The Twilight Saga

Reasons you know your Husband loves you

1) He knows all the words to the Twilight Saga movies

2) He bought me a Twilight movie inspired bookmark so I won't lose track of my place in this romantic book saga

3) He bought me another Twilight bookmark after my new kitten ran away with the first one

4) I woke one morning to a framed movie poster of Edward looking at me (used thumbtacks to keep quiet while I slept)

5) He asks me questions while I read because he knows I can talk endlessly about vampire/human/wolf dating rules

6) When I finish speaking about Twilight he says "Go on..." because we both know I was just being polite about ending the conversation the first time

7) Before viewing the Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer part 1 he put the TV on mute AND cell phone on mute

8) After viewing BD movie trailer, he pauses and waits until I look at him and he gives me the look that says "we both know your going to hit play again, what are you waiting for?" without being smug and without saying a word

9) He thinks its neat that I am able to write my ideas out about books, even if it is Twilight

10) Deep down he could care less about the mass hysteria which is Twilight. But he knows that I am one of the world's biggest book nerds and the fact that these books sprang to life and I am able to indulge myself into a book fantasy world, is just too fun for words.

11) He mentally prepares himself for Mylah's "Book time" and if the book is exciting to me on any level he knows he's about to get fully ignored until the book(s) is/are finished... If the book becomes a movie... he's prepared to hear the book/movie differences all the way home.... If there is a socially accepted COMPLETELY dorky website where you can post all your thoughts about the books/movies... he's just glad I'm not a Trekkie :) (I love you Ryan)  

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