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perspective on particular things are controlled by hormones

i think alot of the time when someone goes from team edward from team jacob is because of the order of the books. i know that the first book is really more edward and bella there was really no jacob in that if you'rereading that you would just automatically go for edward because you barely even know jacob.....but then alot of people changed their minds when new moon came out because they felt that jacbod was now the male star and for those who have seen him with no shirt he has the better looking body....but i cant agree with that because even though edward left her and jacob was the one to help her get through it.....edward still has so much conrtol over bella and he doesnt even have to be near her....all the reckless things she did...she did because she needed to hear his voice...and that just shows how powerful that bond is between them that she could have a vampire that wants to kill her because he loves her and ends up breaking her heart because he doesnt want to put her in danger ....she can put up with all that in her life just to be with edward instead of taking an easier road and turning to jacob...that is the best descriptioon i can give of why i am on team edward

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