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Dad got into his ' if you take one more step I'm going to kill you' stance. I rolled my eyes,

put down the Kindle, and ran outside iggnoring my parents ' stops or you don't know what

you are getting intos'. " Ok it has been 13 years and I still have not fallen for you so just

leave before this ends badly." I said trying to be as nice as possible. I walked to him and

motioned for him to go back to his normal annouging Jacob self. " Nessie I can't do

that! I know your parents have told you what happens when I am away from you. Please

just let me into your heart." He said trying to use that stupid boyish charm voice that they

think they have. I crossed my arms and shook my head. " Jacob you have killed so many

innocent things to keep yourself alive. I only kill what has kill the innocent. If I remember

right there use to be this little cougar that me, you and my mother use to play with. And

because of you I watched it grow and I watched it die! I am sorry Jacob but I just can't it

is to hard for me to believe that you have changed in your killing habits. You just need to

leave and never come back." With that I ran in the house. I could feel tears of blood

starting to form. I wiped them away. " It is not like you are in love with him Renemee you

just watched him kill one of the only good memories that you had from your not normal

some what childhood." I said to myself trying to see if it would help. I felt the pain go

away. I walked over to grab my Kindle and walked out the door. But I was stopped by

Dad's big boney arm. " Where are you going?" He asked simply trying to not be strict.

" I was just planning on going down the hill to the pond and read for a little while, while I

try to process what just happened." I said moving him arm away from my torso and back

down to his side. Mom stepped forward as I felt Dads arm start to tense up. " I will go with

her so she does not go after Jake sweetheart." She said winking at me. " Ok as long as you

she is going, you can go Ness." " Thanks Dad now come on lets go." I said grabbing Mom's

arm and dragging her down the grassy hill. " You do realize that I have no book right?" She

asked. " Um yup but you have that book app on your phone so read one from there." I said

plopping down in the hammock that rested between two very tall Oak tree's. She sat down

on her usual chair shapped rock. I turned on my Kindle and opened up my selected book.

After reading the book and getting 12 chapters into it, there was another howl from a wolf,

But this time it was not Jacob.

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Comment by Vampire Wolfy Girl on May 1, 2011 at 8:24pm
thank you!! and
I am trying to work on the next part so it should be up by tuesday at the latest!!
Comment by Katie Williams on May 1, 2011 at 3:07pm
the gonna continue its gr8

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