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Alright so, i need a little bit of help with something an di think sence most of u are in love with the twilight series than i thought u would be the best help i can find. So im writing this thing for my french class and its all about why ppl love the twilight series and why it has become so popular. Im not alloud giving my own popion so i need u guys to tell me what u love about this addictive series.

So if u can, write me back, i would apreciate it a lot

thanks so much

Audrey H.

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Comment by Audrey Henerson on June 1, 2010 at 11:48am
Thanks! thats gonna help me ALOT! do u mind if i put this in my project? it would really help me to have an oppinion from someone else... :D
Comment by Bloom cha on May 31, 2010 at 9:05pm
Well.... for me, Twilight just soothes me. i mean the characters appeal alot to me. To tell u the truth, i actually learned life morals about love, in a way. I can relate to the characters depending on their situations. But i think the reason why Twilight has become so popular is because of what the stories create. Like somewhere in the book, the mood will be very tense or sad or happy. but i think for others(such as my other friend), it's how the book or the movie describes the characters. For example, Edward, many ppls go for him cause of his looks/personality. For Jacob, it's mainly his physical features.

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