The Twilight Saga

Red Sky (Renesme's Story) Chapter Two

I kept running, I didn't realize how far Jacob was. As I ran, I heard Jacob calling my name. Each second I heard him calling, I got closer to him each time. Then when I thought I was just about there, someone grabbed my waist and hugged me close.

"Nessie! Your back, I missed you so much. How was your vacation?" Jacob asked, as he gazed into my eyes.

"I was gone only for two weeks." I slowly released his hands off my waist. His smile turned into a smirk, fantastic now he was going to give me a huge disscusion of how he can't hold my waist. My answer always is, 'Jacob I see you as my best friend, not something else.'

"Nessie, why do you do that?"

"Um, actually for many reasons Jacob,"


"Okay Jake, I see you as my best friend, you should look for girls you age or something." That was the worse excuse ever, but I coudn't think of any other excuse.

"Nessie, you are only two years younger than me." Jacob started to laugh. It sounded like he was crying too.

"Actually if I was normal I would be only three years old. I'm not normal, I'm a freak," Jacob laughs slowly became a low growl. Excellent! The wrath of Jacob. "Jacob calm down I didn't mean it."

"!" Jacob gritted his teeth togeather.

"Jacob, I'm, I'm going to cry." I put my hands over my face, trying to lurer him into my little trick.

"Seriously, you are going to cry?" I peeked through my hands, his breathing started to get slower.

"Yes I'm dead serious I'm about to cry." I moaned, just as I thought my trick would work, a loud laugh came from Jacob. I took my hands off my face and smiled as I saw Jacob come and give me a hard hug.

"You are a horrible actress Nessie."

"Thank you so much, and I think your pack is coming." I pointed to the driection that I heard the wolf pack coming from.

"Great, I haven't been able to talk to you that much." He started to release me from his hug. I started to losen his grip.

"Do you have to shift into your wolf-" It was already to late when I saw a huge red- brown wolf in front of me. Jacob looked at me with his huge eyes. I heard a low laugh in his throat. I looked around and saw the wolf pack come one wolf at a time. First was Sam, he couldn't be missed, his wolf was jet black. Then was Paul, his gray coat shook as he took long strides trying to show off. After Paul was Quil and Embry. They booth looked at me, looking like they were trying to say hi. Then there was Seth and Leah. Of all the vampires there were in Washington, Leah liked me. She actually sometimes calls my house just to talk to me.

"Hey everyone, why can't you just be in your human forms," Sam huffed, and Paul sounded like he was laughing hard in his throat. "Jacob, I'll let you go, it sounds like you all need to talk." I looked at Leah, she nodded. Jacob nudged his huge heah into my shoulder, then Sam ran off into the woods. Jacob when after him, and looked back.

"I'll talk to you later Jacob." I waved my hand and took off running home. It was time to go see my family.

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Comment by Mary Alice Brandon on August 24, 2010 at 8:57pm
I like it a lot!!!!! Keep Writing please!!!
Comment by AlanaSoriaFlores on August 24, 2010 at 8:27pm
You should become a author

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