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ok so now i have this page what do i do?what do i write about?why on earth would any one want to read my thoughts?and then i thougt about it..cuz i am different and there are bound to be other people out there like me.(i hope)so i am pagan/druid and i have come across the twilight books and as i have read twilight and saw the movie and now i am reading new moon(i already saw the movie and i can wait to start the book.but i have read a lot of people talking about people whom think that vampires are real are crazy but i did some homework and googled vampires and got a looooong list of web sites on as i am what i am an not what iam not...i can say yet i think that they are the question is am i crazy or what?i have seen a lot of freaky thing in my 20 years and i can say with no question in my mind that yes they are real and the work and go to school and they could be your neighors or any thing...just becausse some people dont want then to be real and exist does not mean they again i ask ami crazy or what?

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