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Tonight,i hve words with my mum.Oh!That is that a piece of make peopel angry being engaged in every time and old mummy goes to shopping, the old mummy always minds my clothes have on not good , not good, but I think that I know me self what to be fond of, I say with regard to old mummy , that I like what to penetrate is my thing , am not more oldly than going out to say my apparel, how could it be that my idea is bound to be going to you the same always time? The old mummy answers one unexpectedly: Yes! My Heavens! Which parents having such! I tell her: "That is your idea is not mine , why to wants such every time"? She said "The apparel because of you does not conform to me ". I miss the so such , old mummy saying one to you: "Sorry, only when that having let you enjoy disappointed flavour"! I do not want to wait upon the having destroyed our relation , old mummy because of such is little , I think that you have ought to change once thought , always do not impose your idea on others on one's body, you had not listened to "don't do to others what you don't want done to you" could it be said that? Is this abuse of Chinese parents could it be said that? Oh , no! Only having you be such , old mummy! Your general old doctrine dad is shallow, but I want to say you are really lacking knowledge and experience! That you ought to sense other people is why serves as parents's , you are why serves as parents's but? You ought to need to absorb the quintessence , play it's dross! ! !

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