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I have always said this Peace Love and Friendship! I have wish for people to see others from the inside not the out side shell.... I am not a hugh fan of tatoos yet I have always wanted to get a tatoo of a dove yellow rose and olive get it. Never found anything I liked enough to get.

I have always treated people like they have been my friends forever and for me that works to some degree. I am a country girl stuck in the city where people are afraid to say Hello. They judge people by what they wear, the way they look ect.... or that one is to big, to small, to tall and my fav to short!!! Hell I have to put shoes on to make 5'4" haha. Going to a high school is really fun... when my middle daughter was in the 12th and we were going to go do all the crap that comes with getting ready for college (photos, paperwork ect) I would go to her high school to pick her up kinda of a mom and daughter time. It never failed !!! they would always say get to class and then my daughter would show them the PINK slip saying she was leaving school for one reason or another.... The cute part, because I am I guess only 5' 4" with shoes on they would always turn to me and say get to class or do you have a slip to leave too?? My daughter ( who is 6'2" would always laugh) I have done my High School thing (more than once thanks!!) I would have to show my Id to some teacher who did not know me to show I was the MOTHER not a kid skipping class. Hell my fav time was when I was PG and a cop pulled me off the street as I was walking BY a high school and he was writting me up for skiping and lots of other things .... the lady behind the desk told him she had never seen me and WOW she's (me) 8 months along.. you know what the cop said...."so what I have seen lots of teens PG" After I showed the lady behind the counter my state ID and It showed that I was 27yrs old! She smiled and laughed however the cop was really mad. See what I mean by judging by the outside?? Now I am lots older and looking more of the mother part ( I hope ). I am tired of going to some stores with family and as we are going through the store we notice that we are being followed/ watched...... WOW! Why is that is it because we look like teens, different colors, are some of us to tall or in my case to short?? Whats really bad about all this is that the family I am walking with have college under their belt or going to college ( ok not all my kids are in college yet they are in high school). Oh and let me just say none of us has been on parole or probation! Are we really that afraid that we have to judge this way? None of my family is rich in any way Hell most of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Looking for work and praying (A LOT ). I have always said peace love and friendship..... yet at times people even get to me where I want to hid in my room, in my home and NOT go outside. Two things to remember in life Peace Love and Friendship and most of all Always remember someone eles has it worse off than you do!!! These things will get you through the day and life. Smile! "Peace love and Friendship!"

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