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This second part has been frustrating me for days to tell it in the best way... we shall see... if you have anything constructive - like how I could make it better - please let me know. Thankyou ;-)

PART 2 - Sitting on my bed after Edward (Breathe Bella!) brought me home after everything that happened in Port Angeles... what is going on?? Am I really awake?!...
So I need to write it out of me what has been going on in my life that is becoming less ordinary every day!

Music blaring in my ears
My mind is so scattered
Could the Quileute Legends be true?
But I realized none of it mattered…

Edward does not even fit into
The online stereotype of a vampire
So I would have to share my new theory
And hope I didn’t stare into golden eyes blazing with fire.

I never thought for a moment
Port Angeles could put my life; again, in such danger
Then a car, a silver Volvo came roaring
And I heard Edward’s voice laced with raw anger

All my fear washed away
And I stared at him with confusion
How could he have possibly found me?
This must be a delusion!

He kept asking if I was in shock
And looking back I think it was possible
Trying to enjoy dinner as we spoke
How could a vampire be so lovable?

On the way home, as he drove
At a ridiculous speed
I shared what Jacob had told
And what I believed

I told him even if it were true
It didn’t matter to me
That’s when he spoke sadly & warned
This isn’t meant to be…

Tears rolled down my face
I shook my head in fierce denial
I had to make him see
That this love is worthwhile…

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