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Prolog : The Last of the Lone wolf pack


Time was of the essence. I sliped down the dark ally, quickening my pace, a soft snow begining to fall. I knew that though I could'nt hear anything, that ment little when dealing with vampires. It had been years sence vampires had changed any of the Quliute kids into wolves, and to be strait, being the first one in 24 years was damn frightening. It wouldent be so bad, but the " good" vampires, The Cullens, had left 21 years ago, and were definetly not back yet.
I rounded around another dark Seattle corner, not worrying that it was pitch black, because my eyes saw the looming shadows as if it were noon. I wished I could use my wolf form, but there was no way I could change yet, or my little leach fallower would know what I was.
This whole secrity thing was starting to get on my nerves, but the elders said it would doom the whole pack if normal humans were to find out. Ha, it semed like ages ago the last time I got to be normal, but I guess that life is life, and you cant change that without death, and with the Quliute tribe in troubble due to the bloodsuckers, I had no time to think of going suicidal.
I took a sharp breath through my nose, and instantly regretted it. Ugh, how could bloodsuckers smell good to humans. It felt like someone had poured bleach into my nose and left it to erode the inside of me. I spat on the icy ground, and continued down the street.
I felt stared on my bear back, and knew that the others passing by me on the street would be curious at how i could stand to walk in the icy cold weather with only a cut off pair of slacks as I loped down the pathway. I was never cold anymore, due to my toasty warm werewolf temperature of 109 degrees farenhight.
There are alot of cool things about being a werewolf, even though I gripe alot. We heal at a supersonic rate, which is pretty awesome, since werewolves tend damage each other alot in scuffles, because we have really bad anger issues ,well, when were young atleast. Also, when were in wolf form, you could'nt believe the speed we can reach. it feels like flying, like it sets us free sort of. Most of the werewolves of the past thought being a werewolf shapeshifter was a burden, like they were trapped within their secret, because they were deprived of a normal life, and I agree with them, for the most part.
A white Silhouette fallowed me, leaping from building to building on the rooftops. Could the humans not see him? How could they stand in the same room as one of those bloodsuckers and not feal the presence of their evilness. They were the living dead for crying out loud, yet normal humans even admired their false beauty. Ugh, just the thought of it made me sick.
I was glad I was in controll of myself, because i wanted to morph and tackle him off the building right now, and that would give me away for shure.
I was in a lose lose situation. I could'nt take on a coven of vamps by myself, no matter how much i wanted too. I was the only werewolf now, a lone wolf i guess you could say. I needed Jacob Black, teh former Alpha of the Quliute, but he was whos knows where, because he had left with the cullens21 years ago, because he had imprinted on Edward and Bella cullen's half human, half vampire daughter, Renesme. He , as well as Seth and Leah Clearwater ( the his most bonded pack members) had fallowed the Cullens when the had to move on, due to the fact that None of the strange vampires were not aging, just like most other immortals.
I wondered when.. A wave of nausia hit me like a truck. I remembered the fear and pain of morphing for the first time, and it made me want to cry. I had 5 children and my Wife at home, and teh children were probibly going to have to fa e the same thing as i did just a few months ago. My Lupa was almost old enough to morph for the first time, as she was at age 15 and possibly were the twins, Summer and Kim, who were both 13. I knew it was too late for Luke, Sam and Emily Uley's 17 year old son, who was already going through a growthspret. He would join me as a wolf in just a few weeks, at most a month..
The strangest thing in "werewolf" history had happened a few years back, even though werewolves only had a short history to begin with. Sam Uley had taken over the pack when Jacob left, as he had been alpha before jacob morphed for the first time. The pack for an unknown reson had all lost their wolf form at age 30, and had never been able to change into their spirit wolf again. Apparently, it didnt stop the genes from passing on though.
Lost in thought, I darted into the shadows, all to aware of the terrible ,sickly sweet smell and the pale figure out of my vision who crept along the unlit path behind me. The snow layered the ground, and cold wind buffeted aginst my chest, thought it didnt bother me. Fianlly, there were no more people on the sidewalk, and the dark ,looming shadows of the forrest spread out before me I lept gratefully into the darkness , phasing mid stride and bursting into the deep, woodsy smell.

Fallowing the bloodsucker's sent into their forest base, i continued into the shadowy depths. I could hear the quiet rush of the vamp behind me, but I didnt turn, just pressing myself faster. If i let him catch up, he would be on my back in an instant and crush my huge skull in his pasty white hands. I stoped when a huge dark rock spread out before me, and the smell of leaches was overpowering.
I pressed my back to the wall, looking warrily around. It was like a meadow, but a huge rock with a huge hole carved into its side, as if it were a sculpture rather than a shadowy leach hideout.
Out of the woods came my fallower. She had long black curls, and olive toned skin. Her eyes, to my surprise, were a dull hazle, and to my greater surprise, I was intranced by her pure beauty. She had a small build, and a lithle but gracefull stride as she steped twards me, the giant timberwolf with the coal black eyes.
I semi snapped out of my intrancement when 3 other vampires emerged from the forest.
Two others were both girls, had brown eyes, and their dark hair was the same as the entrancing hazel eyed ones.
The last has shiny black hair, and off gold colored eyes. I knew the cullens had changing color eyes, but this gold seemed darker than the long ago memories I had, and I was sure these eyes were diffrent in some way. His smile , wich was off friendly by a little, was twitching with curiosily at the sides of his mouth in what appeared to be exitement, like he was about to find out a grate mystery that had eluded him for a long time.
"Hello," he said in a loud, strong voice, who sounded like a sargent who had taken very good singing lessons. How strange, I'd never heard anything like it. "My name is Joham, and these are my daughters, Sarana (sar-ah-nuhae) Ila (i-la) , and Murachi (mur-ah-chi). We were curious about the locals here, and word had it that the Cullens had stoped by to visit..." he trailed off, because my head had turned to watch Murachi, the hazel eyed vampire.
It seemed like had a magnetic pull to attract my atention. It felt strange even to me, but i was fairly shure, and hoped i was right, that i had not imprinted on the odd vampire. I still felt like a pull to the ground beneath me, but it was like i was studying a white canvas where she was the only thing painted on it ; she was the only thing there drawing my atention.
The fallowing events happened so fast I could'nt remember half of this bad memory.
Joham blinked, and his eyes went from the off gold to red. Relization hit me at that moment ; he had colored contacts in, and his venom had killed his chirade. seming to realize, he and the vampire girls jumped at me. I had enough time to pin Joham in an instant, and the girls were about to kill me when he cried out, because my teeth were a his neck, and in my pouch there was a lighter.
"noone come any closer" he half yelped, half weased as I shook my head alittle. Murachi leaned twards me, and i was about to leap away, when her sweet breath washed over me, and in a daze, I forgot what I was doing. She reached over, pried Joham out of my teeth, and shoved me over out of her way, and her father straitened up, and she turned back to me once again. I obeyed her wishes as if I were her pet, and that was down right stupid, but I could'nt move to defend myself.
She reached into her pocket, and I noticed she was wearing a pale blue sundress, with intricate designs all over it, in the shapes of old trees, the moon, and alot of sparkles. She pulled out a green crystal on a leather rope, and hung it around my neck. I staggered and droped to my knees, my head bowing to her feet. Joham came over and bit into my neck, and a wild pain spread through me like I was on fire.
I returned to my human form, on my hands and knees, my head hanging, and i let out a howl of pain, but no-one but my tormentors could hear me scream. I wondered how i wasnt dead yet, because Vampire venom was toxic to us, but I was busy as I colapsed into a twitching heap onto the floor.
A soft, musical voice made itself clear through my howls of pain. " did I do well father?" it asked, sounding corious and excited at the same time.
" Excellent, my dear. Your tallent comes in handy more often than it hinders, as usual," Joham's voice drifted over my screech of agony. I opened my eyes a little to look up at the figure towering before me. He had a long silver sword in his hand, and was looking down at me.

" do you think your experiment will work father, or will it die like the last one?" another soft, appealing voice asked.
" the stone should keep this one alive. the other one was a defect anyways. It had a glitch in its nature , and would have died without the venom. I just helped the poor, sorry creature out." he responded.
" Im sure your right ,father" the girl I assumed to be Murachi said cheerfully " you always get your mutants some how"
That was when I passed out.

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Comment by TeamEdward1918 on April 1, 2009 at 5:10pm
Comment by Moon on March 30, 2009 at 7:17pm
wow, plain wow. So you are pretty much writing about a werewolf turning into a vampire? I think that is really kewl. I would of never thought of that!
Comment by TeamEdward1918 on March 30, 2009 at 5:38pm
um, ok cool
Comment by Ariel_s2 on March 30, 2009 at 2:31pm

Comment by TeamEdward1918 on March 29, 2009 at 7:13pm
i intend to start writing as soon as i have time and an idea. I have part of an idea, but i am still trying to think of a way to work it into the story
Comment by TeamEdward1918 on March 29, 2009 at 7:12pm
thank u
Comment by Hollywood7295 on March 28, 2009 at 5:57pm
Geeze that was really really good. :) :)
Comment by TeamEdward1918 on March 26, 2009 at 4:56pm
Comment by Abby™ on March 25, 2009 at 7:32pm
Thats awesome!
Comment by Rachael Mary on March 25, 2009 at 7:17pm
WOW that was REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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