The Twilight Saga

Random Made up story. Leave a comment on what the tiitle should be and if i should continue it.

Chapter 1

One day the Martin family was watching the news. The only noise that was there was the howl of the wind and the low hum of the television. Mandy Sims, the weather reporter, was pointing to my city.
"And here you see the city the blizzard is going to hit. Any tips Tim?" Mandy said as she turned to the News reporterTim Moore.
"Yes Mandy. Actually Citizens I want you to head out and buy blankets. Store food. Ummmm Get clothes ready. Bundle up! This is going to be the blizzard of the century. I wish you guys the best of luck . Oh and if you have a basement I highly suggest you go down there!" Tim said
"Ok. Thanks Tim."
"No problem"
"Alright now to you Jeff with the News."
"Thanks Mandy. Alright and with the lastest Gang Action. Well they robbed the bank and shot at 4 citizens. Police officals are on their way to..." Jeff said and at that moment Bobby, my dad, hit "mute" on the remote. My mom started to hypervenilate.
"Mom. Chill" I whispered to her. Understanding while she was freaking out. I mean who wouldn't freak out when there's a gigantic blizard coming and who have 3 kids that are 19, 12, and 1. With me being the 19 year old. Oh I forgot to mention my name. I'm Adrine Martin. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was born some where in Northern Indiana. Not sure where really. My parents, Maryanne and Bobby, never told me. They just said, 'It's not inportant now, Adrine.' I hate it when they lie to me.
I headed upstairs to my laptop. With my dog, Lilly, close behind. My cat, Milo, was lying across my bed. I sat down and opened myy laptop. It was on. Yet I hadn't touched it all day. Someone had been on it.

Chapter 2 coming soon.....

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