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When I was born God sighed with relief and said, "At last, something to scare the devil with!' in that mood, No one will know what I'm going to do... Oh.. just got a telegram from the devil...please stay in bed... TO LATE late.
My goal in life is every time I get out of bed and place my feet on the floor the devil will shudder and say "sh**, she's up."
I'm sorry the devil was fired and I'm his replacement! I will now be taking numbers 4 a right hand man to handle day-to-day operations while I am causing havoc
The angel from my shoulder is MIA and the devil won't stop laughing. O.O Can only mean one thing... It's going to be an awesome day!!!
omg a rainbow unicorn is flying around with my ninja monkeys while my glittery gummy bears are playing pool with my sour patch kids!
Having a conversation with my best friend then realising after that if anyone heard us we'd be put in a mental hospital :D x
ya know how there are those signs "no service"? WELL THEY NEVER SAID A THING ABOUT PANTS (evil grin)
very bored I have always wondered what my last words would be. Probably, "Ooooo, I wonder what this button does?"

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