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Quizz Time, Are You Really A Twilight Fan? Answer these and I will score. I will write the points you need for the Q. Kk

  1. How many Cullen's are in Breaking Dawn?
    10 points
  2. Who is Nessy?
    9 points
  3. Who give's Nessy that name?
    9 points
  4. In New Moon, why does Edward think Bella is dead? -2 reasons-
    15 points
  5. In Twilight, who bite's Bella?
    5 points
  6. What color are Bella's eye's in Breaking Dawn, once she has been "changed"?
    10 points
  7. In Eclipse, who does Bella kiss?
    10 points
  8. How does the Cullen's beat the New Born Army in Eclipse?
    11 points
  9. What does Bella fall off, in New Moon?
    2 points
  10. Finish this quote "So The Lamb Fell In Love With Lion _ _ _ _"
    9 points
If you think you can get the right answers and became a TWIHART!!

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Comment by Alyssa Camerino on February 2, 2011 at 10:24pm

1.9 but if you consider the extended part of the family then 14 that including garret and excluding irina.

2.edward and bella's daughter that is a half-vampire-half-human

3.who else? . . . jacob

4.1st. alice saw (had a vision that) bella jump off a clif, then alice told rosalie then rosalie told edward assuming bella did it out of suicide.2nd.when edward called bella's home jacob picked up the phone and told him that charlie's at the funeral.

5. james, on her wrist

6.crimson red

7.depends there was alot of making out in eclipse book and movie

8.with the help of the la push pack

9.a clif in the la push reservation/beach the lion fell in love with the lamb,what a stupid lamb. . . what a sick masochistic lion

Comment by Miss Nessie Black on December 5, 2010 at 10:40pm
1. 9
2. bella and edwards daughters
3. jacob
4. a- rosaiie told him about seeing bella jump off a cliff
b- jacob said charlie was at a funeral.
5. james
6. red
7. jacob
8. with the help of the werewolves
9. a motorcycle
10.what a stupid lamb
Comment by BreakingDawnLova on December 4, 2010 at 10:52am
To Forks,
Thanks for taking the QUIZ! Your awesome. Your total score was 65.

You didn't answer one question and you got one question wrong.

The one you didn't answer was " So The Lamb Fell In Love With The Lamb, 'What A Stupid Lamb'."

And to the one you got wrong was, "What Does Bella Fall Off, In New Moon?"
You said "A Cliff", but in fact she fell off a motor bike, while she was with Jacob, she jumped off the cliff.

Well done, thank you again.

Hope you will follow more of my Quizzes.

Thank you.

Comment by Forks on December 4, 2010 at 8:55am
1. 9
2. Edward's and Bella's child
3. Jacob
4. Because Alice thought so, Rosalie told him and because Jacob said that Charlie went to the funeral
5. James
6. Red
7. Jacob
8. With werewolves
9. A cliff
10. I don't know, I have to check
Comment by Hans.David.Chang on December 4, 2010 at 5:48am
sort of easy

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