The Twilight Saga

I heard the siren sound,
and the momentseemed
to near stop.
We had just finished
our cherry pies for dessert.
My daughter was adorable
with red, gelatinous lips.
I said baby... let's sit and snuggle,
I sure could use a hug.
So we climbed into the recliner
and she laughed at Disney's "Flubber".
I could not take my eyes from her.
I wanted to cry and knew I should not.
I said baby... I love you always
and squeezed her ever so tight.
And then I saw the flash of light
and knew the end was near...
So I reached and grabbed her for dear life,
ans said baby... onhe more goodnight
kiss forevermore.

***// NEWS FLASH //***
The nuclear plant at Three Milen Island near Harrisburg. Pennsylvania explaoded
tonight at 7:23 pm EST. Report were flooding in that the explosion could be flet
as far south as Richmond, Va and as far west as Columbus, OH, There has
been no offical statement at this time. The extent of the damage will not avaible
until the cloud dissipates, which has been approximated at 3-5 days.

The number of casualities may never be know due to the incineration effect
of the explosion. We will continue to follow this story as reports
become avalible... AP wireseverice// 7:35 pm EST... no more follows- END

quiddity (c) 9/29/99

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