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i have got complete and utter writers block. i think im giving up on a new place but everynow and again there might be another post. all my ideas are going into my other story, which i feel can actually go somewhere.

im sorry to all my amazing readers! and to those who have botherd messaging and commenting on them!

im sure you understand that writing is hard and i feel everybody has a story inside them but they need to go through ideas to find it and im a new writer so im going through ideas im sure you know. so thank you so much! im not giving up, im sure once i get a good idea ill be back to writing it again. so you can always give me you ideas for my story, those are completly welcomed i need them!!

lots of love

-jess :D

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Comment by stardrop89 on November 15, 2010 at 8:06pm
yeah i understand how that is.... it sucks when you have writers block :(

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