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Hey sorry guys that I have been so out of touch lately. It has been crazy around here with the convention planning and finals. I think that they went well but I should be able to pick up my grades here soon! I pretty much took the weekend off to get some much needed house cleaning done and relax a bit. Next week I have off to get a ton of things done for the convention before school starts again. :( It sort of stinks but it just means that I will get my degree that much faster as opposed to sitting the summer out. My schedule is much friendlier though so I will have more time for the convention and my mini vacations I have planned.We should be announcing some pretty exciting stuff here this next week and some great chances for people to win some tickets to our convention in August. It will be here before we know it and I would love to give away some seats to a few lucky fans! Plus we will be trying to get some blood drives in with the events to help out the Red Cross as the summer is a slow time for them! So, I will keep you guys posted on our up an coming events so that locals can enter a chance to win tickets. We may also do some things to give all of you guys who aren't local a chance to win some tickets as well. Would you like that? Let me know!So, I am off to finish watching Dirty Dancing as I ha vent seen it in ages and now that finals are over I wont be such a stranger! Catch you later! Elisa

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