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My name is Kylee Cabot, im half human half vampire. I used live in Gahenna, Ohio. This is a very small town population: 1,967 people. The name Gahenna means hell in Greek. I live with my best friends Luna, Lydia,Jeremy, Mia and Will. I was born with gifts i never thought existed. I never chose who was but then again we dont huh? Anyways this is my story! In 1991 i was born but i stopped growing at sixteen. This story which i tell is Then Half-breed Revolution, and about how we took down the Volturi in later terms.

We first used a tatic to find ohers like us and we found one Renesmee Cullen. She was kind to me when we first met. Her father Edward Cullen wouldnt let her speak to me so we moved on Later we found more of us we made an army together the battle has been won but the war is starting up as we speak. 3 Basic concepts when your us: 1. be stealthy strong and 3. dont die! So in that note let it begin

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Tags: Biography, Fantasy, Humans, Story, Vampires, Volturi, War, fiction


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