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this is a story i have started writing...honestly not sure what its gonna be about yet, this is just the very beginning and i wanted to get people opinion of honest, idc if its a mean comment really, just want honest opinions of my work..

As I sat in the valley filled with flowers of all kinds, the sunset stole my breath with its beauty. It you listened hard you could hear the fairies whispering behind the flowers. It was hard to believe anything could be so wonderfully amazing. I lived for these moments when I could steal away from the house and visit what I thought of as my secret hideaway. As far as I knew, no one else came to this little valley on the far side of the village. That was another great thing about this place, I couldn't imagine sharing this sanctuary with anyone. I felt as if I was somewhere far, far away. The scents filling my nose weren't found anywhere else, no matter how hard I searched, no flowers were as fragrant as the ones that bloomed here. Unfortunately, the sun was slowly hiding farther behind the hills of the valley and I knew I had to leave, and started my long journey home. Before I left I whispered to the slowly sinking sun, "I shall be back soon, but no matter how fast I return it shall now be soon I must say good-bye for now."

I was walking home on a path I made through the small forest on the far east side of our village. Admiring all the elves, only a hand length tall, that lived in the trees, caring for and protecting them from the bugs that like to much on their leaves. One of the elves liked to follow me whenever I traveled through the forest. I welcomed his company, sometimes he climbed on my shoulder for most of the walk. Today he looked happier than usual, so I asked him if anything especially good had happened. He told me that the new potion the herb woman had given the elves was working very well to keep the stag beetles from eating the roots of the trees. We kept walking, and i realized that i had never asked his name and he never asked mine. So I decided to ask him, he said it was Wood-dancer, I told him mine was Amethyst. He said it was a very lovely name for a lovely girl. I blushed and said he was too sweet. we continued our journey, learning about eachother's lives. I learned that he was approximately 7 years old, and has lived near the same tree all his life, the tree his family has been protecting for generations. I told him I was almost 12 years old and lived in the nearest village to the west of the forest. It was remarkable how we had walked together so many times yet knew almost nothing about each other. We were almost to the edge of the forest when we saw a group of fairies surrounding a bundle of flowers that somewhat reminded me of the ones in my hideaway, although it wasn't nearly as fragrant or beautiful. The fairies never noticed us, but collected pollen that they would use to make their concoctions and to feed their babies. They were about the size of my little finger and could be any color imaginable, although most were shades of blue and purple. They were such majestic creatures, and so graceful. I have never seen a fairy fly into something or stumble in the least. Suddenly, I remembered that I had to hurry home and quickly turned away to leave. Wood-dancer almost feel off my shoulder but grabbed my collar and steadied himself. Then we were at the end of the forest, I bid farewell to my elf friend and continued my walk toward the group of houses and huts that was my village, Bepola.

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