The Twilight Saga

This... This beautiful piece is for my dear late friend... If only he could read these...

Will you help me to forget?
Help me by coming back, will you?
All I ever want to forget was that one moment
When you went away...

I had to hide my pain
Hide you my tears
And smile
Letting people know
That, yes I'm fine, how are you?
What I really want to say is
Yes, I'm lying, but what would you do in my place?
Would you, mam, would you smile like it's all
Fine? Like it doesn't kill your heart?
Would you, mam, would you like to lie and talk
When all you want to do is crawl in a corner
Of your room and revisit those memories.

The memories that make you smile and cry at the
Same time? Make it feel like something is missing at the same time.

I want to go back to that time
Where you said, "If only you see yourself as I do"
And I joked back "What's so special about me that I have to look at myself in your eyes?
You said something I could never tell a soul.
And now I have something big in my heart- a broken hole.

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