The Twilight Saga

Painful Memories

Chapter 2

Emmett’s POV

Okay here is Chapter Two it has Emmett and Bellas POV.Hope you like it *crosses fingers*

This was driving me crazy. I know Rose is all upset about telling me her story or whatever, but she keeps taking deep breathes to stall and it just bugs me. It hurts me to see my angel like this. In so much pain because of what happened to her during her human life.

“Emmett if I tell you, please promise not to get angry and overprotective of me.” She began “The people who did this are dead now. I killed them. So getting angry at them for what happened makes no sense now.” Whoa! She seriously killed them? Awesome! That’s my Rosie. Wish I could’ve helped though.

“Babe, I won’t get angry. Promise.” I said to reassure her. “Pinky promise.” I said with a grin. I held out my pinky finger. She rolled her eyes and held out her pinky. After we shook pinkies, she continued.

“I won’t go into details” My angel said “Just the main part. What’s important.” I nodded. I wasn’t sure that I would even want the details. I just was curious to know why she resented Bella so much.

“I was visiting my best friend, Vera. Her husband and son, Henry, were also there. You know Henry looked a lot like you did when I found you. When I found you your dimples and curly hair reminded me of him.” She smiled and began stroking my cheek.

She dropped her hand “I was engaged. My fiancés name was Royce King. It was a quick engagement. He always made me feel special. He would say my eyes were like violets. He sent bouquets of roses to my room. It got to the point that I would smell like roses when I left my house.” I growled at the thought of another man romancing my Rose.

“I was walking down the street to go home after my visit. That’s when, under the dim street lights, I saw Royce and some of his friends. Sons of other rich men. They were all drunk.” Her face turned pained “Basically they beat me. They laughed and enjoyed my pain. The beating was just one among many painful things they did to me. They left me in the street for dead. I heard them laugh as they walked away.” Her face was now emotionless. I couldn’t believe that a anyone could do something so horrible to someone like Rose.

To keep my promise not to get angry, I started thinking about other things. Happier things. Bella was coming over for a visit today. That’s great I get to see my favorite little sis. I get to make her blush and tease her for her clumsiness. I grinned at the thought. Rose and I got up and went downstairs. I turned on the game. Rose went upstairs to change into a new outfit. Alice and Jasper were off to a shopping spree. Ha ha. I wished them luck.

**~~**2 hours later**~~**

Bella POV

Edward and I were on our way over to visit his family. I missed them all so much. Hanging out with them would be a nice break.
When we walked through the front door, Carsile and Esme were standing there. They looked as excited to see me as I was to see them. I ran over to them hugging them both.
“Welcome back Bella” Esme said still clinging on to me.
“We’ve all missed you very much Bella” Carsile added with a geuine smile.

I smiled back at him. I started to make my way towards the living room. Alice and Jasper weren’t anywhere in sight. Ah Alice must be having another shopping spree. I’m just glad I wasn’t included. I saw Rosalie descend down the curved staircase. Stopping just to glare at me, then disappearing into the kitchen. Emmett came down the stairs next. He saw me and came running. He picked me up into a big bear hug.

“Hey little sis” He said still holding on to me.

“Emm……can’t…..breathe” I managed to get out. He quickly released me.

“Sorry sis” I nodded to let him know it was all good.

I stayed a while. Emmett, Edward, Carsile, Esme, and I were all catching up. Esme had told me she was taking up cooking for me. I thanked her for caring so much. I hadn’t seen Rosalie all night. Odd.

“Hello Bella” A familiar voice greeted me from behind. I turned to see who it was.

“Hello Jasper” I greeted him back. Alice must be done with her shopping spree already. I glanced over at the clock hanging on the wall. It was only 8:15 pm. That was early for Alice to come home.

I heard the front door open and shut. Alice came into the room. Her hands both full with her shopping bags. The ones Jasper couldn’t get with his already full hands. She quickly dropped the bags from her hands to run over and hug me. When she was released me, she looked at my outfit and grimaced.

“Hi Bella. Ugh we will have to do something with your outfit. Oh I just got the shirt and it would look perfect on you! It’s bl –“ she suddenly cut off her word. Her face went blank. She looked as if she was staring at something, but not something in this room. She was having a vision.

“Oh no! No, no, no!” She screamed once she snapped out of her vision.

“Alice what is it? What wrong? What did you see?” We all asked together. Alice was really beginning to scare me.

“Rosalie! She’s in trouble! We have to help her, before it’s too late!” She screamed back at us.

Rosalie was in trouble? What did Alice mean ‘Before it’s too late’?

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Comment by Siobhan on November 28, 2009 at 2:56pm
Omg its unreal you have to keep writing... Oh an please keep me updates :D x
Comment by Alice Cullen on November 28, 2009 at 11:15am
omg! its so good! whats gonna happen? keep writing please!
Comment by ☆ǝuuɐǝǝɹq☆ on November 28, 2009 at 1:33am
Comment by Iris N.O. on November 27, 2009 at 10:44pm
i love to read your POV's please add some more if you don't mind
Comment by kazman on November 27, 2009 at 6:05pm
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Comment by ☆ǝuuɐǝǝɹq☆ on November 27, 2009 at 6:04pm
mmk can do :D
Comment by Shaymeon Cullen-Belikova on November 27, 2009 at 1:42pm
alll man write more...

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