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As i fell to the ground, my body didnt move. All i saw was my graite hard skin fall to the ground in what seemed like slow motion. Leah was standing over me with a smug grin on her face. UGH! I WISH ALICE COULD SEE ME IN HER VISIONS!!! Then she would know that leah {the crazed werewolf that was trying to steal my almost too good to be true werewolf boyfriend/fiance} was trying to rip me limb from limb and burn me! Hmph! what happened to "you cant kill the object of one brothers inprint?" BLAH BLAH BLAH! I guess that applied before Leah imprinted on him after he had imprinted on me! Hmph! Hmph! As i rose to my feet she snarled and her body started trembling., her shape blurred, she was going into wolf form. Ive never really liked Leah that much before, but know i knew i hated her! As i crouched into my -rarely evr seen becuse im always protected!- hunting position, i started stalking towards her. Jacobe and i have been together for ten years, and now im fulley grown. Ive know that she was jelouse for a long time but i guess she just snapped when he got down on his knee and asked for my fire blazing hand in marrage. He went off to go tell sam and emily quil seth.. ext ext! And mom and dad went to go hunting with granpa Carlile and Gran esme and Rossy and Em Allice And my fav, Uncle Jazz went to go get a marrige licent! So that left me. Without seth, becuse he was in his human form zonked on MY couch, and without jacob he was nowhere to be found, probaly somewhere on the rez, but mostlikely in his human form. As she stalked closer to me i felt a red haze like feature coming from my vision. All of the sudden-thanks to my daddys awesome running jeans- i sprinted up a giant tree and roundhouse kicked her in the gut! yes!!!! score! and all of the sudden out of nowhere i heard the pitter patter of my dreamy fiance's paws coming to my rescue...... i hope

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