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When life gives you lemons.... you make a sour face and do your best to hold back the tears because if you given to your weakness and let your fear control you, you will never get anywhere in life. Never accomplish a thing. Never be successful, and those are all things I plan to do and I refuse to let people's ignorance and arrogance get in the way of that anymore. I'm going to live my life and do as I want. I'm done pleasing everyone but myself. I owe it to myself to let myself be happy for a bit. I at least deserve to be able to honestly smile for once in my life and forget bout all the other horrible crap that is happening.... don't I?


....So much wasted... I worked so hard and in return the one i love got taken away. I knew it was wrong but I was trying to help. I thought it would lead to better and brighter things. A future. I have never been more wrong. If only I could undo it all... Relive what happened but make it right this time... Instead of this... Who knew it could end like this?


.... Amazing how happiness can slip away in the blink of an eye.... It can't be true..


Life truly does suck, and then you die..... Where's death when you want it?


If you lose yourself in this world then you have offically lost it all. Then you have nothing left to fight for. No fight to be fought for that matter...


My life is those who I care about, not my own survival... Why does no one understand that?


It's finnally been done. My life is offically ruined. It's over, it's all over... but I still have her, so maybe, just maybe, it's not all over just yet...


Do I even matter anymore? To anyone? There must be someone who I matter to... mustn't there? There has to be because I don't know what I'll do if there's not...


...The worst part of it all is that I don't even know who I am anymore. What has become of me? I've let this... this monster overpower me and control me and I'm fighting it with every last fiber of my being yet I'm still losing. With all I have in me I've willed it away but it just won't go... Maybe this is just a battle I cannot win. The odds are already against me, why fight them?

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