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reading about the person in a book is sometimes like looking at your reflextion

Hi every one
I just got to chapter 12 of new moon and while i'm reading about poor Bella i couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
I remember first love and passing true the same state of depresion. It was hard geting to school or even getting out of bed. and reading this book has made me see what i realy felt like during those dificult day's.
But still i have a feeling in this story might have a happy ending for Bella.But for me i sometimes think that destiny was made for me to suffer.People around me say time can heal all wounds and what doesen't kill you makes you stronger.But that doesen't for the hole you would have to cary around in your chest.And not to mention the panick atacts that would rush over when you see them or hear ther voices in the distance.And like Bella you would have to find something to take time away from you thinking of that person or tring to relive your memories of that person.

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