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Hey people! I am a newbie i signed up like two hours ago so here's my story! i'm making this up as i go along so please don't murder me yet if it is really bad! It started out really slow so just wait! Please? =l

I looked out my window, the snow was falling lightly, like little feathers. This wasn't unusual for Alaska. It was December 2, my birthday, not that anyone would care. My parents died in a  car crash last year. If i hadn't seen the wreckage myself i would never had believed it. I shivered and pulled on a coat. I wasn't used to the cold Alaskan weather. I lived in California for almost my entire life. Now things have changed. I walked towards my door and stopped, what would i be getting myself into if i walked out side this door? I sighed deeply and walked out.
"Katherina!" my foster mom called, well, yelled is more like. "Get down here!" I hesitated, her tone didn't say anything good was going to happen. "NOW!" I walked down the stairs waiting for the beating i was going to get.
"You screamed?" I said once i reached the bottom. My foster mom wasn't a pretty sight. She was a very fat woman, whose face could scare any Halloween witch out of her skin. She was wearing a tight blouse and skirt that really didn't compliment her at all, and her hair was a red tangled mess. Meet Veronica Justo, my worst nightmare. I've been in this house all of three weeks and she and her five little "angles" have been giving me hell! You may thing those 'angels' are children, WRONG! They are small, vicious, annoying, stupid pitbulls!!!!!! I mean, come on! One dog is enough already! and they HAD to be pitbulls!
"I'm going to be out of town for a while," Veronica said packing delicate tissues for her DOGS in her tiny handbag.
"So what? You want me to watch the dogs?"
"No you idiot! I would never leave you with my angles!" She means the little devils. "So i am leaving you with a babysitter." I nearly choked.
"For god's sake Veronica!" I yelled. "I'm sixteen!" Then i corrected myself. "Seventeen."
"Well, happy birthday and too bad. we are leaving immediately, they will be here soon" And with that she waddled out the door with the demon dogs following her.
i was in rage. How dare she treat me like a child! I walked out back and did something I haven't done since the accident. I thought about my past life. It seemed years ago when it was really weeks. I then did something again, that wasn't like me. I went into the back yard and threw a quad twist. You may wonder what that is, but it is gymnastics. I spent most of my life doing gymnastics. no one realized it but I used to be the best in the state of California. I landed perfectly.
"Wow," Elizabeth said. "I didn't know you could do that," she said her green eyes shimmering. Elizabeth Masen was my best friend ever since i moved in with Veronica. She was my only friend at school, and i was okay with that. she was tall pale with emerald green eyes and bronze hair, like mine. I had brown eyes was slightly shorter than Liz, and i wasn't nearly as beautiful.
"I used to do Gymnastics."
"I can see that," she grinned. "where's the witch? Some kind of dog lovers convention?"
"probably," i said, "and she's leaving me with a freaking babysitter!" Right as i said that, almost as if on que, a sleek black car pulled in to our gravel driveway. I was shocked to find that it was a Mercedes Guardian. I beautiful extreamly pale woman stepped out. she had brown hair and, how odd, yellow eyes.
"Are you Katherina?" she asked.
"Depends on who's asking," I said eying her. She smiled one of the most tight lipped smiled i've ever seen and said, "I'm Bella Cullen, I'm here to care for a child," she informed me. I knew there was something strange about this Cullen girl, and i was going to find out what it was.

Please comment! Thank you for just reading this!!!!

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Comment by yvette lautner on December 23, 2010 at 11:29pm
wow!! this is sooo cool!!! keep writing!!
Comment by Lillian S. Cullen on December 23, 2010 at 11:15pm
Cool story check out my blog .
Comment by Ms. Cullen on April 13, 2010 at 12:55pm
i love it when will there be more?!?! i read the other story too but i want more of this one!!! :)
Comment by Fanpire on October 10, 2009 at 5:36pm

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