The Twilight Saga

The night was as dark as an evil snakes eyes, the yearning from underneath began not but an hour before the sight. Abigail had told me to be careful what I wish for yet I didn't understand until now; until this minute; until this very second. My knees gave out and every bone in me shattered yet I felt content, this is what I had come for.


"Madmoiselle" I heard coming around the hedge. Looking intently into his eyes to see if it could be, if it should be. Christopher had come to beckon my forgiveness, though unwillingly I followed behind William. William the shiny statue of man, without limitations his beauty held him to perfection. His brown messy hair with gold whisps waving through his fringe, his eyes hidden beneath his fringe. Oh... those perfect eyes such intensity in the darkness yet under the right light the oceanic blue, the hazel and not to forget the hint of red. William stood about ten feet away, his body engulfed by the silkiness of his crimson robe, like fire eating his soul from beneath. My heart jumped around to the beat of my thoughts. I cannot betray myself, not like this.

More to come...

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