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This is about a character, Lena, in a book called Beautiful Chaos. 3rd of the amazing series The Beautiful Creatures!! So you kinda have to know about them to truly understand this. 

She leaned against him in the wind
That she created
In the middle of

Route 9.
The tips of her hair curled up
Like they were snakes of Medusa’s head.

A smile appeared on her face
Knowing she was causing the thunder that struck the land
The smile seemed evil, but It wasn’t it couldn’t be

How could it be the smile be evil, when she was
Happy as she could be? It couldn’t
She got everything she wanted- freedom

Yes, she was still bounded by the chains of
Light and Dark- green and yellow
But everyone’s bounded by something or another.

Can evil be her happiness? Surly not!
She was meant to be Light- peaceful
She still was

All among the chaos, she was
Happy where she was. In the
Arms of the source of her happiness.

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