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This is probably one of the darkest things I've written, I usually don't go this dark. It actually started talking about dreams and then it just...ran. :)

It’s so real, you want to run away
It’s so real you want to scream
Forced to keep shut, because there is no voice left.

So real, you want to cry, but no fluid is there.
So real, that you don’t know what to feel.
Forced, you feel everything at once

Left there just to bleed…
To pray for your safety, useless
To scream, when they know you have nothing left.

There are no for walls to defend you
No safe corner to hide in
While you (uselessly) try and try to protect yourself
They just keep coming at you
Laughing at your pain, mocking you.

Finally, they leave you
To smell your own blood
To pray for the last time
Not even feeling pity
They leave you dying.

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