The Twilight Saga

Out of the past you come to my future

the man that I loved many years ago

you were my True Love

and i threw that all away

you come to me now with forgiveness saying

we were young let it go

I never stopped loving you

tho i was the one that walked away

I wondered

and worried

and though about you more then one should

My heart ached for many years not knowing

what had happened to you

or where you were

then out of the blue some how you found me

Both not knowing what the other would say

I was riddled with guilt with what had

happened in the past

and the love I had walked away from


We talk now as if things didnt happen

you say i need to forgive myself for what i

did and go on

that its only holding me back

the more and more i talk to you

the eraser and eraser it is to do

were different people

yet still the same

I'm glad you found me

and i never want to loose you again

I am Sorry for what i did

I would love to have you in my now

and in my Future

and in my Always

I'm pulling you back to me never to let go

Thank you for giving me this second chance

to be in your life

I am here

I'm not going any where

You were the First one to get my heart

I hope some day you may be the last

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