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"Clink!" All six pieces crashed,

Hollers rung out in the air

As he threw his victory

In his little brothers and sister's face.

Their mother hugged them

When the shed fake tears.

Clutching to the sympathy.

Mischievously grinning, hearing

Their older brother being

Scolded to death.

He made a face at the ground

Whispering empty apologies.

He let them win the next round.

Of their made up game with a grimace.

He'd always desired winning;

He'd always be pleased by the

Adrenaline. Like it made a

Difference when he'd lose at big combats.

They loved irritating him, then

Getting revenge when he did.

Now, they all were young adults,

Eyes glinting with real tears.

Watching their older brother

Leaving for soldiery.

Convincing themselves he would come

Back. He wouldn't. Not even after

Waiting years. They let their

Tears fall. After getting the letter.

Memories still enveloped him

As the bullets shot around.

Spine-tingling. It was

Along with death defying.

He took one to the shoulder.

Stumbling back, his eyes focus

On the sky, reminding him the silly

Stories his sister would come up with.

Another to his stomach.

A gasp escaped his lungs.

Instead of his own thug,

He heard their little laughs.   

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Tags: Death, Family, Poem


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