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read "..Bree Tanner" and Loved it!!

Dear Stephenie,

I picked up "The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner" yesterday and didnt put it down till I finished it.

It was GREAT!! I really enjoyed getting to know Bree and found a new feeling of lost at her tragic end (and Diegos). Oh how I wish she went with Fred but understand why she couldnt. What really surprised me was how this book changed "Eclipse" for me. The newborn were just a faceless horde of bad guys and I thought of Riley as a victim of Victoria's false love and lied to like the rest. Now I relish his defeat as much as Victorias..... ah Justice!!!

Bravo on another excellent book !!!!!!!

I hope the muses, dreams and inspiration keeps flowing to bring us more Twilight books as long as you happen to find enjoyment doing them.

Thank you from all your fans!!!! your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Comment by michelle rox on June 7, 2010 at 7:05am
me too... but I have the feeling she wont. I dont think her heart is in it anymore after it got stolen. which is so sad because it is one of my favorites!!! I would love to see Eclipse done from Edwards point of view too. but I imagine that she will stop writing Twilight soon and want to move on. which will be sad but Im sure she will wow us with something new. I hear she is writing something about mermaids now. and maybe someday she will come back and complete Midnight Sun later in life if she can or write another book about the wolfs & Leah, the Voluti, or Renesme & Jacob. we can hope, as Im sure all her true die hard Twilight fans do.
Comment by Jessica on June 7, 2010 at 2:53am
i totally agree with you.
I also got the book yesterday and i finished in a couple of hours.
Stephenie meyer can write! I love her so much and i really hope she can finish Midnight Sun!

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