The Twilight Saga

This is the mansion

witch we all 3 live in.

It is very old

 yet we still love this old  manstion it has been passed

down from familly generastion

to generastiom


This Is Ashleys bedroom

it is very magical and  beautiful

her bedroom reminds her of her home when sh was  a child so this is why her bedroom looks

like that


This Bedroom belong to

 Anthony its nice yet elegant

he loves drinkign with friends here its very nice jsut the way he likes it

This is Lilly's bedroom. The ELegant bedroom

this is close to what her mother had as a bedroom  before she died having her and her brother and sister.


This is Lily's bathroom dark nice and elegant just the way she likes it


This is Lilly's bathroom beautiful just like her


Gothic__Dark.jpgThis is Anthony's redtoom nice and dark yet modern



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