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Playing with Darkness episode 2  Stranger Danger


it's been two days since i last saw Greg. i chickened out. i hope Claire's alright. i didn't want to think about Samantha or Luc. i could care less about where he is. i am thirsty  as all hell. i need blood. i gulped down another caprison and shut the fridge.

"Mandy, the fridge is running again!" i called. i went to her bedroom. she was laying on the bed, her latest bloodbag smooching her neck and her collar.

"hey," i said.

"hey," he said, looking up. his green eyes had sparkle. maybe he would be too cute for her to kill. i thought he was.

"his blood is like xtacy," Mandy gushed. "Lucky, you gotta try him. come on," she begged.

"i'll pass," i said, turning down the tempting offer. i looked out the window of the apartment. looking down into the alley. homeless halfbloods curled up in blankets. because their human parent only bargained for a good time with a vampire and nothing more. but don't feel bad for none of them. we all get by just fine. every now and then a curious teenager will walk into these alleys wanting to meet a vampire, but end up getting killed by a group of greedy half bloods. most of us work in numbers. we can never be by ourselves. the lonely ones learn that the hard way. you can't hunt alone, you can't live alone. hunters can easily catch and kill you if you are by yourself. they want our species erased from the earth. they see no point to our existance. most of us just cause trouble anyway. half bloods like Luc don't help our cause at all. our groups can be as big as ten people. but not too big. any bigger than that will make our presence too noticeable. anybody can be a hunter. humans and full bloods alike can all hunt us. i've been attacked by human hunters before, but the human ones don't live long enough to book their kill. they don't even stay alive long enough to do their job. i've mercilessly killed every human who has layed a finger on me the wrong way, or pointed a gun at me, or tried to catch me with an electric net. they're all dead. the full blood vampire hunters are the ones to fear. since they're vampires, naturally they would be better hunters than the humans. our eyes are always open. they're faster than us, can hide just about anywhere, and can even creep into our living spaces undetected if they stand really still. you'd think we'd always be fearful, watching our backs every dripping moment. but we have to relax sometimes.

our group consists of six half bloods. that's a safe number. we have locked someone out for being a trouble maker, or for being too "loud" as Mandy puts it. i think Luc is the next to go. the door opened and Caterin walked through. she's part of our group. her eyes are red. she has wispy, curly blonde hair and is sickly skinny. a lot of people have died due to underestimating her frail frame. she's 17 years old and was orphaned at birth. been parading the streets ever since her foster family dropped her. they said she bites them too much. she walks in with a young man. her hand on the back of his neck. it puzzled me how he could let a five foot three inches tall girl man handle his 6 feet of lean body. i narrowed my eyes at her as she stuck her nose in the air, acting like she owned this guy.

"who the hell is this?" i asked.

"my dinner," Caterin chirped. she dugged her thumb into his neck. he held back from vocalizing how bad it hurt. i could see it on his face, though. she pushed him down and he fell on the table. i sat down on the sofa infront of him.

"what are you looking for?" i asked him, my voice husky and mysterious. i locked eyes with him.

"tell her! say what you said to me," Caterin yelled at him. then she laughed.

"a hot vampire chick to make love to," the guy said. i gave Caterin an irritated glance.

"your wish is my command," Caterin said, wrapping her hand around his neck and yanking him on the floor. she straddled him. he liked that. she opened her mouth wide and sank her teeth into the muscles of his neck. his blood pulsed out. he started screaming. she had him pinned. it was strange to see, considering he was so much bigger than her. he fought for his life. he struggled. he lost. another dead human layed on our floor.

"did ya have to kill him?" i asked her.

"i'm a feminist," she said, wiping the blood from her chin. "justice has been served." she rolled the guy over with her foot. then she dragged his body to the cutting room. to clean up her mess. i sat back on the sofa, stared at the trail of blood she left behind. the door opened, another half blood comes home.

"hey, baby doll," Jack says. he sits down next to me, running his lips up and down my neck. his left eye is missing from when he was attacked by a full blood hunter and survived. his right eye is ice blue. his hair is light brown, almost blonde, like hazelnut. he's a very good supplier. he's a nice guy, but there's always someone nicer.  he's got a bottle in his hand. my stomach turns at the sight of it. if i drink any more juice or wine, i'm gonna throw up. he ignores the blood on the floor, is use to seeing entrails and things like that just laying around. Jack sticks his hand up my shirt and feels my breast. his hand is cold. i crawl on his lap and bend my head down to kiss him. he wraps his hands around my back and dips lower into the sofa. my fangs pierce his lips. i find myself sucking blood from his bottom lip. he turns his head until i let go.

"bite me here," he says, pointing to his chest. his finger landed on his nipple.

"no. that's just weird," i said. he throws his head back and looks at me, his pupil starring at me from the bottom eyelid. i cave. i put my face under his shirt and he wraps his hand around the back of my head. i moved my lips up his chest. the door opens again. i pull my head out of Jack's shirt.

"oh my god," i shrieked, getting off him. Gregory had come back, and  he had little Claire with him. thankfully, she was blindfolded. but that also worried me. "what the hell happened?" i demanded.

"he killed her. he killed Samantha," Greg said. Mandy came out of her room upon hearing Greg's voice.

"where is he now?" Mandy asked, fixing her pants.

"he took off somewhere to cool down," he said.

"woah. wait. wait. wait,"Jack said. "who's kid is this?"

"Samantha's," Mandy said.

"why do you have a kid?" Jack asked Greg.

"she came home, said she forgot something. we weren't finished with Samantha. i was helping him clean up when she walked through the room. Luc was gonna hurt her really bad if i didn't do something," Greg said. "she's just a kid."

Claire was blindfolded by a pink and orange knee- high sock. probably her own. it wrapped around her ears and was knotted at the back of her head.

"so what are we suppose to do with her?" Jack said.

"i couldn't leave her there," was all Greg could say.

"if Luc comes back, don't let him in here. he can stay outside in the dark. let the hunters make a meal out of him. i have had enough of him and his b.s. anyway," Mandy said. "how are we gonna keep her quiet?" Mandy asked, loosing her cool. i studied Claire. she was a brave kid. she didn't make a sound or protest to leave. or maybe she was just too scared to speak. she still had her bookbag on her back.

"give her my room for now," i offered. "until we can figure out where to put her permanently." my room was very clean and kid- safe, unlike most of my housemates. Greg gently pushed Claire towards Mandy and Mandy took her to my room. i hugged Greg, glad he came back. then i sit back down. Mandy returns. we're all very uneasy about having Claire here. it's putting me on edge.

"what if someone comes looking for that damn kid?" Jack said. "you know the police don't treat our kind like the humans. we don't get jail time. we get death."

"don't freakin panic," Mandy said. "ugh!! Luc, you moron!!" she shouted to the ceiling. Caterin came in, pulling rubber gloves off of her hands.

"what's all the fuss?" she asked, oblivious.

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