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Renesmee: Chapter 13 The discussion

The Discussion

Dear Diary,

Uhg this is why mother daughter days are horrible. Listening to her advice on Seth and Jacob and her going on and on and on about the Irony of the situation. This torture lasted for 3 hours before she randomly disappeared. I couldn't find dad either. Now that I think about it this is not sounding good. Well I better ____ ------

AHHHHH I screamed the terror spreading quickly. Seth was more just standing there with the a face like anyone who is facing death in a horror movie. It was Jane. Some how I managed to bullet past her and her terror and head straight to the door. JACOB!? I screamed loud and clear. We don't have your mutt. Jane said quickly and angrily. He escaped? I asked suprised. But also angry. Why didn't he come when he escaped why didn't he come atleast get me? Where is.. I started but I turned around and Aro already was answering the question. He ran after he saw us. We followed you to find him. He said clasping his fist. I placed my hand on seth and told him through my thoughts to go look for him. He frowned figuring that all we ever had, the tiny miniscule thing we had was all over. All question was gone. it was Jake. Even if I was a little mad at him. So what now? I asked Aro trying to hide the fear in my voice. Italy of course. Bella has been asking about you. MOM! WHY DID YOU TAKE HER! I yelled as the sound boomed around us. To lure you in but looks like we don't have to. He chuckled darkly. Lets go! I said as shoving him along.

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