The Twilight Saga

First, In order to be in these covens, you have to become part of The Real® Family so you have to have our name on the front of your name whatever character that may be...

2.We do not accept users who insist on having a private profile (there for before applying take your profile off of private)

3.You need to know your character as best you can with the information available about them from the books or Wikipedia and provide us with an example of such: small synopsis of your character’s existence and personality (please don’t copy paste, I will be checking for that)(this is mandatory you must provide an example of your character knowledge)

*CLICK HERE to Learn about these characters in more detail*

4.YOU need to be ONLINE often, if you know you won’t be online for 2 days or more you must notify me via comment email i won't count on you showing up for chat... 5.I need your age... (Please don’t lie about this; I am a very good judge of character, and when i do figure it out that your lying about it you will be removed from the family instantly)
6.We are a close family, and we don't keep random-addict teens...that means blurting stuff out at 100X per minute made up of senseless conversation....(here and there anyone can be funny doing that but for hours on end is just plain annoying)

7.We respect each other, and expect the same in return...This is just not some twilight fan family to us...We are friends...

8.I own our chat room and if you are rude(Out Of Character) for no reason to validate it I might kick you out of the chat room, in that case you must agree to remove my family name from your title...

I know this seems overly cautious but, trust me I’ve been through this and this is the best way to get it out in the open... Please reply in an email ONLY with your answers and agreement to TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE rules… (i am in no rush to fill these parts and i want it to be a fun experience for everyone so that is the reason for such extremities) (we have had a lot of people try to get in our chat room, why who i have no choice but to be very careful with the selection in this case and in the best interest of our family.)

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