me.

"I didn't do anything". It wasn't very convincing since I was still shaking with laughter. It was just so funny. Edward for the first time was having girl problems. Hilarious! Who would have ever thought that Edward, the guy with the looks and thebrains, would need advice. Wow.

"Emmetts just beig severely immature and so is Alice. I was hoping to talk to you. I have a little problem." Edward said. He was glaring at me." Don't say a word to Bella, I'm serious Emmett. If you do you can say good-bye to your precious jeep." He finished with a smile.

That was so not funny. I had stopped laughing so Edward and Carlisle walked off. I walked into the room with Alice and she was standing there very quietly. I was wondering why and then i noticed Bella. She looked terrifying. I was actually scared of her which I wouldn't have thought possible. I too sood there silent until finally Edward walked into the room. I glared at him and he just smiled but it was soon gone when h saw Bella just like I had. He walked over to her.

"hey, are you ready to go home?" he asked. What?! What about all the action?!

"What about Rachael?" Bella asked. She was furious. Was I finally going to get to see a cat fight? Cool!!

"Carlisle and I are going to go and explain things to her tomorrow morning. It's no big deal. Lets go home."

She wasn't happy about it just being them two and niether was I. Edward was so boring.

"Go ahead and take Nessie home while I have a talk with Alice and Emmett."

Great. Now I was going to have to listen to one of his speeches. At least I had learned how to block him out here recently. "What?" I asked once Bella was out of the door. "I don't know why you just don't le Bella fight her own battles. She could take her. You could take out Jordan. Easy win." Sounded fine with me.

"Theres no reason to kill the girl. Carlisle will go in the morning and explain what I have to do to Jordan and why. Alice sees Jordan coming after me while Carlisle is talking to her. He's hoping that she'll never even know that I'm dead. But thats when I'll meet him and he will be no problem for me. But just in case I want you to come with me and Alice to go with Carlisle. Got it?" He was being so rude. I shouldn't help him out but I don't want to miss out in all the action so as usual I had to save his butt.

Alice and I agreed and he went home. Now I haveto wait till morning. I hated it when there was nothing to do. Matbe I could mess with Alice. "Ooo Alice, wanna play dress-up?"

"Yay!!" she yelled. She ran upstairs while i went and put the mini-bottle of grape juice on my pocket. =)


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wow this is really good and i almost cried wen edward got hurt and that rachel better not mess with bella and eds relationship
Comment by Alice Sunhome on July 15, 2009 at 2:23pm
Um...I'm not too happy about it...and how can Carlisle and Esme be in their story when they look like pps in their 20's???
But, I'll idmit, it was a good story xP
Comment by Renesmee!! on July 11, 2009 at 12:39pm
wow, i just realized that your blog is your fan fic, nowi can read it over and over again without having to go through all those pages
Comment by Liz =) on July 3, 2009 at 11:53pm
I really like this its sooo good
Comment by I LOVE EDWARD! on May 22, 2009 at 11:19pm
lol kk i should post more tonight if i find a stopping point, i still need ideas on the name for the volturi, i cant continue until then=(
Comment by Franchesca on May 20, 2009 at 10:39pm
FINALLY!!! I found it! lol I've been looking for this fanfic for hours!
Plz write more! :-)

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