The Twilight Saga

One Ending Is Another Beginning...continued...

Chapter 13:

Bellas's POV:

(While they're on their way to their house.)

"Edward, what's going on?" There seemed to be a lot of comotion about this little crush. I didn't understand why.

For the first time ever Edward looked nervous. "Well, umm... I don't really know how to explain this to you without getting you upset so here it goes. Rachael had more than a little crush. She's actually in love with me..." He said. I stopped running. She was in love with him?! I clenched my fist and Edward walked over. He smoothed out my fingers and tryed to calm me down. "Don't worry Bella, its not that big of a deal. The thing is Jordan has a special talent. He can feel the emotions and feeling of others, kind of like Jasper. But he can't alter them. Once he realized that Rachael was in love with me he decieded that he needed to get rid of me. He didn't want to lose her again. Of course he doesn't realize that she will then kill him or you would kill both of them..." He looked over at me and I smiled. He knew me well. "So Carlisle and Alice are going to go talk to Rachael in the morning and Emmett and me are going to go and take care of Jordan. It will be easy."

"Well, why didn't anyone tell me?" Then I it became quite clear to me. I would have probably gone off on the person that told me if it weren't Edward. I wouldn't have been able to control myelf. Wait a minute, this is why Alice and Emmett were laughing. "Stupid Emmett. Stupid Alice."

Edward started laughing. "Yes, they thought it was hilarious how I was having female problems for the first time ever. "

I have to admit, if I were them I wouldn't have even had that much control. sigh. I guess it was time for me to take Nessie home who had taken off ahead of us. She was exhausted here lately since she had gone back to school and had to continue training with the Volturi at home. Poor Nessie.

In the morning...

After a wonderful night with Edward... He went ahead and rode off with Carlisle, Alice and Emmett. Since Alice wasn't here Nessie dressed me. Since when did the child dress the parent. Rosalie and Jasper were taking Nessie to school. Rosalie was thinking about dropping out and just giving up on the whole normal thing but of course we knew she wouldn't because she wouldn't be able to stay at home with nothing to do all the time. Jacob met them this morning. He was taking advantage of Edward not being here this morning. Renesmee immediately brightened up. He was the only reason she looked forward to going to school. They headed off and then I felt quite lonely. Esme had already left for her work and everyoe else was with Rachael and Jordan. What was I supposed to do with my free time. Maybe I could pay Rachael a little visit? hmm... no, no. That could end badly and then Carlisle and Edward would be upset with me. Plus could I really blame her. It was hard not to fall for Edward. Well then what was I going to do? Maybe I'll go shopping... Ha! ya right. Well if I didn't then Alice would... Ugh. Annoying pixie.

I was going to go to port Angeles. I entered a little shop and was just walking around acting like I liked what I saw so I didn't seem rude. I was looking at a cute little blue dress when someone walked in the door. But it wasn't human... it wasn't vampire either. I had never smelled this before. It kind of smelled like the wolves but it was different. This was something that I had never encountered before. I had a feeling that this wasn't good. I immediately looked around casually so that I wouldn't draw attention to myself. It was a man. He was huge. He reminded me of Jacob and the rest of the pack. He was very tall and muscular. Then he looked directly at me and did something I was not expecting at all. He growled at me barring his teeth. What was he?I needed to get out of there, now. But he was blocking the only exit. I pulled out my cell phone. Edwards cell was ringing... ring...ring..


"Umm Edward, theres someone here. I...don't know what he is.... what do I do?"

-Bella, what are you talking about? Where are you? What do you mean you don't know what he is?-

"Im in Port Angeles in a little shop called Marcies. I've never smelled this before. He growled at me... I don't know what to do. He's blocking the only exit..."

I heard him run and he yelled "Emmett, take care of Jordan, Bella's in trouble. I have to go. Bella, I'm on my way"

Then I saw a yellow porsch fly around the corner. It was Alice. She got out of the car and her face was full of horror.
She had seen something happening. "Edward, Alice just pulled up. Why does she look terrified? What is he? What do I do?"

-don't worry Bella, its going to be ok. I'll be there in about ten minutes. Alice will keep you safe. If anything happens I want you to run. Don't stop and don't look back do you understand me?-

"What do you mean? No! I can't just leave Alice here. "

-She'll be right behind you. Bella, what does he look like? What does he smell like?-

"Umm, I don't know, I've never smelled anything like this before. He looks like the pack basically. He's tall and muscular and had long shaggy hair. He's just standing there starring at me. "

-Ok, I have a feeling of what he is and lets just hope I'm wrong.-

"What do you think he is?" I had no idea.

-The only thing that would make any sense would be a werewolf. A real werewolf.-

..."You mean an actual Children of the Moon? How can that be? I though Aro had ran them into extinction?"

-almost, there were a few left in Europe. But don't worry...Thats only the worst case scenario. He could just be another species that has kept there secret very well.. It's possible..-

barely possible. I had a feeling that something bad was fixing to happen. I thought for sure that he was a true werewolf.

Alice was still standing outside. She didn't know what to do. When the man finally stopped starring at me I signaled to her to wait. She shook her head no. What? Why wasn't she going to wait? What had she seen? What was she going to do? She crouched down and lunged. There were humans everywhere. Luckily she was moving so fast none of them saw her attack. The women inthe shop wer too distracted with the clothes. She grabbed him around the neck and then Edward was there. The three of us grabbed him and pulled him into the nearest ally. We did it in half a secound so the only the thing the women noticed was the sudden breeze. When they turned around we were already gone.

"Who are you?" Edward asked. He was standing in front of me and Alice. Edward was clearly in a protective stance and was growling at this mysterious man.

"I don't have to answer to you, you filthy blood sucker." wow, I hadn't heard that in a long time.

"Either way your life is going to end in a few moments." Edward said.

"Edward" Alice said. She had been tapping his shoulder for a while now. She was now having a vision. What was she seeing. She knew something that we didn't, something big. "EDWARD!!! We have to get out of here! Now!!! "

He finally looked at her. "Alice what is it? Whats wrong?What do you see?"

"They're coming. more of them. " She then looked up. She turned around and then they walked around the corner. Five more men were standing there. I wanted to run for the first time while being a vampire. For some reason I had a feeling that I wouldn't escape though.

Edward was freaking out. He wanted to get us out of there. I was wondering why we didn't just run, we could jump over them easily. "Edward?"

he looked over at me and I wish he hadn't. His face was something I had never seen before. It was the face of a crazy person, he was losing it. I needed to calm him down, but how? I didn't know what to say. Clearly our worst fears were happening. These were the true children of the moon. They were real wrewolves. We needed help. But we weren't going to get any. We were going to die...

Chapter 14:

Bella's POV:

I thought that this was the end. I had imagined that after I became a vampire that I wouldn't have to go through so many life threatening dangers but it seemed to just get worse and worse. Now not only was I in danger but the ones I loved the most were going to die too. We were still standing there and Edward was thikning of a way to escape. Then the one that I had first seen came over towards us. He was also the biggest and seemed to be the leader.

"NO!!" Edward yelled. "Bella!! " He ran over to me and grabbed me. He was running in less than a secound but they were right behind us. Alice was next to us and she said, "Edward its no use. They're going to catch up with us. Just stop. Emmett and Carlisle will be here in an hour. They will bring the rest of the Salvatori gaurd. But you have to stop or they won't be able to find us." Edward looked over at her. He stopped and put me down. I didn't understand why he hadn't just let me run to begin with. Then I realized that I was quite a bit slower than him.

"Edward, whats going to happen?" they then surrounded us. He looked over at me and shook his head.

"I'm sorry Bella, I should have never let you go without me or Alice. I'm so sorry."

"Edward, don't blame yourself. If you were here it wouldn't have changed anything. We'd still be in the same situation. Please, tell me what they're going to do with us."

"You're fixing to find out" Alice said. She was haing another vision. Probably trying to figure out a way to get out of this. It was starting to get dark. The moon was fixing to come out which ment...werewolves.

The biggest one walked up to us for the second time. Edward said, "Just don't hurt her." he gave a warning growl. What? Was he going to take me? Why was Edward letting him take me?

"Edward, what? whats he going to do to me?" For the first time while being a vampire I was terrrified for my safety. When we had gone up against the Volturi I had thought we had a chance because Edward had thought the same. But now he was giving up. Did that mean we were no match for them? oh, I then realized it did.

"It's ok Bella, he won't hurt you." Alice said. At least I trusted her prediction until he grabbed me. He held me tight and I tryed with all my strength to get free but it was no use. How was he stronger than me? Apparently there were things that I didn't know about true werewolves and I was afraid that I was going to find out everything there was to know. Plus the sun was setting...

Emmetts POV:

We had been running everywhere trying to get everyone togehter as fast as we could. We started talking about strategy. We didn't know what it was that had Bella, Edward and Alice so we would have to figure out a plan. Rose, Esme, Carlisle and Jasper were the only ones going. We had Renesmee stay there with Jacob and we told him that if we didn't call him in an hour then he should go to Port Angeles and find us. If he couldn't find us then he could follow the tracking device that Carlisle had installed in his cell phone. Carlisle said there was no need to bring the Salvatori here. I was pretty sure that Edward could take care of himself and Bella. Plus Alice had gone along but they wouldn't answer any phone calls. I wonder what had Bella? We were on our way 45 minutes later. We arrived at Port Angeles and the sun was setting so we weren't going to have to worry about the sun for long. We were having to walk extremely slow because there were humans everywhere. We were trying to figure out where they were then all of a sudden the wind picked up. We all froze. I knew exactly what that was. Werewolf. A real one. I hadn't smelled one since the time Carisle had found me. It was before Alice and Jasper had come along and we were all out hunting when we ran across one. It took all of us to take down just one of them. But I smelled six.

"Carlisle? What do we do? This changes everything, the plans not going to work." We had planned to just take them head on but that was definantly not going to work.

"What? What are they?" Jasper asked. I had forotten that Jasper had not experienced the sight or smell of a true werewolf.

"They are the true Children of the Moon Jasper. They are real werewolves. Theres six of them. Before you and Alice had found us we had ran into one. It took five vampires to take out one of them. " I explained. "Theres no way we can take out six of them, we need the Salvatori. Now..."

"I know but theres no way they can get here fast enough. Look at the sun Emmett." It had already sank beneath the buildings. It was a matter of minutes before hte moon came out.

"Then what are we going to do?! We can't just leave Edward, Bella and Alice in thee to get eaten alive!"

At this Jasper flinched. He wasn't controlling himself very well. Then another thought occured to me. When werewolves see the moon they lose all self-control. There were a quite a bit of humans still walking the streets. Great. Now not only was I afraid of losing my brother and both my sisters but I had to worry about the stupid werewolves revealing to the humans a whole other world that they didn't know existed. Crap. Carlisle motioned for us to be quiet and to follow him. We rounded the corner and I couldn't believe what I saw. The biggest werewolf had Bella and two others had Edward and Alice in their arms. The other three looked at us five and simultaneously they all leaped over us. They had us surrounded. Now what?

Bella's POV:

I had just seen the rest of my family get captured by the men. One os them had Rose and Esme while one had Emmett and the other had bith Carlisle and Jasper. They started running north. I couldn't figure out where they were taking us. Hopefully somewhere where there were no humans. I didn't know much but I seriously doubted they would be able to control themselves. They finally stopped in a clearing. They threw us to the ground with a huge amount of force. Edward was immediately by my side. He held me in his arms. "I love you"

"No, don't do that" I whispered. I held his face in my hands. "Don't you say your good byes yet. We're going to make it, you just have to have hope. Don't give up. please." If he gave up then we wouldn't stand a chance. Of course we might not even with him. No, I couldn't think things like that.

"What are you going to do with my family?" Carlisle asked.

"We are trying to show our dear friend Aro that he isn't going to defeat the Werewolves. He thought he had out us in extinction but he was wrong. We are going to slowly but surely build our race. We are going to make sure that he pays. We are going to destroy the vampire race!"

"No, you don't undestand. We have defeated Aro already. The entire Volturi was defeated months ago. We took over and I can gladly say that things are a lot different. We weren't planning n getting rid of any werewolves. If we were we would have already took action."

He was clearly surprised by this. He looked around and the others were confused as well. "You've already defeated Aro?"

"Of course. He put our family in danger so our allies helped us defeat them once and for all. We wouldn't do anything to you. You've never done anything to us. Actually you had the same feelings as we did. It was time for a change. Aro acted as if he were king. It was time for him to go. See, we agree with each other." Carlisle was trying to buy us some time. We were hid in te trees. I could tell the moon was already out but as long as they didn't see it we would be fine. Clearly Carlisle had a plan I just wish someone owuld clue me in. Maybe they had informed the guard.

"If what you speak of is true then that means that our species is no longer in danger, unless... The vampires still have a grudge towards us. I'm tired of all of you having more power than the rest of us. It's not right. You think since your the mighty vampires then you should rule the rest of us. I think it's time for a chage. So all though we are thankful for your help with the Volturi, you are no longer needed. With that they walked into a vlearing about 50 yards away. I wanted to run. This was our chance and most likely the only one we were going to get but then... they transformed. With six huge howls they all changed. They were a little bit bigger than Jacob and the pack. They started creeping towards us.

Then... seventeen other wolves attacked. Jacob and the pack had come and so... the battle began.

Chapter 15:

Bellas POV:

Jacob and Sam lunged towards the leader while the rest split up to work on the others. Edward and myself started helping Jake while Emmett and Rose helped Quil and Embry. Alice took on the smalest one with Leah and Carlisle, Esme and Jasper all helped on the others. They were the best fighters I had ever seen. Even with Edward helping us on the leader he was still good. It didn't seem as if Edward was able to predict what he was going to do. Alice was also having trouble with the smaller one. They were just so fast and strong.

Edward went for his leg and he dodged but Jacob was right there and snapped at his other leg while Sam had a hold of his ear. I was going for the neck but he turned so fast that he threw Jacob and Sam off and he lunged towards me. I dodged and Edward was there instantly. He kicked him into a tree and it broke a few of his ribs. We all attacked at once. Jacob had one of his legs while I had a hold of his chest and Sam had his back leg. Edward attacked the neck and this time he couldn't throw all of us off. Edward bit into him and the wolf let out an agonizing howl. I crushed all the bones in his chest and two of his legs were broken and torn to pieces. I figured it was over right then and there but then Leah yelled. "Jake! look out!!" All of a sudden Jake wasn't next to me and I heard Sam yelp. Something threw me into a cliff that was a good fifty yards off. Before I crashed into it I turned and caught the limb of a tree five feet before the cliff. I looked up and Edward had escaped the wolves grasp.

Jacob and Sam were back over there and Alice, Leah and Jasper had finished off the smaller wolf that had attacked us from the back. They were now helping Rose who was having the roughest time. I was back and Edward glanced at me to make sure I was alright. After the wolf had thrown it had made Edward furious so of course he lunged immediately. We grabbed his legs so that he wouldn't be able to do anything to Edward.. Edward ripped his head off and he was finally defeated. That was definantly the hardest fight I had been in. Then I heard a yelp and when I turned around was hoping it was the next biggest wolf since their size seemed to be their biggest problem but it wasn't one of them. It was Quil. He had been cocky and had been circling one of the werewolves. The wolf got agitated and had attacked with no warning. He ripped into Quils side. Jacob and Sam were there immediately along with Emmett, Jasper and Edward. With our five best fighters on that one werewolve it was a matter of secounds before he was torn to pieces. He was no lnger aproblem. There was only one wolf left. He realized he stood no chance so he ran. Edward was after him. It wasn't log before we caught up to them. Edward had snapped at his leg and it was now broken. After we took care of him we went back to Quil where Carlisle was already working on him. Quil was back into human form and Carlisle had dressed him. He was wrapping bandages around him but there was a lot of blood. To me it was no problem because I was not attracted to this blood at all but Jasper had to leave. Alice was doing fine but decided that she should check on Jasper.

Emmett and Edward carried Quil to a parking lot that wasn't far off. Emmett or Edward could have carried him by themselves but to make sure that he was as comfortable and in as little pain as possible, they had both offered to help.

I had bee wondering about something ever since we had defeaed the last werewolf. "Edward, are there more? He had said that they were going to build their race back up. But that would require females. How many are there?"

"Yes there are more. Don't worry, I heard where the location was and there are only two females. Once we get Quil home we are going to head out that way and take care of them."

I nodded my head. It would be simple but we would take everyone just in case. We dropped Quil off and headed towards Oregon. Thats where the females were located. Edward said that they had actually been looking for the Volturi. Edward had explained that they don't really get updated on whats going on in the vampire world so once they heard that the Volturi were here in Washington which was actually a while back they came immediately. He had thought that I was actually apart of the Volturi. Ya right. He was going to defeat me right then and there until he noticed Alice behind him he had tryed to come up with a plan to defeat both of you without drawing attention from the humans.

Then Edward and the rest of the family had arrived. How did everybody know that something was wrong. Clearly Alice had seen a visin and had told Carlisle and then Edward must have told Emmett. But where did the wolves and everyone else come from?

"Hey how did everyone else know that we were in trouble?"

"Oh, well, I tolod Emmett and Alice told Carlisle. Carlisle had gone back to the house and got Jasper, Esme and Rose to come along. He had told Jacob that if we didn't call in an hour to come find us using the tracking device on Carlisle's phone. Jacob had shown up in the woods. Once he saw that we were going to need more than just him to defeat the werewolves he ran back and got the pack. Thats when they attacked." he explained.

"Oh, well I'm glad the wolves were here. To tell yo the truth I doubt we could have beat them without the wolves. "

"I know. We wouldn't have have defeated them. We probably wouldn't have even injured any of them."

wow, I hated to imagine that. I had never imagined any vampire being so weak and helpless.

We arrived in Oregon at a huge house in the middle of no where. Edward grabbed my hand. When we walked in there were to females standing there and they immediately stiffened. They knew exactly what this ment. Since they hadn't physically done anything wrong the pack defeated them quickly and with as little pain as possible.

We walked outside and headed home. The pack decided to run so it was just me and Edward in the car. Jake followed us. He wsa anxious. He wanted to see Renesmee. He hated being away from her. We had left her with Billy. Charlie was with them. We trusted him enough now to let him see Nessie. Sadly him and Sue had ended their relationship. Charlie had said that he wasn't able to control himself around her. I knew how that felt.

We walked into Billy's and Jacob ran over and kissed Nessie with a little too much force. She started blushing and this time Edward made it very clear when he coughed that Jacob had gone too far. Charlie laughed. He thought it was hilarious. It reminded me of when Charlie use to dissaprove of Edward and me.

Charlie said his good-byes and Jacob begged to take Nessie on a date. He said that he promised to have er back by twelve. I didn't have a problem with it since it was a friday night. Edwar on the other hand didn't approve.

"Edward, can I speak with you outside please? privately?"


I cut him off. "Edward" I gave him a warning look and he walked outside with his head hanging down.

"Bella, what if something happened? We wouldn't be able to do anything."

"Edward you know as well as I do that Jacob would never let anything happen to Renesmee. Let them have some fun. You know if we don't let them then they'll just rebel against us."

He looked down at me with an amused expresion. "It's not like they can out run us" he grinned. He probably enjoyed the sight of him chasing after Jacob. I thought that that would be pretty funny too. "Alright fine, they can go."

I leaned up and kissed him and then we walked inside.

"Your father and I have decided that you can go as long as you are back by twelve. We'll be waiting"

"Omg! Thank you so much mom! and dad!" She ran over and kissed the both of us and gave Edward a huge hug. He was such a softy.

They walked outside and Nessie jumped on the back of Jacobs bike. They had their helmets oon and were going down the road before Edward could tell Jacob to slow down. I started laughingand I grabbed his hand. We walked to the car and drove home. We walked inside and I finally had a moment alone with Edward."Your father and I have decided that you can go as long as you are back by twelve. We'll be waiting"

"Omg! Thank you so much mom! and dad!" She ran over and kissed the both of us and gave Edward a huge hug. He was such a softy.

They walked outside and Nessie jumped on the back of Jacobs bike. They had their helmets oon and were going down the road before Edward could tell Jacob to slow down. I started laughingand I grabbed his hand. We walked to the car and drove home. We walked inside and I finally had a moment alone with Edward."Your father and I have decided that you can go as long as you are back by twelve. We'll be waiting"

"Omg! Thank you so much mom! and dad!" She ran over and kissed the both of us and gave Edward a huge hug. He was such a softy.

They walked outside and Nessie jumped on the back of Jacobs bike. They had their helmets oon and were going down the road before Edward could tell Jacob to slow down. I started laughingand I grabbed his hand. We walked to the car and drove home. We walked inside and I finally had a moment alone with Edward. It was twelve before we knew it so we both got up and walked outside. At exactly twelve o'clock Jacob walked up with Renesmee and I had never seen her so happy before. Edward growled and I looked over at him. He had his fist clenched and was walking towards Jacob. What the hell?! What happened?!

"Edward don't." I said. What had Jacob done to make Edward so mad?

"Renesmee go in the house, now!" Edward yelled.

"Dad no, its fine. Nothing happend! Leave Jake alone. He didn't do anything wrong. He was just giving me what I wanted, he wants me happy. Dad don't!"

"Renesmee do as your father sayd." I told her. She walked into her room.

"Edward, I just wanted her happy." Jacob explained.

"Jacob, what happened?" I asked. Clearly Edward wasn't going to explain.

"All I did was give her a simple kiss. That was all." Jacob said.

"Ya if you call making out with her a simple kiss. You took her to a club! How could you?! There was alcohol and drunk guys all over the place! She's only sixteen! "

"I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. "

"Jacob it doesn't matter!" Now I understood why Edward was so mad.

"Renesmee go in the house, now!" Edward yelled.

"Dad no, its fine. Nothing happend! Leave Jake alone. He didn't do anything wrong. He was just giving me what I wanted, he wants me happy. Dad don't!"

"Renesmee do as your father sayd." I told her. She walked into her room.

"Edward, I just wanted her happy." Jacob explained.

"Jacob, what happened?" I asked. Clearly Edward wasn't going to explain.

"All I did was give her a simple kiss. That was all." Jacob said.

"Ya if you call making out with her a simple kiss. You took her to a club! How could you?! There was alcohol and drunk guys all over the place! She's only sixteen! "

"I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. "

"Jacob it doesn't matter!" Now I understood why Edward was so mad.

"Bella, I can handle this. Why don't you go inside and take care of Ness." Edward said.

"Is she ok?" Jacob asked.

"Why do you care if she's ok? Your the one that takes her to a bar with drunk dangerous humans!"

"Edward you know all I want for her is what makes her happy and whats for her own good. She didnt have anything to drink and niether did I. All we did was dance and we grabbed something to eat. She was never in any danger."

"Edward. I'll take care of it. I think you should talk to Nessie." I looked at him and he understood. He needed to apologize to Nessie. She was upset. He realized that he should have calmly asked her to go inside instead of yelling at her and Jacob. He walked inside and I walked over to Jacob.

'You know what this means right? You won't be able to take her on a date for two weeks and even then it will have to be a double date. Jacob you should've known that Edward would not be happy. Why would you still do it?"

"No offense Bella but I don't care if Eward is happy. All I care about is Nessie. My oal is to keep her as happy as possible all the time."

"But now she'll be miserable for weeks. Next time just take her to a movie or something, not a club. k?"

"fine" he said. "Is she going to be ok?"

"Ya, she'll be fine. She's probably already over it. She'll call you tomorrow."

He walked off asI walked inside. Edward was sitting on the couch and Renesmee had fallen asleep in his lap. It appeared she had cryed herself to sleep. Edward had never yelled at her before. Edward looked upset. When he saw me walk in he got up without waking her and carried her to her bed. We walked into out room.

"So?" He asked.

"I told him that no dates for two weeks and after that it would have to be double dates until we said otherwise."

Edward nodded his head and thats when I asked, "so?"

"Right. Well she was mainly upset that I had yelled at her and I apologized. She was okay until I told her that she wouldn't be able to go on any dates for a couple of weeks. She wasn't happy but I told her that it was her punishment and next time she should think about the consequences of her action. We then talked about what happened about today and the next thing I knew she was asleep on my lap. "

"They remind me so much of us and you remind me of Charlie" I laughed and he grinned back. We went to bed and continued where we left off earlier.

Chapter 16:

Back to school:

Bella's POV:

"Nessie, time to wake up. You don't want to be late for school. " Things had settled down. It was about to be two weeks since our last life-threatening experience. Everyone had survived, but barely. Now everything was back to normal.

"Do I have to go to school today? Can't I just hang out with Jacob?"

"Ness, you know that you are still grounded. Tomorrow you can go out with him. Today you can go to school with him." jeez, she never stopped asking about him. I was glad that we only grounded her for two weeks, this was torture for her and me.

"Fine, but tomorrow I'm leaving out with him right after school."

"Just hurry up and get ready."

She walked to the door. "I'm ready"

She was smiling, I could tell she was counting down the minutes maybe even secounds until she got to see Jacob. I took her to school and waiting for her was Jake. They walked into the school and he wrapped his arm around her waist. I was glad that she was so happy. I was going to talk to Edward about letting them go out tonight as soon as he got back from his hunting trip with Emmett.

I went back to the house. I was hanging up Nessie's clothes that Alice had just come home with when I heard him pull in the drive way. I ran outside and he wrapped his arms around me. I kissed him and he pulled away. "It's nice to see you too." he smiled his crooked smile.

"Sorry, it's jut that you were gone longer this time."

"I know I'm sorry. Now what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" I looked over at Alice. She's so nosey.

"Well, Nessie had been miserable and to tell you the truth I just can't take it anymore. Whats wrong with letting her off one day early? She understands her mistakes and Alice doesn't see her doing anything dangerous. Please Edward"

He looked over at Alice wo was giggling. He gave in. He was such a softy. "Fine."

"I knew you would" Alice said. She grinned and then walked in the house. Nessie arrived back home and she was upset again. She hated leaving Jacob.

"Hey Ness, can I talk to you please?" Edward said. I grinned, she was going to be so happy.

"sure, what did yall want to tell me?"

"Well your mother and I hav decided that we are going to let you off early." he smiled down at her.

"Wait, you mean I can see Jacob?" she grinned.

"Only if you promise that you won't do anything dangerous or stupid I said. Edward nodded in agreemet.

"And I would like to see Jacob and have a talk with him first." Edward said. He hadn't told me that. I loooked up at him and gav him a warning glance. He knew what I was telling him. Take it easy.

"Okay, omg thank you so much dad. This means the world to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Edward smiled, he was glad to see her happy again. "It was your moms idea"

She lopoked over at me. She already knew that. She came and gave me a huge hug and then took off. She was out of the driveway speeding away before i could tell her to slow down.

I looked up at Edward and he just rolled his eyes. "What?" I asked.

"I don't know how you do it." he said shakig his head.

"Do what?"

"Make me give in so easily. It's not fair. I forgot what it's like to be able to make my own decisions without them beig altered by you or Nessie. I hate it when you teamm up on me like that." he looked down at me and grinned.

I just smiled and we went to bed.

Renesmee's POV:

I couldn't make my car go fast enough. I couldn't believe that my mom had actually gotten my dad to agree to let me see Jacob but of course he was a major softy. It was like he couldn't deny my mom things that would make her happy. I just laughed. All I could really think about is seeing Jacob. I had seen him today at school but with the teachers watching our every move we couldn't actually hang out the way I wanted to...

I pulled up to Jakes house and he ran outside. I jumped out of my truck and ran into his arms. He started kissing me feverishly and then Quil walked outside.

"Jeez, get a room."

"Oh shut up Quil." Jake said and then he continued to kiss me.

"Are you going to come riding with us Jake or are you going to sit here and make out with your girl friend on the couch all night. Seriously bro, get a life." He rolled his eyes and then Jake threw a rock and it hit him in the middle of the forehead. I laughed.

"Jake, why don't you go ahead and go." I was sad even thinking about it. I wanted to be able to enjoy our night alone and I wouldn't mind staying on the couch all night but I didn't want to take Jake away from his friends so I would be strong.

"But...I don't want to. I would much rather be here with you. Don't listen to Quil, he's just jealous cuz his girl froend is five." that was harsh. Quil glared but walked off anyways.

"Well I don't want you to have to ignore and forget your friends because of me."

"I'll tell you what, why don''t we both go. I know you like riding with me anyways." he smiled. It was true. I loved riding with him, it just gave me this sort of thrill feeling the wind on my face. Normally riding a motorcycle when it was this cold would be out of the question but if I rode with Jake that wouldn't be a problem.

"sure. Will Quil and Embry have a problem with it? Isn't this a boys night out?"

"Ya right, like Sm could stay away from Emily and I don't care if Quil and Embry are annoyed. I'm not their boyfriend. I want to make you happy not them." he smiled.

"k" was all I could say. It was amazing how he made me completely speechless, I just loved the way he said he was my boyfriend...sigh...


oops I was starring at him again. "so, where we going?" I asked. he smiled.

"No whre really. We were just gonna ride around and we were planning on going to a bonfire up on the cliff. Is that ok?"

"Ya definantly." I smiled. Everyone walked outside. I guess it was time. Jake got on his motorcycle and I hopped on the back. We were the first ones to take off. I wrapped my arms around him as tight as they would go and I hid my face behind his shoulder.

They decided to go on a road that had so many turns and loops I was beginning to get dissy when we hit a straight away. Jake was going as fast as the motorcycle would let him go and I gripped him tighter. He held my hand that was wrapped around his waist which made me more nervous because he was driving one handed. We finally stopped at the top of the field. There was a huge fire pit there and there were logs in a circle for seating. We took our place in the circle and I noticed that Jake couldn't stop smiling.

"What are you in such a good mood for?" I asked.

"Just being able to spend time with you. I haven't been able to hold you in my arms in two weeks. I'm just glad to have you back." he said. He bent down and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I laid my head on his shoulder and listened to the stories of the Quiliette past.

"Ness, wake up babe. Are you awake?"

"hmm, o. Did I fall asleep?" Jake had me in his arms and was standing next to his motorcycle.

"Ya. I wouldn't have woken you up but everyones leaving. "

"It's ok, I didn't mean to fall asleep. " I was just so tired here lately. Emmett was making my training harder and longer. It was hard to adjust to the new changes so until I got used to everything I was probably going to be falling asleep everywhere. Yesterday I fell asleep at Grandma Esme's and I woke up with marker all over my face from Emmett. It was so not funny. He thought it was hilarious of course.

"Why have you been so tired here lately? Last week you fell asleep talking to me four nights in a row. I was trying to figure out some new things to talk about so that you wouldn't get bored." he smiled but looked worried. He worried way to much.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. Emmetts really been pushing my training here lately. I just haven't adjusted to it yet. I don't know what his rush is. He's probably just being Emmett."

"Oh, well I should probably get you home so you can get some rest. At least tomorrows a saturday. You can sleep in." he smiled. He started to get on his motorcycle and then froze.


"Shh, hold on." he just stood there listening. I looked around and all the wrewolves were doing the same thing. Then Jake grabbed me.

"What? What is it Jake? Whats wrong?" I was starting to get scared, I didn't know what was going on.

"Ness, get on the bike and get out of here as fast as you can. Don't come back. Go to Billy's, I'll come and get you. Ness, promise me you won't come back here tonight. promise me." he was grabbing my arms and had a horrified look on his face.

"Jake,calm down it's no big deal. We'll deal with him. It'll be no problem. Quit freaking her out." Quil said.

Emily took my hand and started pulling me toward a motorcycle. "Don't worry, I'll take you home." I could tell that she was as terrified as I was. She was scared for Sam as I was scared for Jacob. She got on the motorcycle and I got on the back. I took one last glance and all I saw were sixteen werewolves running into the forest...

Chapter 17:

unknown vampire..:

Renesmee's POV:

We were speeding away. I was crying on the back of Emilys shoulder. I didn't know what was happening. Was Jake ok? Why was he freaking out so much. All of a sudden Emily swerved. I looked up and we were sliding off the road. I hit the ground and the motorcycle landed on top of me. I screamed. I heard a crack and I knew that one of my ribs were broken. I had never been in so much pain before. All I could see was the motorcycle that was on top of me and wet forest all around. We had slid off the road and I didn't know if Emily was ok. Where was she?

"Emily?! Emily, where are you?! Are you ok?!"

"Bella? Bella, I'm so sorry. A deer ran right across the road and... and... I just... I'm so sorry. Don't worry I'll call 911. Your going to be ok. I'm going to get you out."

"Emily hurry", I felt a wetness on the side of my face. When I touched it I realized that it was blood... a lot of blood... I wanted Jacob, I needed him here right now. I wanted to hold his hand. Then...I heard Emily scream.

"Emily? Emily what is it, whats wrong?!"

she only said one word. "vampire"

Jacob's POV: earlier that evening.

"Ness, wake up babe. Are you awake?"

"hmm, o. Did I fall asleep?"

"Ya. I wouldn't have woken you up but everyones leaving. "

"It's ok, I didn't mean to fall asleep. "

"Why have you been so tired here lately? Last week you fell asleep talking to me four nights in a row. I was trying to figure out some new things to talk about so that you wouldn't get bored."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. Emmetts really been pushing my training here lately. I just haven't adjusted to it yet. I don't know what his rush is. He's probably just being Emmett."

"Oh, well I should probably get you home so you can get some rest. At least tomorrows a saturday. You can sleep in."

I was about to get on my motorcycle when all of a sudden I smelled something. vampire. What do I do? I can't phase while Nessie's so close but I don't want to leave her alone. She can't be near, if he's hunting and he smells her...


"Shh, hold on." where did he go? why couldn't I hear him. I tryed to smell him. He was still here.

"What? What is it Jake? Whats wrong?" she was starting to get scared.

"Ness, get on the bike and get out of here as fast as you can. Don't come back. Go to Billy's, I'll come and get you. Ness, promise me you won't come back here tonight. promise me."

"Jake,calm down it's no big deal. We'll deal with him. It'll be no problem. Quit freaking her out." Quil said. Right. I have to stay calm. I looked over at Emily. She walked over to Ness and thy got on the motorcycle. As soon as they had their backs turned we phased and were chasing after him. The hunt was on. He was swerving in between trees. We were trying to pick up his scent. He had gone through a creek and I couldn't figure out where he had gone. Then I heard a sream. All the wolves knew exactly who it was. Renesmee... We were racing towards them when we heard another scream. It was Emily...

We ran onto the road and there lying to the side was Renesmee with a motorcycle on top of her. Emily was kneeling next to her and creeping towards them was the vampire that we had been chasing. I lunged. Sam, Embry, Quil and I had him torn to pieces in secounds. Emily dug in her purse until she found the lighter that Sam had given her. He was ashes in secounds. I ran into the trees and phased in a blinding speed. I had my clothes on and was running towards Renesmee in an instant.

"Ness?! Are you ok?! Hold on? I'll get it off of you"

she was crying. "hurry! Jake, it broke my ribs and I'm bleeding. I can't make it stop." she was paniking.

I lifted the bike off of her. She was right. There was a lot of blood. Emily had a few scratches but not nearly compared to what Nessie had.

I was losing it. I couldn't take this. It hurt so badly to see her laying there in pain. "Ness, are you ok? Don't worry sweetie, everythings going to be ok. I'll call 911"

"Jake, stop. Listen to what your saying. You can't call 911. Call Calrisle. Have him come get me." she grabbed my hand. Right. Jeez, I wasn't thinking straight at all. I had to calm down. I had to keep her calm. I pulled out my cell phone but then I heard a car come flying around the corner. Of course, Alice. Edward and Bella were a blur as they got out of the car.

"Ness! Don't worry sweetie, you're going to be ok." Edward said. I was worried if Edward and Bella could control themselves around Renesmee. Edward glared at me. Nevermind. Then Carlisle was right next to me. He had his suitcase of medicines and bandages.

Bella seemed to be controlled. I was feaking out. i grabbed Nessies hand. Edward looked like he was about to break it off.

"Dad, don't. He was just trying to protect me. Please don't do this. Not here. Not now." Ness said.

he nodded his head. I couldnt stop staring at all the blood. I was shaking uncontrollably. She grimaced. Carlisle was wrapping her ribs. She was in a lot of pain. My jaw clenched and I was about to burst when Nessie took my had. Why was she comforting me. This was backwards.

I tryed to smile, it didn't work. He finally finished working on her. He said she needed time to heal. Edward lifted her and took her to the car. He layed her down in the back seat. He sat down next to her. Bella got in the passenger seat and Carlisle drove them home. I ran into the woods and phased. I was at their house before they were. I phased back and waited. They finally pulled up in the driveway.

They stepped out of the car and I headed over towards Edward. He had Renesmee in his arms. She was asleep. The medicine was working, goo. She wasn't going to be in pain anymore. We walked inside and he placed her in a bed. Hemotioned for me to walk outside with him. Bella followed.

"Explain." was all he said. I deserved this. It seemed like everytime Nessie was with me she got hurt or was put in danger some how.

"we were all outside by the fire. She fell asleel so I got up and woke her up. We were headed to the motorcycles when I smelled him. There was a vampire. I told Nessie to get on the bike and to go home and don't look back so her and Emily rode home. Ness was too scared to drive so Emily drove. I don't know how but tey crashed. Thats when we heard Nessie scream" I flinched. I had to get that sound out of my head. If I didn't it was just going to haunt me for the rest of my existance."Then we started running towards her. Thats when Emily screamed. When we got there I saw him creeping towards her and thats when we attacked. I pulled the motorcycle off of her, thats when you guys showed up. I'm so sorry Edward. I didn't mean to. I thought that if I told her to leave that she would be safe. I knew it wouldn't be a good idea if we phased wwith her so close and it wasn't good for her to be there because he was hunting nearby. I'm sorry" I let my head drop. How could I fo this to Nessie? How could I do this to Edward and Bella? How could I let something happen to Nessie again...

"Jacob, it's ok. Thats not at all what I thought had happened. I thought that you had just let her ride around with Emily. I was angry because I thought that you had actually left her alone. But now I understand. Thank you. It's not your fault. It just seems like we're always in the wrong place at the wrong time." Edward said.

sigh. "Thank you Edward. Can I go in to see her now? How long will she be asleep?" I asked. I wanted to see her. I needed to apologize.

"She'll be out for a few hours but you can see er now." Bella said. she smiled at me, she understood what I was going threw. It seemed so shortly ago that the same situation was happening with Edward and Bella. I walked inside. She was laying there. She looked o pieceful. I sat down next to her and I held her hand. I layed my head down next to her side and I drifted to sleep...

Chapter 18:

Jacobs POV:

(Jacob is still asleep, he layed his head down on renesmees bed. renesmee is now waking up)

"Jacob? Jake, wake up."

huh o! "Ness, oh my God! Are you ok? Does it hurt anywhere? I didnt mean to fall asleep, I'll go get Carlisle."

"Jake, I'm fine. Is Emily ok? What happened after my dad came? Is he mad at you?"

"Umm, hold on. Slow down. Ya, Emily' fine. She just had a few scratces. Umm, after Edward got there we drove you home and I ran here. I beat them here and when he got out of the car he took youinside and then he wanted to talk to me.---"

she cut me off. "I swear if he said anything to you about how this is your fault I'm gonna---"

This time I cut her off. "Ness, calm down. He didn't. He told e to explain and when I told him about the vampire he understood. He even thanked me. He trust me a lot more now. He just said it seems like we're always in the wrong place at the wrong time. " I laughed a little. We definantly had the worst luck imaginable. "So no he's not mad at me. Ok, now that I've answered all of your questions can you answer at least one of mine? Are you ok?" I looked over her and it seemed like the bandages wer holding and Carlisle had already stiched her up.. Why couldn't she have extreme healing like the rest of us. Jeez.

"Ya, I'm ok I think. Nothing hurts at least" She started to sit up and screamed. Edward and Bella wer in the room immediately with Carlisle only half a secound behind. I was laying her back down.

"Hey, Ness. I'm so sorry. Your going to be sore until it heals. You should probably take it easy." This wasn't fair. She hadn't done anything to deserve this.

Carlisle walked over. "Jacobs right. Your ribs were broken and it created a lot of bruising. It's going to ur if you move but if you lay down then the pain medicine will keep it from throbbing. Don't worry about school or anything. Yoiu just get better and relax."

Ness nodded her head. "Are you going to school?" she asked me.

I looked over at Edward and he just smiled. Thank you "No, I'll be here with you. Are you ok? Does it still hurt?"

"Jacob, she's fine. It's ok." Edward said. Well, at least I didn't haf to worry about her not telling me the truth. Bella used to keep things from me so that it owuldn't cause me pain even though she had me worrying like crazy. Edward would let me know if Ness was in pain or he would just dose her up on more pain medicine. I looked back at her and she was falling asleep again.

"We should leave and let her sleep." Bella said. Edward didn't reall want to leave but she took his hand and led him out anyways. "Jacob, you should probably go get some real sleep and get something to eat." Bella added.

"I'm fine, really. I'm not even hungry." and right when I said that my stomach growled.

"Jacob, seriously. She'll be fine. If Alice see's her waking up then we'll call you. You really do need to go eat soething. Your gonna have to eat sooner or later anyways so you might as well doo it while she's asleep." She had a good point.

"Fine, but Alice better keep her eyes open."

"She will."

I walked outside. I took off my shirt and shoes and ran into the forest to take off my pants just in case Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme and Alice were back from hunting. Then I phased. I ran till I reached the highway. Then making sure that there were no cars. I ran to Bily's. I went behind the house and phased. I walked inside the house and I couldn't find anyone. All the lights were out and I couldn't see anything. Then... I smelled her... a vampire, but she was in the house. I immediately ran but she was there. She threw me into the wall. I got up but she was there. She threw me again and again. She had thrown me five times and I knew that something was broken and then I realized my lip was busted. I was bleeding. I couldn't get up. I looked up at the female vampire and she was walking towards me. She kicked me in my side. Ten the door flew open just as I coughed up more blood.Quil and Embry were here. Maybe I would live. I couldn't die right now, not yet. I had to see Renesmee. I couldn't die. If I died it would break her heart. I had hurt her enough.

"Jake!" Embry yelled. He stepped outside and phased. He ran in the house. She was already running away. Quil had phased an they were both chasing after. I could trust that they would find her. I coughed up some more blood and I relized my head was hurting really bad. It was throbbing. I reached up to see if I had any bumps from hitting the wall so hard. Aw crap! more blood. I had to get to the phone. Couldn't they have tossed me the phone as they were running after her. I tryed to get up and yelled. There was definantly a broken leg and probably a fractured rib. I tryed to crawl to the phone and winced when I moved my head to fast. There was no way I was gong to get there. Why did I haf to forget my phone at the Cullens today of all days. Seriously. I layed down oin the cold tile. It felt good. I looked to my side and then I saw something terrifying. There was a huge pool of blood. I was dieing.

Chapter 19:

Jacobs POV:

I looked to my side and then I saw something terrifying. There was a huge pool of blood. I was dieing.

I layed there for what seemed like hours. I was starting to get really sleepy. I wasn't sure if I was losing consciousness or if the past few nights of not sleeping were catching up to me. Either way I knew that I had only a few minutes left. My vision started to blurr and then all I saw was Quil and Embry at the door right before I got lost in all of the darkness.

Quil's POV:

"Jake! F***! Embry, help me carry him! "

We started carrying him towards the door. He had lost a huge amount of blood and had blacked out. Is he going to make it? Jeez, what was Sam going to say? We got in Billy's truck and sped away.

"Dude, he's out cold. What are we going to do? We can't just run into the Cullens, they'll kill us."

'Shut-up stupid. No they won't. Once they smell Jacob it will all be fine. Plus I think most of them are on a hunting trip. We haf to save Jake. Give me your shirt."

He started to pull it off so I grabbed the wheel. He handed it to me and I wrapped it around Jacobs head. I took myshirt off and wrapped it around his leg. There was no way he was going to be able to heal fast enough.

"Embry, floor it!"

We reached the Cullens house and we jumped out. Edward was outside immediately. I wish that stupid female vampire could have seen this coming. Why did we haf to be immune. Jeez.

"Edward, he's dieing. Where's Carlisle?"

Bella's eyes widened. Her face was full of horror. Edward looked over at her. He walked over to her and grabbed her arms.

"Go inside and get Carlisle. I want you to go upstairs and keep Nessie calm. She'll hear him when he wakes." Bella just nodded her head and walked inside. She knew what he meant. If Renesmee heard him yell she would try to get up and Jake had already told us about the last time she had tryed to get up. Didn't turn out too good.

"Edward, will Carlisle be able to save him?" I asked once Bella had gone inside.

Edward just looked at me. "I don't know. Lets hope so. What happened?" he asked. I pictured what had happened and before I could answer he held up his hand. "I see. We need to get him inside now."

We walked inside and Carlisle already had anoter hospital bed out and was getting all the monitors together. I layed him down and looked over at Carlisle. "Umm, are you going to be able to save him?"

"I should. He has started healing, he will need my help but he should be able to pull threw." Carlisle said. "You don't worry. Now I need you all to go outside because this is not going to be pretty. I haf to reset his leg and then get stated on his head. After that I'll repair his ribs. Edard will you go get the X-ray machine?"

Edward nodded his head and then headed off up stairs. it was like they had an actual hospital here. I walked outside with Embry and waiting there was Seth.

"Hey, umm." How do I explain this to him?

"What happened. Why are you two here. This isn't normal." Seth said.

"Well, we were headed to Billy's and then we uhh. well we smelled a vampire. We also noticed that Jake was there. We ran inside and well... Seth, there was a female vampire thre. Jake was laying on the floor. She hadn't bit him but was fixing to . He was losing blood. His head was busted open and he has a broken leg and ribs. We phased and attacked the female. She ran to the river and thats where we killed her. We ran back as fast as we could but when we got there. Jake was unconscious. There was a huge puddle of blood. We carried him to the truck and came here. Carlisle is working on him now. We were just headed over to get you. "

Seth still didn't understand why it looked like Embry had just seen a ghost. "SO, he's going to be okay, right? he's gonna be okay? he has to." seth said.

I looked over at Embry. 'What, what is it?" Seth said.

"Well, he lost a lot of blood. I asked Edward if he was going to be able to save him and he said he didn't know. I just want you to be prepared."

Then Seth and Mbry's faces matched. He realized how serious the situation was. Then we heard jacob yell. Seth ran inside and we were right behind. bella had already ran down stairs. Edward had a hold of Jacobs right arm. I went over ad grabbed his other. Embry had a hold on his left leg while Carlisle worked on his right.

"Jacob, yelling isn't going to do ny good. Remember that Ness is upstairs and you don't want to worry her. She's awake now and we didn't tell her how serious it is but if you yell like that she's gonna start paniking. " Edward said. Jacob stopped thrashing around and he clenched his jaw. He was in a lot of pain.

"Bella, Seth, go outside. Now." Edward said. Seth grabbed Bella' hand and they walked outside.

"How is Ness doin?" Jake asked Edward. I looked over at him. Of course Jake would be worried about her even though he just had a near death experience.

"She's doin fine. She was at first worried about you but Bella calmed her down. I gave her some more meds so she should be falling asleep about now."

"good." he relaxed a little more. "You guys can go outside. I'll behave." he smiled. "Can you go get my Dad, don't bring him here. Just let him know. Ans Sam too. Might as well just tell the pack."

"Are you sure?"

"Ya, i'll be fine."

We walked outside.

"Hey, I'm gonna go ahead and phase." I told Embry. He followed me ito the woods and we phased.

hey guys, I've got some bad news

What is it?
Sam said.

I thought about all the things that had happened. I tryed not to show the pics of all the blood but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Dang. We'll be right over.

No, Jacob told me not to bring yall over here. We have to go tell Billy. Try and keep the pack away. Jake doesnt need more things to worry about.

I heard agreement. I could tell Leah was there and so was Sam but it seemed like the rest of the pack was somewhere else.

I raced off to Billy's house. I walked inside and I found Billy freaking out at the door. He had just walked in and had saw all the blood. There was broken lamps, dents in walls and shattered pictures all over the place.

"Billy?" he turned around when he heard me. his face was of full shock and fear.

"Wha...What happened?" Billy said.

"Calm down it's fine. Jake just had a little encounter with a female vampire. We're guessing that it was the mate of the vamp that tryed to attack Renesmee. She came bak for revenge. But we took him to Carlisle and he'll make a full recovery. The only reason there's so muc blood is because it was a head wound and you know how head wound bleed a lot. It looks a lot worse than what it actually is. So theres no reason to worry, he's gonna be fine. He also told me to tell you that theres no reason to go down there because theres so many people up there already it would just creat confusion."

He just stared at me. "So, Jakes fine?"

"Ya, everythings cool. He's not even in any pain. Oh, and we took care of the vampire. She's dead."

"good" he said. "If you don't mind I'm gonna go and take a nap."

he started walking off and so I headed out towards the forest. I was going to go ahead and head back towards the Cullens to check on Jake.

Renesmee's POV:

I was feeling a lot better butI was still confused. if Jacob just had a few scratches then why hadn't he come seeme? Maybe he was sleeping or eating, ya that was it. He was eating. But I still couldn't understand why he had yelled like that. If the medicine burned then he would have just complained, actually he wouldn't have even needed medicine f it was just a scratch. Wait, then that meant was worse then what my mom had led on. What was really wrong?

"Mom! Dad!"

my mom was in the room in an instant and following her was dad. "Whats wrong sweetie? Do you need some more meds?" mom asked.

'Umm actually Bella, she figured it out. Nessie, you have to understand we were just trying to protect you." Dad tryed to explain.

"What happend? How badis it and don't spare my feelings"

'Well ok. Jake was going back to his house when the mate of the vampire tht attacked you showed up. He couldn't get outside to phase fast enough so she attacked. He has a broken leg, two broken ribs and he busted his head open. At first we weren't sure if he was going to make it because he lost a lot of blood but Carlisle saved him. The yelling you heard was Jacob. Carlisle was trying to set Jacobs leg back into place. He's fine now and is trying to rest. He will recover by tomorrow probably. So theres nothing to worry about. He'll be as good as new in no time. Right now our biggest priority is keeping you well rested. k?"

oh wow. it was worse than I thought. "Umm ok, when do you think I can see him. Well Carlisle said that tomorrow you should be able to walk around but it will hurt so we're going to give you some really strong pain meds. Is that ok?"

"Ya dad, thats great. thanks. Tell him not to worry about me that I'm gonna be fine, and oh my ribs don't hurt anymore."

Dad nodded his head and walked out.

Jacobs POV:

the next morning:

Today I was going to get to se Resnesmee, well she was going to get to see me more likely.

Then I realized somethig. I was in a different room. They probably move me during the night. Then i heard a knock at the door.

'Hey, it's me, can i come in?" Ness said.

"Hey ya! Ness i'm so happy that your ok. " she then walked in. Edward was next to her. He was there just in case walking was too much for her.

"Ya, at first I thought you had just a few scratches but my dad eventually filled me in." she looked over at him and stuck her tongue out.

"Ya, but I'm ok now. It looks like your doing great. "

"ya" she looked over at Edawrd. She signaled that she wanted some alone time. He rolled his eyes but left the room.

She walked over to the side of my bed. She leaned down and kised. 'I missed you too babe." I smiled and she sat down next to me She layed down and wrapped her arms gently on my side. I wrapped my arms around her waist. It seemed like it had been so long since I had been able to hold her. "After this we're going to go to the beach. We can do whatever you want. "

"k, as long as I'm with you then Im happy."

"I can make that happen." I smiled. I kissed her on the head and then we both fell asleep.

Chapter 20:

Renesmee's POV:

I woke up next to Jacob. He had his arms around me. I leaned up and I noticed that he was starring at me. "What?" he was just smiling.

"Nothing, I was just watching your dreams."

I smiled. "Oh, well? What did you see?" I was curious. I couldn't remember what I had dreamt about, I never remembered good dreams, just nightmars. I could defaintly remember nightmares.

"We were walking alongside the water at the beach. You were so happy to see me. I kissed you and then we ran off. Are your dreams always about us?"

"Umm, idk. I don't ever remember what they're about. But I'm sure they are. What else would I dream about?"

"Well, I remember when Edward got hurt you fell asleep in my arms and you had nightmares the entire time. I was going to wake you up but then we met up with Edward. "

"Ya, I havn't had a nightmare in a long time Jake."

"I thought you said you couldn't remember."

I wish. "I can remember nightmares. But it's no big deal. Like I said, I don't have any anymore. " I smiled then I heard Alice burst out in laughter in the other room. We walked outside and she was rolling on the ground. Emmett was standing there and he had what looked like grapejuice? all over his hands. What now? I looked over at Alice and shook my head. "Alice, Alice, Alice. What are we going to do with you?" I smiled and Emmett burst out of the room. Dad and mom walked in and dad was laughing. "Dad, what happened? What did Alice do?"

"Well, earlier Emmett had spilt grapejuice all over Alice's favorite outfit. Well Alice wasn't happy so she decided to put grapejuice all over Emmetts truck. She didn't get it in the inside so it's not tat big of a deal, it'll wash off. But Emmett is upset and he plans to get her back. I would look out if I were you" he said to Alice.

She was still giggling. "I know but I already know what he's going to do so it won't matter."

She walked out of the room. "Well, if Alice can see what he's going to do whats the point Edward?" Jacob asked.

"Emmett can hide his decisions till the last minute. How do you think he got grapejuice on the clothes to begin with? He'll just ake last minute decisions." I laughed.

Emmett's POV:

I was going to get her! stupid little pixie! she would pay, oh yes. She would pay. She would never mess with the mighty Emmett again, would she? hehehe.

I started cleaning off my jeep then I suddenly saw a flash of white run across the forest floor, i walked slowly to the bush it had gone under. I gently lifted the branch up, not sure what i might find. Underneath, curled up in a small ball, was a small lizard. I picked it up between my fingers.

'Im going to call you fluffy.' i told it as i put it in my pocket, Rosalie was going to be pleased

Then, I got an idea. An evil idea. I knew that there was one thing that Alice hated, waisted clothes and...critters...

But I made sure to change my mind so that she wouldn't figure it out. How was I going to plan this without her finding out what it was? Bella! I bet Bella would help. SHe could take her shopping while I figured out a plan. I knew Rose wouldn't help but if I could convince Bella to go shopping... Oh who ws I kidding, It wouldn't work. Bella would never do it. Wait...Nessie! I've got it! I walked inside and Alice was already upstairs. "Hey Ness" I whispered, "You think you could do me a favor? I need you to take Alice shopping!"

"Sure then Alice ran down stairs since she already knew what Ness was about to ask her. I started thinking about pouring grapejuice over all of her clothes.

"Emmett don't you dair! " Alice yelled. Haha. She fell for the trick. As soon as thy left out I started figuring out the plan. I was pretty sure Alice had taken Nessie's car so maybe her little yellow porsche needed a paint job. And I'm sure she would love to have a new 'fluffy' accessorie. I put Fluffy in my pocket and walked into the kitchen. I took out the jugs of grapejuice that I had bought for an occasion like this and I walked outside to her precious car. I poured all of the grapejuice over the entire car. Then I opened the door and...

"Sorry Fluffy. We have to make sacrifices." I pat him in the head an then I put him in her cd holder. She would find him sooner ot later... hehehe.

I walked inside smiling and then a few hours later I heard them pull in the drive way. I hoped this worked, it was so hard to surprise Alice. Theygot out of the car and then... she screamed. Everyone ran outside.

She was furious. "Emmett! How could you! You stupid, inconsiderate, annoying, immature, childish brother! You just wait! This isn't over!" nope, it wasn't over I thought with a smile.

"Emmett, maybe you should--" Edward started to say but I cut him off.

"No Edward, I'm not going to apologize!" I glared at him and he jus sighed and then walked in the house. Alice started cleaning the car so I waled inside. I figured it would be best if I wasn't around when she found...Fluffy. I walked in the house and three minutes later...she screamed...again. Everyone ran outside for the secound time this afternoon. I just smiled as I saw what had happened. She had thrown all of er Cd's and they were scattered all ver the yard. Some had flew into the tree's and in the pond. It would be funny watching her find all of those. She looked up and glared at me. SHe looked kind of...scary. uh oh. I ran and she started chasing me. She was faster than me but I leaped over the pond and I took the advantage.

"Emmett, Alice! Could you please settle down!" Carlisle yelled.

Rose rolled her eyes and walked inside and Jasper tried to calm Alice down. It helped and she finally stopped chasing me. She ran back to her car and started picking everything up. Then I saw Fluffy. I picked him up and he seemed to be fine. I sat him down on a rock and then skipped inside. This worked out better than what I had planned.

Renesmee's POV:

After Emmett and Alice had calmed down Jacob and I walked outside. He wrapped his arms aroundme and then we just looked into each other's eyes. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and he just held me for what seemed like hours.
"So, are we going to the beach?" he asked. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Ya, I would like that."

I started walking towards my car but then he took my hand. "I was wondering if you wanted to take my bike?"

"Wait, isn't it still messed up from the accident?" I shivered as I remembered everything that had happened that night.

"Actually, Quil and Embry fixed it up for me while I was recovering."

I smiled. I loved riding with him."Then ya, defaintly."

We rode over to Billy's house where his Bike was waiting. It looked as good as new. We hopped on. "Oh, wait. I almost forgot." He handed me a helmet.

"What's this?" i asked a little amused.

"Well if you had been wearing this that night then you wouldn't have injured your head. We don't want that happening again so your Dad said wear this or don't ride." he smiled.

ugh. "Fine. But I'm gong to look completely ridiculous."

He laughed. "No you won't. Just put it on Ness." So I put it on. He smiled.

"Can we go yet?" I asked. he laughed and then we took off. We were at the beach in no time. We started walking up and down the beach.

"This is exactly what your dream was like" he looked down at me and smiled. Then he completed my dream by leaning down and kissing me. I could spend all day just laying in his arms and kissing him. He was the only thing that seemed warm to me.

He pulled away and I pouted. He laughed. "Ness, I wanted to talk to you about something." he said.

oh. "Umm sure, what is it?"

"Well, we know that your not getting any older and..umm...", I had never seen him so nervous before.

"Jake, what is it?"

"I was wondering how you felt about our future." he looked into my eyes and I knew what he meant.

'You mean how we're going to spend the rest of our lives together." he smiled. I also like the sound of that.

"Ya, I wasn't sure if you were ready for the next step." he looked deeper into my eyes. Wow. Now I knew what my mom meant when she told me about ow Dad used to dazzle her and still does. I would never make fun of her again. "Ness?" Oh, right. I needed to answer him.

"Oh, you mean...marriage?" Renesmee Black...hmm... I liked the sound of that.

"Ya, I...I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you Ness." He took both my hands. "I love you."

"I love you too." I smiled and leaned into kiss him. He pulled away all too soon and wrapped his arms around me. Then.. he surprised me.

He leaned down on one knee..."Ness, I love you and you know that I plan to spend the rest of eternity with you. I want to be able to wake up every morning and see your face. I want to be there for you every day and I can promise you that I will care for you more than any one else has cared for someone. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. You have altered it forever. Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Will you marry me?" ...

Chapter 21:

Renesmee's POV:

He leaned down on one knee..."Ness, I love you and you know that I plan to spend the rest of eternity with you. I want to be able to wake up every morning and see your face. I want to be there for you every day and I can promise you that I will care for you more than any one else has cared for someone. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. You have altered it forever. Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Will you marry me?" ...


I was crying but I finally got it out. "Yes!"

He pulled out a little blue box from his pocket and inside was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. "Jake its beautiful." He smiled. He was defaintly happy to hear that. He put it on my finger and I knew that I would never take it off.

He stood up smiling and he kissed me in a way had never done before. He was warm against my body and I realized I could stand there in his arms all day. Then it really hit me. He was mine, forever. "Jake, I don't want to ruin anything but I'm not really sure what my Dad is going to think." I know my Dad just wants me to be happy but he would probably want me to wait. Wouldn't he?

"Bon't worry Ness. You think I would propose to you without consulting your parents first? I talked to Edward while you were asleep. He was hesitant at first but he agreed. He just wants you to be happy. So do I." he smiled and I layed my head against his chest. He took my hand and we continued walking down the beach. We looked into each others eyes. It was like I could see allthe way to his soul. I knew that he was the one for me and that there wasn't a person in the world tat loved someone as much as I loved him. We reached a tree and sa down on the roots that jutted out of the ground. I leaned against him and was so happy and full of joy I didn't notice when the sun began to set.

"Ness, I should probably get you home." He said but I cold tell he wasn't happy about it. I looked up and he laughed at my pouty expression. I smiled too. We stood up and began walking away when something that seemed to happen a lot happened again. Jacob froze...


Bella's POV:

I was so happy for Ness. Her and Jacob would be so happy together. And I was the luckiest parent in the world. Most moms have to worry about their daughter not having someone good enough or finding someone that didn't truly love her. I knew that Jacob would never hurt her and she would be extremely happy all the time.

Edward looked down at me. We were in the living room. Of course we couldn't have any privacy because Emmett hadbeen nored so he decided to come over to our house. Edward was geting really annoyed. "Emmett, seriously! When are you going to leave?!"

"Jeez, what ever happened to the brotherly love?" Emmett laughed. Why did he enjoy bothering people.

"I'm fixin to show you brotherly love. How about we play a little game of wrestling." Edward mumbled.

"Ooo! Ya! lets go, let go!" Emmett said. He had his fist up in front of his face and was hoppinh in a little circle.

"Oh no you don't, not in my house!" I said. I didn't feel like listening to Alice complain about my clothes being thrown all over the place. "If you do then you have to deal with Alice." Emmett stopped bouncing around. He had dealt with Alice here recently and probably didn't want to do it again.. I smied. Then Edwards cell phone rang.



"What?! We're on our way!"


"Jacob, it's fine calm down. Just make sure you keep her safe."


(we were heading out the door. Edward ran in the direction of La Push so we followed.)

"We'll be there in a few secounds." Edward said and then hung up the phone. "Jake smells another vamire. He can't phase because Nessie is with him and he can't just leave and phase because the vampire is nearby and he doesn't want to leave Nessie. He's freakin out Bella. " he looked down at me.

"It's fine. We'll be there in no time." Emmett was behind us and he had already called Carlisle. Everyone was out hunting except for Emmett and Carlisle. We reached La Push and Sam was waiting there for us. Once he saw or faces he let us past without any questions. We saw Ness and Jacob and then I smelled the vampire. I was standing next to Jacob and Ness. He had his arms wrappde around her and he looked scared. I knew it wasn't because he was in danger,it was because she was.

"Bella, I' gonna go. I have ot get her out of here." Jacob said.

"Jacob, its ok, it'll be fine."

"Wait, don't go." Edward said. He was starring into the woods. Then we were all surprised when a male vampire walked out and was holding his hands up signaling that he wasn't dangerous.

"Hello, I'm Joshua. Sorry, if I created a problem. I was just passing threw." He was looking at Jacob who was trembling.

"Umm, Jake, maybe we should go." Nessie said. Then the vampire looked at Ness. The wind picked up and the vampire stiffened. Edward lunged. He grabbed the vampire and pulled him into the woods. Emmett helped and so did Carlisle. I was blocking his sight of Renesmee. Jacob had her in his arms and was running towards our place. I ran into the woods where Joshua was and he was calming down. His eyes were black.

"If you don't calm down then we're going to have to well, get rid of you. " Joshua ndded his headand then relaxed.

"I'm sorry, I just don't understand." Edward tilted his head and looked confused.

"Umm, hold on a minute. First I should let you know that I read minds." Edward said.

"Oh, well thats different." joshua said.

"More like extremely annoying" Emmett said while rolling his eyes.

"Emmett, shut up." I said. "Right now is soo not the time."

"Fine, ugh." jeez. I really don't think he had any room to talk when it came to being annoying.

"As I was saying", Edward continued, "I was listening to your thoughts and I noticed that you knew what half breeds are. Can you explain?" Edward asked. Then Joshua understood and he started to say something but Edward cut him off. "Sorry, it's just that I noticed you knew Nahuel. Well we've had our past encounters with him. He is a friend of our family."

"Oh, really? Well umm yes, I started acting as the father figure for Nahue when his Dad was killed which he was never actuallya Dad. More like the creaator as Nahuel always said. I was actually lokking for he Cullens. I heard that they have created the Salvatori and defeated Joham. Do you know where I can find him?" he asked.

"Ooo, Ooo, I do!" Emmett was raising his hand like a little school child and was smiling.

"Emmett, shut up you sound like a monkey." Jeez, he was so embarassing.

"Umm, where?" joshua continued, he was smiling. He found Emmett amusing and a little strange. They would get along great.

"guess what! I'm Emmett Cullen!" Emmett yelled.

"Oh, wait a minute. Are all of you the Cullens?"

"Yes, Alice, Esme, Jasper and Rosalie are out hunting but I am Bella. This is my husband Edward and this is Carlisle. You've already met Emmett." I rolled my eyes at Emmett. He was so stupid. "Why did you want to meet us?"

"Well I wanted to be able to thank you for all that you've done for Nahuel. It's meant so much to him. He's constantly talking about your family. I also wante to meet you because it was just so hard to believe that you could defeat the Volturi. They've been strong for so long."

"Well that was a challenge. We just have a lot of friends who had specail talents. it came in handy." I smiled.

"Well I would ask you to come to our home but I'm afraid that the girl you smelled is there with Jacob. She is my daughter." Edward said.

"I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to. Once I realized that she was half vampire I really tried to control myself but my instincts just took over. I'm really sorry."

"It's fine. Don't worry. She wasn't harmed and thats all that matters. Umm, I'm not trying to be rude but I think that it would be best if you left. This territory is claimed by the Quiliette pack and we won't be able to stop them nor would we like too. We have a friendship with them."

"Yes, Ive heard the stories. That's fine. I'll just be on my way." He smiled and waved. He started heading back the other direction. Speaking of the wolves, I wonder where they were at? Maybe Sam decided that they were not needed. He probably knew we could handle them. We started on our way back home.

We arrived at the house and Jacob was waitng there on the porch with Ness sitting on the steps right next to him.

"Mom, Dad, is evrything ok?" Ness asked.

"What happened?" Jacob asked.

"Don't worry, everythings fine. He was coming to see us. He is a friend of Nahuels family and meant no harm. He left. "Edward said.

Jacob relaxed. He kissed Ness on the top of the head, "I better get going." he said.

"Ness wasn't happy. I looked up at Edward. He shook his head. I know, it's a school night. Then I saw the ring. Ok, I wanted Jacob to leave so that I could have mother daughter time with Ness. I wanted to know everything! Once Jacob finally left we headed home. I was smiling and Edward looked at me questioningly but I ust shook my head.

Once we walked into the living room I called Nessie over. "Hey Renesmee, can you come here for a moment."

"Ya mom, whats up?"

"Well, spill. Let me see, let me see." She handed me her hand and I was so happy that i could finally see it. Jacob had said that he wanted Renesmee to be the first to see it so he hadn't let me see it before.

"I love him mom." she said. she had tears in her eyes. I would too if I could.

"Oh Nessie." I wrapped my arms around her.

We stood there for a while till finally her eyes dried up. "i can't believe that he;s actually mine. I get to be with him everyday of the rest of existence! This is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me." She said while looking at her rring. I was so happy for her. Once we were done talking about how Alice was a complete control freak and we just knew that she was going to go crazy at the wedding I kissed her on the forehead and she walked into her room. I walked into my bedroom where Edward was waiting for me.

"I know you heard so don't act like you didn't." he just smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

"Don't worry, i know that Renesmee wants to have an amazing wedding so she won't be dissapointed with what Alice does. Trust me." he said.

"I know, she's not like me." I smiled and Edward laughed.

"No, defaintly not." he smiled and kissed me. Then our night continued in the way it did every night.

Chapter 22:

Renesmee's POV:

I woke up that morning and I was praying that it wasn't a dream and that it had actually happened, then i looked st my finger. Yup, it had actually happened. Jacob actually proposed and I said yes. I jumped out of bed and ran to my cloest. I was dressed in a matter of minutes and I was brushing through my hair when my mom walked into the bathroom.

"Nessie, what are you doing? It's five o'clock. On a Saturday. You never wake up this early."

"I know, but I really wanted to see Jacob. We have a lot to talk about and he wanted to take me to see his family and tell them the good news. The great news!" my cheek bones hurt cause of how hard I was smiling.

My mom just smiled and walked back into her room. She was dressed and so was my dad by the time I had walked out of the bathroom and they were waiting for me at the door.

"Um, no offense mom and dad but Jacob probably wanted to do this with just me."

"Don't worry Nessie, we're just headed to Carlisle's. I'm gonna explain to Alice the rules. Although I'm sure you'd b up for most of her stuff I doubt any of your friends would be able to come if it was in paris." My mom said. true.

"It's not like she'll already be planning. Jacob said he wanted to wait till I finished school." I didn't want to wait and I knew that secretly he didn't either but I'm sure that the only way dad had agreed is if I continued school.

"Actually, she's already started. She started planning when you were about five." I starrd in shock and decided to not comment on that.

"K, well Im gonna take my car." We headed out the door and I was driving away. I wonder what my friends would think? I guess I didn't have to tell the,. But what about the ring? I'll probably just have to tell them. They all saw it coming anyways just not this early. I pulled up in Billy's driveway. I ran up to the door and luckily Billy was awake. He smiled when he saw me. "You do realize it's only 5:20." Billy said while raising an eyebrow. I smiled.

"I know. Is he in his rrom?"

"Ya, go ahead and wake him up." I walked into his room and he was sleeping shirtless (sigh). I went and sat on the edge I ran my fingers along his arm. It always shocked me to see his muscles. I was makng patterns on his arm when all of a sudden his arm was around my waist and he had pulled me on top of him. He was smiling.

"Good morning" he said while laughing at my expression.

"Good morning, I didnt't want to wake you up. I know its really early and your tired. Sorry."

"It's fine. I had plenty of sleep." He leaned u and kissed me for what seemed like hours. I finally had to pull away do that I could catch my breath. "Ness, I want to make sur that we're not rushing things. You're still ok with this right?"

Was he serious?! Was I ok with it?! Was I ok with it?! Umm, no! I was extremely ecstatic about it! "Jake, I've never been so happy in my life. I wold go to vegas with you right now if I didn't know that my dad and Alice would kill me for it."

He smiled. "To tell you the truth, I would me more scared of Alice." we both laughed and then we got up. The Black's were having a family reunion and that's when we were going to tell them the news. Jacob had to get ready so I walked in the living room where Embry was waiting. Great.

"Hey Ness. So, you were in 'the bedroom' ." he said with stupid finger quotes.

"Yes Embry, but we didn't do anything." I rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch next to him.

"Sure, sure you didn't." he smiled. Stupid boys. I was pouting with my arms crossed when Jacob walked into the living room.

He immediately knew what happened. "Embry,will you leave her alone? Jeez, you're so annoying. Don't you have a television at your place?" seriously, what was he doing over here?

"Ya, but its borin over there and it seems like theres a lot of action here so I decided to drop by." an we he said 'action' he had to raise his eyebrows and look at me.

"Shut up dude." Jake was getting really annoyed.

"It's fine Jake, just ignore him." I walked over and took his hand. We walked into the kitchen where he took a whole bag of funyuns and started chowing down. I was going to have to do some serious grocery shopping when we got our own place. Omg! Just thinking about it gives me butterflies. Jacob ate and ate since we had to wait for the family to arrive anyways. We were sitting at the couch when someone knocked on the door. I all of a sudden felt very nervous. I didn't really know what to say to any of them. I started fidgeting and Jacob noticed, of course.

"Hey, why are you fidgeting? Are you nervous?" he asked while cocking his head. ugh. great, was he going to make fun of me?

"Well, ya. I've never met most of you family and now we have to tell them that we're getting married and I'm only sixteen. What should I say? I want to make sure and make a good first impression." I hadn't looked at him until I was finished talking and he was tryingto hold back laughter. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry its just that Ive never seen you like this before. It'll be fine and you wouldn't be nervous if you had actually met my family before because you would know that they'll love you."

'Oh, good." I smiled and then Billy answered the door.

"Jack, Brianna, its good to see you again. It's been so long.' Billy said welcomingly. I got up to go and meet them. The sw jacobs hand around me and they became curious.

'Well, hello. Im Brianna." the woman said. "I''m a Jacobs aunt."

yay, she was nice. "Hi, I'm Renesmee, Jacobs..." oh my GOD! I became speechless. Do I say fiance? girlfriend? what?! I looked over at Jacob who was trying not to laugh.

"girlfriend, she's my girlfriend." he said while giving brianna a huge hug. this was going o be difficult, I already looked like a total idiot and I had only met his aunt. Wonderful.

"Well, its nice to meet you Renesmee." We continued with small talk about how long we've been seeing each other and what my parents are like and what im interested in. The list goes on and on. This lady really liked to talk. But at least she was nice. That I was extremely greatful for. More family members started to arrive and I continued to say the same thing. 'Hello, im renesmee. Jacobs girlfriend.' Finally everybody was here and so Billy started passing out the rib and steaks and every kind of meat imaginable. I hoped no one noticed my empty plate. Maybe they would think that I had ate it all. After about an hour of talking, games, and food Jacob looked over at me.

"Are you ready?" Why did I suddenly feel like I was about to puke.

"No, but we might as well do it." He smiled and took my hand. We went to the front of the living room. Jacob coughed loudly. He had everyones attention. great.

"Hello, everybody. I hope you are all having a great time but I wanted to announce something. You have all met Renesmee and I know you all lover her as do I. Well, I am extremely happy to say that I proposed to her yesterday and she said yes!" Everyone clapped and I could tell that they were all happy, which was not at all what I expected. I figured someone would burst out and say,'hey, arent you a little too young!' but no one did. I smiled and knew that I would be able to fit in here and they would all treat me as family. Billy walked over to us and he told Jacob how proud he was of him and then gave me the biggest bear hug. We continued around the room and I heard probably fifty people say 'Congratulations!'. We were about half way through when my phone rang. I walked outside and Jacob followed.


"Hey Nessie its Dad, we found a scent and the wolves are wit us following it. I just wanted to let you know in case you came this way. But I wouldn't worry, theres only three and it seems like they are just passing through. It was kind of close to Charlies place and thats the only reason we're checking it out. "

"Oh, umm ok. Which way were they headed?"

he hesitated. "Towards La Push but we'll stop them before they get there."

"Okay, me and Jacob are on our way."

"Ness, theres no reason for that so just stay there."

"'Dad, you know Jacobs not going to just sit around and I dont want to get stuck here with people that I dont know worrying about everyone so we're on our way." I hung up the phone and Jacob understood. We went inside to tell Nilly that we were headed out. I didn't hear what Jacob said was the excuse but we headed out the doors anyway.

"How many?" Jake asked.

"Three. Dad said the only reason they were even following them was because they came closer to town and were out by Charlies. They're headed this way." I looked over towards Jacob. I wonder what his reaction was going to be?

He nodded his head but he went a little faster. Then we ran into the trail. I could smell the rest of my family and the wolves. We followed it until we saw my family stopped up ahead. The three vampires were just standing there and the wolves had already left. Where was my Dad?

We walked up and they had already explaining who they were.

"We were just passing through." the female said. There were three women and the one who was talking was extremely beautiful.

"Yes, well why don't you come to out place so that there is no problem with the wolves. This is their territory and we do not want to disturb them." Esme said.

"Thats fine, I would love to hear more about your family. I've heard so many great things."

We went to Carlisles place and walked inside.

I walked up to my mom. "Hey mom, wheres dad?" I was wondering where he had just dissapeared to.

"Umm, he followed the wolves. He said that he would explain it later. They were headed to the beach. Will you go and see wht he's up to?"

"Ya." Jacob and me walked outside. Dang, I had let my car at Jacobs. Oh, well. I'm sure mom wouldnt mind if I used hers. hehehe.

I grabbed the keys and looked over at Jacob. he just smiled but got in the passenger seat anyways.

We drove up to the beach and they were all there and were already in their human forms. They were all circled around Embry. What the hell?

"I wonder what this is about." Jacob said. We walked up and I stood next to my Dad. Embry had his face in his hands. What had happened that would make him so upset? I had never seen any kind of emotion out of Embry. Dad motioned for me to follow him. Jacob came too.

"What happened Dad?"

"Well, this has never happened before. You both know how Embry hasn't imprinted on someone. Well, he did just now."

"What? With who? was it someone from Jakes famly? That would be akward.

"With Kimberly."

"Whos Kimberly?"

"The female vampire in the woods. The leader. When we found them he stopped dead in his tracks. Thats part of the reason why the wolves didnt attack. Thats why we left. The pack didn't know what to think."

... ... ...

"What?! Is that even possible?" Jacob said. I was speechless.

"Apparently. Embry is upset because he doesn't know what to do. I told him to just talk to her and let her get to know him first. Then we would explain things to her."

again, speechless...

"Ya. Theres no way that hes going to be abl to stay away from her. " Jacob said. He looked down at me.

"Well, why dont I talk to her?" I would be able to explain things to her.

"That would actually be a really good idea Ness." My dad said. "And dont worry, they have already hunted and have been trying out our vegetarian ways. Although they havn't gotten used to it and still slip up, they can control themselves. "

We headed back to the car. Dad drove while we sat in the back seat. Jacob held my hand the enitre way there. I could tell he had something on his mind. I would ask him as soon as we were alone. Clearly he didnt want to say it in front of my dad or he would have already said it. We went inside where Kimberly was sitting down.

"Umm, hello. I'm Renesmee, Bella and Edwardsdaughter."

"Yes, I defaintly know who you are. Without you theVolturi would have never been defeated." She said. Wow, I liked her.

I smiled. ""Would you walk outside with me? I have something that I should probably tell you." she looked confused but followed me outside anyway.

'What is it?" she asked.

"Has anyone axplained to you what imprinting is?" she nodded her head.

"Yes, your mom explained it to me when I asked about Jacob." oh.

"Good, that makes it a little easier for me. Well, we found out something today. Not only is it possible for werewolves to imprint on half vampires like me, but they can also imprint on full vampires."

"Well how does this have anything to do with me?...Oh, Oh. Oooh."

"Do you know who Embry is? Well he's one of the wolves and when he found you today well, I guess you can figure it out. He loves you."

Her face had so many emotions at once. Confusion, shock, sympathy and finally uderstanding.

'Well, what do I do? I dont even know Embry."

"I know. It would be wonderful if you would get to know him. You might not understand what it will be like. He will treat you wit more care than you thought possible. You'll never go unhappy and you'll never have to worry about not having someone there for you. You'll love him. You may not think that thats posible but I believe it will happen. Theres never been and imprintee that doesnt love him back."

"Why not?"

"Well, when your treated the way he will treat you it makes it impossible not to love him. you'll see." I really do hope she learns to just except it.

Once she had sgreed to go and see him we walked inside. She would be staying with us and so would her friends.

I was headed back to my place so that I could get some needed sleep. Jacob left after telling me good night. I finally drifted to sleep...


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What a great story!
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