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ever had one of those days where you just didnt care.? you felt like nothing mattered.! you were numb and felt like nothing could hurt you anymore.! where you hate yourself more than anything else in this world! Where you just want to feel loved.! but you know the expression.! how can someone love you if you dont love yourself.! yeahh...thats probably why i feel as if nobody loves me.! i mean yeah they will tell me they love me. But do you really think they mean it!? Sometimes you just want to go sit in a corner and just sit there.! to numb to even cry.! Im fat, ugly, toooo bigg!!! my parents and family tell me different because they feel as if they have too! my friends tell me different probably because they are in denial that they have a lame friendd! ='(

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Comment by Ashley Tutor on April 15, 2011 at 11:40am
okay, so none of that is true! you are not a lame friend & we're not in denial. listen to me Angel, you're beautiful in your own way. we all are. and God made you they way he wants you, why would you want to change that and feel like that? every little thing god makes is beautiful & amazing. Just like you. I love you.

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