The Twilight Saga

"In these promises broken
Deep below
Each word gets lost in the echo
This time I finally let you
Go, go, go"

No, no, no
I can't let you slip.
I don't have enough self-restraint
To finally see that you
Are beyond my touch.

No, no, no
The promises can't be annihlated,
You said you wouldn't let them.
You said you would be here when
The tough times come.

No, no, no
The echos still ring in
The silence
It is its' own ripple.
Still my heart is crippled.
The knife dropped right in
It was suppose to fuse.
But it didn't because it was,

Red, red, red.
Bouncing off the base,
It comes back.
This time in the trachea
Taking possession of the
Random string of profanity.
I would choke-

Out, out, out
I force the memories.
Outline the dreams with chalk.
Then watch the flames flicker,
Devouring them into non-existence.

No, no, no
I'm by no means ready to remember.
Remember to forget.
Yet I leave scorched pieces just to not feel

Broken, broken, broken.

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Tags: Death, Lost, Poem


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