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I walked up the steps to the school, remembering the last day I saw Mason here, like every other day. It was early summer and we were in Grade 9. We'd been friends since Grade 2 and had been inseperable ever since.

"I hope they don't seperate us for class. I really want us to be together again next year!" I enthused, looking at him and waiting for an answer. "Kaila, we've been in the same splits since Grade 2, do you really think they'll seperate us?" He said laughing. I loved his laugh. I lived for that at the time. We went to class for the day and walked home together. We live less than a block from eachother.

"See you tomorrow Mase!" I called from the steps. That was the last time I saw him. He didn't come to school for a few days, and then his parents filed the missing persons report.

I was a wreck for weeks afterwards. After I finally got the composure, I got over it, bit by bit.

"Kaila!" Someone called from behind me. I turned my head to see Jez coming up behind me. "Hey Jez, whats up?" I asked, faking a smile. "We're having a party tomorrow night, me and Jake. I wanted to see if you could come? No Parents!" Jez said and gave me a wink. "Yeah! I'll totally be there. Don't worry." I said, grinning. We went our seperate ways for class. I had ELA first period so I went to Mrs.English's room.

I froze in the doorway when I saw who was standing infront of the classroom. "Kaila, take your seat please." Mrs. English said, softly. I Quickly lowered my eyes and found my seat at the back of the class. "Everyone I'd like you to meet our new student, Mason Sedly." Mrs. English stated, gesturing to Mason. I looked up and studied him. It'd been three years. He had the same strong jaw and muscles but her was taller and more lean. He was studing me, just like I was to him.

"Mason, theres a seat over there by Kaila. Why don't you sit there?" Mrs. English said, looking back and forth between the two of us. My jaw clenched in an effort not to cry. One stray tear did manage to escape but I quickly wiped it away, but not before Mrs. English saw. She didn't say anything though. Mason walked down the ial to his seat beside mine. He smiled at me, almost pleadingly then looked to the front.

I went through the rest of that class tense and waiting for the damned bell to ring. When it finally did, I leaped out of my chair and high-tailed it out of the room and to the ladies washroom. I locked myself into a stall and cryed quietly. I heard someone come in and struggled to stop the tears. Someone came up to the stall door and knocked softly.

"Kaila, Can you come out please?" Mrs. English asked softly. I unlocked the door and stepped out, staring at the ground. "Kaila... I know you know Mason." She murmured, putting a hand on my shoulder. I nodded, mutely. "He wants to talk to you Kaila. Privately. Are you okay with coming with me to see him?" She asked. I nodded silently again and let her lead me out of the washrooms.

(To be Continued...)

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