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-Chapter 1: Cullen Mornings – Nessie’s P.O.V.

“ Wake up, honey. You’ve got a big day ahead of you.”

“ Mom, thirty more minutes please.” Ugh! Carlisle just has to wake me up this early for home school .

I rolled back around and pulled the blanket over my head.

“ You’re not being homeschooled anymore, darling. And Carlisle only did that so you would get used to school more easily.” Said my dad.

It took a second for his words to sink in. - I’m not retarded, just sleepy. - When they did, I was out of bed and rampaging my closet in record time. Speed came effortlessly. Even though I was only half vampire I seemed to have inherited most of the perks.

“ Good Morning.” Said my mother in an offended tone.

I stopped to glance behind me. Both my parents were hovering over my full- sized bed, their heads turned in my direction.

“ Are you going to receive us properly or will you just stand there and stare? By the way, staring isn’t very polite.” Father Joked.

“ Well, peering into other people’s thoughts is not very polite either.” I contradicted as I walked back to them.

“Touche´. Although, that’s beside the point. Are you excited? It’s your first day of highschool.”

“ Why would you need to ask? I’ll bet you already know the answer to that.”

“ The reason I ask is because – even though I cannot hear her thoughts unless she wants me to – your mother is very easy to read. Right now she is so anxious to know your answer that I’m surprised she didn’t assault you with it the second she walked through the door.”

Sure enough, when I turned to my mom, she was practically bouncing in anticipation. I smiled at the way my father looked at her. They had been together for so long that it was as if he could see life through her eyes. Right now he was fairly amused.

“ Mom, your bouncing is making me nervous. I think you’re having an Alice moment. Why don’t you try to calm down? Of course I’m excited. It’s about time you and daddy let me attend. – I know it was for the safety of all of us. I was aging too fast...blah, blah, blah...” I added when my dad sent a glance my way that begged for understanding.

“ Renesmee! Time for your wardrobe check. Ugh! You’re still in your pajamas?! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to pick your clothes out...”

Speak of the devil and she shall appear. Alice was standing by the door, quickly making her way to my closet. Dad stifled a laugh when he read my thoughts. Bella shot him an irritated look. She hated not being in the know, especially when it came to him and I. My attention was diverted from my mom when I heard the sound of a tornado raging free inside my closet.

“ Alice! Something basic and simple. Nothing over the top. Please?” I begged.

Instantly, the chaos was put at bay. She knew I was right and caved in with no more than a few complaints about how I should appreciate her more.

“ Nessie? Come in here. I need to see which outfit looks better on you. Bella, you should start getting dressed. Your clothes are on top of your bed. You’re wearing it, no objections. Edward, just put on something that would make me proud. I’ve lived with you long enough that I can trust you with that, right? Wait. Don’t say anything.”
Alice closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment.
“ Yes, you can handle it. By the way, I love the shoes you picked out. “ She complemented.

“ Only you would use past-tense on something that hasn’t happened yet.” Edward teased.

“ Hurry! Everyone has to be ready in the next 15 minutes to get to school on time. Go!”

“ No need to get pushy, Alice.” My mom said as Alice practically pushed them out the door.

Both of my parents kissed my forehead before they left. When I was alone with Auntie A. she pulled me into my gigantic walk-in closet.
Why was it that every Cullen female had to have a closet that was bigger than their bedroom? I could only think of one answer for that. Alice. You simply couldn’t win when she was on the opposing team.

I ended up wearing my favorite t-shirt. – I practically had to grovel to get Alice to allow it.- It was black with the words ‘ Dazzled’ on the front in silver. I thought it seemed appropriate. ( There would be a lot of that happening today. ) I topped the shirt off with a lavender miniskirt that flared outward everytime I spun around and some black ballet flats. My hair was in it’s usual style, down. My bronze ringlets falling until just above my elbow.
I headed downstairs.Everyone except Carlisle were in the living room. I was still getting used to the new house. After all, we had just bought it a few months ago.
Dad and Grandpa decided that we needed to leave our house in Forks. They said that if we stayed people were going to start getting suspicious. I had never really been anywhere besides Forks and LaPush. I was always at home, Grandpa Charlie’s, the beach, or at one of the wolf’s house. Naturally, I was a bit frightened. I agreed with them anyway because I knew that we would eventually have to move. – Grandpa Carlisle didn’t look a day over 27 and he would have to claim 39 pretty soon.-

I was glad that Esme had tried to make the interior of this new home as close to the old one as possible. Although, the exterior is more of a castle than a mansion. It is bigger than our previous place, courtesy of Alice and Rosalie.
The rooms go accordingly: Alice and Jasper’s, Rosalie and Emmett’s, Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme’s, Mom and Dad’s, Jacob’s, mine, and 3 guest rooms. – for when the pack, Tanya’s family, or friends come to visit.- Jake and I both have rooms in the tower. It was a wonderful view of the West Medical Lake.

I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Jacob was standing by the counter chewing on a Toaster Strudel. From the looks of it he had just started – and finished- the box.

“ Morning, Ness.” He mumbled with his mouth full.

“ Good morning. You didn’t leave me any?” I asked playfully, gesturing to the empty box beside him.

“ Sorry. You should have woken up earlier. It’s not like you would have liked it anyway.” He pointed out.

I opened the oven and found some eggs and bacon on a plate. I sat those on the counter and went for a glass of Mango Juice from the refrigerator. Jacob finished eating and waited for me.

“ Mango Juice, Nessie? Why can’t you like something normal, like Apple Juice or Orange Juice?” He complained, putting emphasis on the word ‘normal’.

“ Look. If you don’t it, you don’t have to watch me drink it. You like grosser things. Like pizza topped with peanut butter and chocolate sauce, for example.” I said while I chewed.

“Hey! That is absolutely delicious.”

“Uh Huh. Whatever you say.” I teased.

When I had finished I washed up and headed back to the living room. Grandma Esme took turns wishing each of us luck and hugging us before we left. When it was my turn I thanked her for making breakfast and she answered with a simple ‘What are grandmas’ for?’ Dad reminded us of the time and we headed out. He, Mom, Jacob, and I took the Volvo and Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett took the Jeep.
Well, here goes nothing. I thought.

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Comment by Mary Alice Brandon Cullen on March 16, 2010 at 12:36pm
omg .. its freaking awesome .. i just cant wait for the rest!!! good job girl
Comment by Lou Jazzel D. Punzalan on March 13, 2010 at 7:21pm
.,wow that's really something!., jake's jealous ehh?.,
.,i think the family discussion will be about jakes stupidity and what they're going to do with Michael Carter.,
Comment by Kristen on March 12, 2010 at 3:37pm
That was a great chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Please continue to keep me updated.
Comment by Sabrina:) on March 12, 2010 at 3:05pm
REALLY GOOD!!!!!! its awesome write more soon!!!!!!!
Comment by Kristen on February 20, 2010 at 5:15pm
This is an awesome story! You did a great job!
p.s. You put chapter 3 before chapter 2.
Comment by sadaf mohtesham on January 28, 2010 at 6:01am
a very good story
keep writing itz awesum..
i love it....
Comment by 92Audie on January 28, 2010 at 1:12am
your story is really good. you should keep on going
Comment by Fire And Ice - RCC on January 24, 2010 at 10:19pm
-Chapter 3 : Am I Selena Gomez or what? - Nessie's POV

5th period went by fast. Our history teacher, Mr. Oaks, taught his subject to the best of his ability. It wasn't his fault that most of the things he said were incorrect. After all, only my family had been present during most of the events.

" Alice, I'll be fine. I think I'm capable of not exposing us for one hour." I said while Auntie A. racked my brain with tips on how to act human.

" I know. Your father told me to remind you and believe me, he'll find out if I didn't do it thoroughly." Alice concluded.

" I always knew Daddy was prone to overreaction. It's just hard to be the one he worries about. You're lucky you're his sister not his daughter." I responded.

" Renesmee, you're being silly. Edward's just looking out for you. It's his job. Plus, he was that way when your mother was human. It's not anything new." Alice stated.

We continued to talk in whispers down the hallway until she stopped at the entrance to the gymnasium.

" Here you are. Your makeshift dance class. I have to admit it's better than gym, but Bella wants both of us to be miserable together. At least Jasper and Edward have the same gym period as we do. Perhaps Bells won't pay any attention to me so I can spend some time with Jazz. Have a good time." She commented before her eyes glazed over. When her vision was over she smiled brilliantly.
" Oh! And Nessie? Your dance is going to be perfect! It's one of my favorites." Then she turned on her heel and disappeared down the corner.

I went into the locker room to dress out. When I had my sweat pants and spaghetti strap shirt -that had a donkey in between the words 'dance your' and 'off.' - I walked to the entrance of the gym where everyone was waiting for the teacher to arrive, took a deep breath and walked gracefully to the bleachers. I was met by a pair of beautiful hazel eyes and messy black hair.

" Hello. My name is Michael Carter. You must be Renesmee Cullen."

" N-Nessie." I responded automatically. O..M...G!!!!!

* * * * * * *

"Now to the left...." Said our instructor Mrs.Williams as we did our stretches before we started dancing.

I was kind of disappointed that she walked in on time for class. Not because I didn't want to begin, but because I never got farther from a first name basis with the currently mysterious Michael Carter. I hadn't had a chance to speak with him again yet. I continued my sulky mindless banter during all of the stretches. I was so glad that Edward was not here or else who knows what kind of reaction he would have. I have never experienced these emotions this strongly before. They were a strange mix between anxiety, shyness, and curiosity. I wonder what they could mean, and I was afraid that I already knew the answer. I couldn't possibly have a crush on him...could I? Impossible.

" For extra credit: Who can preform the dance that was in the pamphlet you were given to learn for this class? Anyone?" Mrs.Williams beseeched.

What was that dance again?... Oh yeah. Just That Girl by Drew Seeley from the movie Another Cinderella Story. It was a pretty old movie. I think Selena Gomez is about 21 now. I still remember watching that movie on Disney Channel with Aunt Rose. So, naturally I had learned all the dances off it for fun when I was little. I recalled them with perfect clarity still.

" I will." I said in perfect synchronization with an angelic male voice. I turned to see who it was.

" Wonderful! A pair! Let's hope you do a good job. Please say your names before you preform." Replied Mrs.Williams happily.

I stood up and walked towards the middle of the gym with Mr.Mysterious following close behind me.

" I hope you don't make us look bad Nessie." He said when we were positioned at our places.

" Pft! I could dance circles around you. There's no way I'm going to make us look bad. If we get laughed at it will be your fault." I teased.

He took off his cobra starship hoodie exposing a navy blue T-Shirt that hugged his muscles perfectly. It combined well with his basketball shorts. I think even Aunt Alice and Rose would approve. I did a double take. He smirked and commented on my pretend insult.

" You're on. I bet I can do a better job than you." He challenged.

" Oh really? Okay. I'll take your bet, but what's the reward?" I questioned.

" If I win, I get to walk you to your classes for the rest of the week. and if you win..."

" You have to parade around the school in your boxers." I finished.

"Alright. Let's do this." He concluded.

The music came on and our dance began.

I hadn't known what to expect when Michael challenged me to the dance off, but it definitely wasn't this. I suppose I had thought that with being a vamp I could get a better chance at winning since I had unnatural grace and agility. If I didn't know any better I would have said Michael was special too. I mean, there's no way that could be possible right? Silly me, I must be over-thinking things.

We preformed all the choreography with ease. It was a bit different than the original piece because there wasn't a one way mirror at our disposal or many people for Michael to pretend to teach. We made the original dance into a duo so I was his partner and we free-styled when in the movie Drew Seeley had a girl "grinding up on him". I had to secretly admit that I was a bit pleased by that arrangement.

" ...It's almost like I can see her..She's just that girl....."

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.-one.... I reminded myself.

The music kept playing and I continued counting the beats and steps
Slide..five..roll over....eight..step out...Oh my gosh I can feel him breathing on my back..... one.Turn around slowly...Wow I love his eyes. It seems like they never end. It kind of reminds me of Forks and the ever-growing trees, That color. Mossy forest green. Beautiful. He's looking at me. I'm not familiar with this look. Yet, I know i've seen it before. It seems like-like..longing?.. Like a desire to have what you're not allowed to.....Where have I seen that look before?

Contemplating my new issue, It slipped my mind that I was supposed to be counting time. So when Michael pulled away abruptly, as the choreography instructed, I lost my balance. It seems ironic that I would have perfect grace when it matters least and when I am not paying attention, I end up falling on my face. Ironic or not, that's exactly what happened. As soon as Michael pulled away I came toppling forward. To make matters worse, when I stood up and took my place beside him my cheeks were blazing tomato red.

Of all the times I could have sporadically decided to embrace my mothers' side of my genetics, why did it have to be now?!? I thought

I tried hard to regain my confidence and determination, but everytime I looked at Michael I remembered that I had embarrassed myself in front of him. I kept on messing up. - not too badly, just subtly- I could tell that he knew though. His head shook slightly, his eyebrows puckered softly, he flinched, that kind of stuff. Only, no matter what he did or acknowlaged, he never messed up.

Eventually, the dance was finished and I was completely flabbergasted on the outcome. We turned towards the class and all of them were amazed. -even the instructor. - I suppose they didn't notice the minor mistakes I made. Although, I'm pretty sure they saw me fall on my face. We went back to our spots on the bleachers and got our things ready for 7th period. When I had everything packed, I reluctantly turned towards Michael.

" So, I guess you won fair and square. " I said.

" No you should have won seemed you got a little distracted." He admitted with a knowing smirk.

THAT LITTLE....Crap! he's saying something....

"Anyway, what's your next class?"

" Huh? Oh! Um...Algebra 2. I think it's room 325." I corrected.

" So you're a Sophomore? I always thought you were a Freshman." He stated.

" No, I am a freshman. I'm just a smart Freshman. " I corrected.

" I'm...confused. How'd that happen? Why not just move you up a grade?" I stifled my laughter at his bewildered expression.

" Well, I've been homeschooled most of my life. This is actually the 1st year that I've gone to a public school. So, my parents want me to experience it as normally as possible. The problem was that I was more advanced than most of the people here. Carlisle talked to the principal and he said that he could make an exception for me and my, Um... sisters. So, I'm a freshman with most sophomore classes along with my siblings Alice and Bella. " I explained.

" Oh.Well, that makes sense. " He responded.

The bell rang and Mrs.Williams said we could depart. I suddenly wondered what my family would think about me and Michael's new arrangement. I was once again pulled out of my internal monologue by his voice.

" Nessie, you wanna head to class now? You've been standing here staring off into space for about 3 minutes. Come on, let's get a move on."

" Okay. What's your next class?" I asked.

We started down the halls.

" Well, surprisingly enough, it's Algebra 2. Same as you."

"Oh. That's convenient. Jake's in our 7th period too. You'll get to meet him."

"Is- is that your boyfriend?" He asked in a defeated voice.

I busted out laughing.

"JAKE? boyfriend? No! He's my best friend. I have a feeling you'll get along great." I said as we arrived at our destination.

"Well, we're about to find out. Ladies first." He gestured to the door.

" Why, Thank you Mr.Carter." I thanked him and blushed ferociously.

When I went through the door our hands brushed and I could feel my skin tingle. I wished that I could wrap my hand around his and then I felt confused about feeling that way. I looked around the room until I found a pair of familiar black eyes.


Jake ran up to me and circled me around in a hug. As soon as he put me down I stepped away awkwardly.

"Ness, what's wrong?" He asked.

I looked around and found Michael still by the door. I waved him over.

" Um, Jake, this is Michael Carter. I met him in dance class today. He beat me in the dance off we had today...Jake? Are you okay?...What's wrong?" I started getting worried. Jacob was shaking like a tuning fork and I didn't know why. All I knew was that he was glaring at Michael and that a giant wolf was about to explode in this classroom if I didn't get him outside.
Comment by Fire And Ice - RCC on January 24, 2010 at 10:17pm
-Chapter 2: Stupid Hormonal Vampires –
Nessie’s P.O.V

The ride over to the school was nerve wrecking at least for me that is. Though I'm pretty sure momma wasn't too comfortable either. She was mumbling about how attending High School once was enough to last an eternity. It was hard for us to keep a straight face during her little 'speech' .

" Nessie, look! We're here." Jacob announced.

Medical Lake High School was located at 200 east Parker Street. It was a friendly brick building with a clock -under the name - over an arch that led to the entrance.It served about 702 students.Daddy pulled us around to the parking lot and we all climbed out of the Volvo. The weather here wasn't much different from Forks so, naturally, it was raining. There weren't many students here yet. We'd gotten here early so we could receive our paperwork and schedules. We walked to the rest of the family that was waiting by the sidewalk. together we made our way over to the entrance.
I was the first to walk into the office. Also, the first to observe the secretary's reaction to us with an amused face. I watched as my father -with momma towing behind him- approached her and explained our situation.

" Excuse me? My name id Edward Cullen and this is my family.My siblings Alice, Renesmee, and Emmett. My adopted siblings Bella, Rosalie, and Jasper Hale. And finally, our adopted brother Jacob Black."
He took a deep breath and continued,
" I understand our guardian -my uncle Carlisle- has spoken with you already?" He said in a soft velvet voice.

Poor woman.She obviously doesn't know the reason for the effect we have on her. I thought. Her heart was thudding frantically and sweat was dewing on her forehead. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bella take a deep breath and cringe whilst Edward soothingly patted the hand she had around his waist. I instantly felt a wave of calm and relaxation go through the room. -Jasper's doing, of course.- I looked to the front and saw both my mom and the secretary relax a little bit. Dad tilted his head a fraction of an inch down and back up again. A nod. He was thanking Jasper.

The human cleared her throat and started looking something up on her ancient computer.She finally got the courage to respond.

" Oh, yes. Here you are. I have some papers I need for you and your uncle to sign." She said.

She printed off eight copies of the same three papers and handed them to us.

" The first is a copy of the disciplinary rules. I need each of you and your guardian to sign this and return it to me. It states that you accept and will follow the disciplinary rules or otherwise accept the consequences for not following them." She looked at Jacob when she stated the last sentence.

Did he look dangerous to her? How weird. I focused my attention back on what she was saying.

" ...The second sheet is a copy of your class schedules. That's pretty self-explanatory. The third is a map of the school. It should help you get around easily. One more thing, I need you to write your name, homeroom, and grade on a sheet of paper. Write down all your classes and have each teacher sign it. This is to be handed in at the end of the day. I hope you enjoy your year at Medical Lake High School." She finished

I swear that the last one or two sentences sounded like something out of a recording.

" Thank you...Ms.Sanderson. We will be back this afternoon." Dad told the secretary.

He gave her his famous crooked smile before he departed and we all heard her heart thud ferociously. When we were out of the front the office my family gave a sigh of relief. All of us paused in the hallway to evaluate the situation. I noticed several people taking second glances at us, amazed by our obvious beauty.

" Jasper and Emmett are Juniors. Rosalie, Jacob, and I are Sophomores. Alice, Bella, and Renesmee are Freshman. Our story is that we moved here from Alaska when Carlisle adopted us. Renesmee, If you need any help with anything Alice and Bella are in most of your classes and I'm just a little ways away. Any questions?" Edward asked.

" Um..yeah. Is Jacob the pet dog Carlisle bought us for Christmas or something?" Emmett asked.

He received a punch in the gut by Jake. I couldn't keep a straight face. Apparently, neither could anyone else.

" That's the story. And we have to love and care for our little pet. Right, Jacob?" I teased.

" That's right, Nessie." He responded.

Jacob walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulders. My heart skipped a beat. Why would it do that?Bella glowered at Jacob and shot a piercing look at Edward.

" It's not like that...yet." My father whispered almost inaudibly. then louder, " The bell is going to ring very soon. We should head off to find our lockers and first class."

I looked at my schedule:

1st period- Honors English: Room 218
2nd period- AP Biology: Room 320
3rd period- First Year French: Room 203
4th period- Lunch/ Free Period
5th period- AP American History: Room 316
6th period- Dance ( opt. for gym): Theatre
7th period- Algebra 2: Room 325

" Dang , Nessie! you have all advanced classes. Cool! We have 7th period together." Jacob noticed.

" Will you stop looking over my shoulder! ( I turned around to look at dad.) Hey Edward, why am I a Freshman if I have mostly sophomore classes? Why not move me up?" I still wasn't used to saying his name aloud.

" Firstly, because the principle decided it was best for you to be able to go back if your classes are too hard. Another reason is that your mother and father want you to experience all four years of High School. The principle said the same for Alice and Bella." He explained.

" Oh, okay. That's all" I replied.

" Edward, we should get going the bell's going to ring in exactly 246 seconds." Alice informed.

We said our good-byes to each other. I got a punch from Emmett and a hug from Rosalie and My Dad. Then I was dragged down the hall by Alice -who was also dragging Bella- . As we walked down the hallway I could hear various humans whisper to each other. It pretty much consisted of , ' Who are they?' , ' Wow. Look at the new kids.', and my favorite ' Damn! When and where can I bang that?!' . Humans are so amusing.

" Ooh! Look, our lockers are right next to each other!" Alice exclaimed.

" Like you didn't already know that. Actually, I'm pretty sure you made that happen, Alice." Bella Said.

Alice's wind-chime voice laughed and responded," Of course I did, silly."

We didn't have many belongings to put in our lockers so, after putting a lock on each of them, we headed to class. All three of us had first period together.
English and Biology went by pretty fast after the embarrassing introduction part. French class was a little more interesting.

" Bonjour class. My name is Mrs.Dunnaway. Why don't we start by introducing ourselves and saying a couple thing about each other." The teacher suggested.

Mrs.Dunnaway was a petite person, only a little taller than Aunt Alice. She had short auburn hair and creamy white skin with just a bit of a pinkish under-color.
We all dragged our chairs into a circle in the middle of the classroom. As each student had their turn I wondered what I was going to say about my family and myself. I was pretty sure that, ' Hello. My name is Renesmee Cullen and my whole family -except Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sue- are all bloodsucking vampires. Don't worry though, we're vegetarians.' would not go well with this crowd. Not to mention it would give away our secret.

" Um...Miss Alice Cullen? Please tell us about yourself. " Mrs.Dunnaway said as she read her name off the attendance list.

" Well, my name is Mary Alice Cullen but Carlisle , my guardian, opted to let me use my middle name only. I have two siblings in this period. ( At this point everyone turned to stare at mom and I ) My favorite colors are Pink and Purple and I love to go shopping! "

" Nice to meet you Alice. Sit down please. Next person?"

My mom stood up and started talking to the students. I bet if she still could, she would have been blushing.

" Um, hi. I'm Bella Cull-Hale. Ahem. I love to read. One of my favorites is Wuthering Heights." She sat down quickly and gestured for me to take my turn.

" Reh-nez-me Cullen?" Called the teacher.

" Mrs.Dunnaway, It's Ruh-nez-may." I responded, pronouncing each syllable carefully.

" Oh. Forgive me, dear. Renesmee.Okay. I got it. Please proceed."

" Well, as you figured out, my name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I have to admit that I only took this class because I needed something to fill this period. Alice, Bella, and myself speak French fluently."

" All of you speak French?" Mrs.Dunnaway asked towards the three of us.

"Yes." I answered. I was backed up by two nods from Auntie A. and Momma.

"Si vous connaissez déjà le français alors pourquoi n'avez-vous pas une autre langue au choix?" She was testing our knowledge.

I rolled my eyes. Apparently, I was going to be spokesperson in this situation.

"Nous parlons couramment en français, portugais, italien, allemand et japonais." I responded in perfect French.

A look of astonishment crossed her expression before she settled with looking annoyed.

"Humph. Well, it seems you'll have to sit in the back so everyone else can actually learn."

I looked around and saw almost everyone with their mouths hanging wide open. -otherwise they looked offended.-
The bell rang signaling time for lunch. Man, am I starving. I thought. We made our way across the hall and into the cafeteria where the rest of my family were sitting down at an empty table. Upon our arrival Jasper, Dad, and Jacob stood to pull out our chairs. I giggled at the awkwardness that followed. At least for Jacob and I.
It seemed that everyone was having some kind of PDA. Alice was sitting on Jasper -having already decided not to take the offered seat.- , Rosalie and Emmett were having a very disturbing make-out session, and Mom and Dad were leaning towards each other holding hands while declaring their love to each other in whispers. It all made me feel suddenly aware that My Jake was only a few inches away from me. My Jake? Where did that come from? Stupid Hormonal Vampires.

" Ugh! Stupid hormonal vampires." I heard Jake say under his breath.

" Hey! I thought you couldn't read my mind? That's exactly what I was thinking." I told him digging into the lunch box Grandma Esme had packed for me this morning. Yum! Eggs!

" Huh. What'd ya know. Maybe Edward is finally rubbing off on me." He mused.

" In your dreams, Pup." Father answered, never breaking his gaze from Momma's.

" Well, no matter how 'hormonal' we are, our audience won't cease to exist." Aunt Rose snickered.

"Audience?" I asked.

" It appears that the humans were hoping to stand a chance with any of us. Of course, now they realize they were incorrect. But that doesn't stop them from fantasizing about us." Edward answered.

He had finally looked up from mom since we got here. Now he was listening to the thoughts around him.

"Yes, Jacob. I know. That's up to her. Remember you gave Bella and I your word."

He was obviously answering one of Jacob's silent questions. Everyone looked confused at first but, toward the end of dad's response understanding crossed their expressions. I still had no clue what the conversation was about. Before I could ask what it was the bell rang, indicating it was time for 5th period.

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