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Renesmee is back!! (house and family pictures)

OK so you heard I'm writing more right????? Well I hope you did. lol.

So these are pictures of the house and how they look in this part of there lives. Renesmee is older and there forth taller. Bella is obviously a vampire now. Edward is the same. And Jacob is pretty much the same too.


 this is the Cullen manison's libary


This is there house in New Hampishire. Isnt it amazing???!!!!


Vampire Bella. (couldnt find a good one of her. sorry!)



What I personly think she would look like.


Clearly this is Edward. haha :D


 yeah thats Jacob.






 i dont know! it just looks cool!!! lol


Well thats the New Hampirshie life for them!

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Comment by Jordan Clement on April 22, 2011 at 7:35pm

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