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I woke up this morning feeling good. Today is my 18th birthday, and I have a feeling that something big is going to happen to me today. I jumped out of bed and took a nice long shower. When I returned to my room, there was a red gift bag and a card on my bed. I picked up the card and to my surprise it was from Jake. I haven’t seen much of him since he started hanging out with the Cullens. I rip open the envelope and it read:

Happy Birthday Quil! Finally 18 man, how does it feel? Meet me, Embry, Sam and Leah at the Cullen’s house tonight at 6. Oh and wear what’s in the bag! See you then.


I was there for Bella’s graduation party and the wedding, but Jake put a map in with the card just in case.

I put the outfit on and it fit perfectly. I went down stairs to get a bit to eat, and decided on have cereal for breakfast. I got my bowl. Cereal and the milk out of the frig, and when I sat down to eat I saw something shiny out the corner of my eye. I was a car key with my name and a bow tied to it! I ran outside to be greeted by a brand new Mustang GT and it was deep red my favorite color.

“Thanx ma!” I yelled upstairs. I was so excited that my hands were literally shaking. I couldn’t wait to tell Jake so I stripped and phased. I howled as long and as loud as I could. I didn’t take Jake long to join me.

What is it Quil? He thought, Are you ok?
Yeah Jake, I’m fine, I just wanted to tell you about my new car!
I thought you were hurt Quil! He shouted in his thoughts
My bad Jake, But I’m so excited!
Just wait until you see what else this day has in store for you. He thought
He was gone before I could say anything else. So I phased and put my clothes back on.

I hopped into my Mustang and drove it down to La Push beach. So far this is the best birthday ever. I parked my car so that I was facing the beach. It was beautiful. How much more exciting could this day get, I wondered. Next thing I know it was 5:45. I jumped up started my new car and headed to Forks. Within ten minutes I was pulling into the Cullen’s driveway, they left the garage open so I parked my car there. They had the music so loud that it vibrated in my chest.

I opened the door and the all yelled “Happy Birthday Quil!” I was happy but at the same time my heart ached. This was my party and I was the only one with out a date. Just as I thought that I would never imprint, I saw her. Claire Clearwater, she walked right over to me.
“Hi Quil, I am Claire Clearwater.” She said.
“Hi Claire…” I coulnd get over how beautiful she was. “Would you like to dance with me?” I asked confidently.
“Yes,” she said with a smile.
This is perfect I thought. I decided that I planned to have a relationship with Claire, she needed to know my secret.
“Claire there is something you should know.” She looked at me with loving eyes. “I am sort of a werewolf.” I waited for her reaction but she just smiled at me.
“Quil it doesn’t matter to me what you are, I accept all of you!” and with that she kissed me.
This was by far the best birthday ever!

One you, one me
One look, one hug
One kiss, one love

I finally imprinted,
She’s the only one
I’ll ever love

One shot, one love
One love, one shot
This will always be her spot
Right here in my heart

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