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ok so i had been talking about the Eclipse movie non-stop for WEEKS!!!! Then, three days ago, I finally got tired of wondering if my mom had secretly gotten me pre-ordered tickets. "Mommy," I said to her. "You know what?"

"what?" she asked.

"The Eclipse movie comes out on Wednesday."

And do you know what she said to me?

" Oh, you want to go see that?"

Mortified, i simply said- in the calmest voice i could muster- "Uhm- wull- YEAH!!"

To this, she had no reply. I didn't know if she was stunned by my sudden outburst, or by the realization that my answer should have been obvious. After a few long and excrutiating moments, she mumbled,

"Ok, then. I'll take you in a week or two. You know, when they're not sold out."

A WEEK OR TWO!!! how could i possibly wait that long?!?!?! Now, i would be forced to read the posts of my fellow twifans, typing in all-caps of their love for the newest movie installment of our most beloved saga. Oh how could I go on?!?!

Looking up from the keybord to take another delicious swig of of my non-diet Pepsi, I realized the answer. YOUTUBE!!!! It was sinking, yes, but it was the only way!! My first idea was to read the book, and a brilliant idea at that. But Plan A could not be thrown into action, you see, because I had stupidly loaned out Eclipse, AND Breaking Dawn to a close family friend.

Quickly, I turned to my mother and frantically asked her the most important question ever asked by a fifteen year old Twilight obsessed girl named Lynli.

"Mom!!! Do you know if your friend finished my books?"

"Probably, but I think she packed them with her stuff when she moved three houses away from her husband."

NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! How was I EVER supposed to get them back now? Melli had moved back in with her husband, but who knew what condition those beautifully worded gifts were in now? What if they were gathering dust? What if Melli's dog had destroyed them? What if she had spilled coffee on them and they smelled like coffee and doggy pee!!!!!

I could feel my world tumbling down upon as my imagination took off, forcing horrible visions of two of my four favorite novels were destroyed way after horrible (and sometimes smelly) way. At this point, there was only one thing that i could do that didn't involve eating Jalapeno Cheetos (yum). I texted Melli. For six 1/2 long, torturous minutes, I waited for a reply. finally, my at&t Samsung Propel that I got last Christmas played that slightly annoying message tone that was already on the phone when i got it. Slowly, I opened the phone. The message read:

"Yeah i finished them. Don't worry they're fine. I'll bring the next time i come over."

Suddenly, a Halelujah chosus comsisting of the Cullen family flew into my mind. My worries were over!!! Well, not quite. Melli wasn't coming over for another two weeks...

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Comment by lynli jonsin on July 2, 2010 at 9:55pm
not yet! apparently the words "pre-order" are not in her vocabulary. but i'm not giving up yet!
Comment by Laura-Ann Cullen on July 2, 2010 at 4:39am
Please tell me you got to see it! Mothers can be so oblivious.

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