The Twilight Saga

renesmee my forever lasting love pt 10

Aunt rose took me to her car an sothed me while everyone helped jake. I cry into her shoulder. Shegrabed my head and pulled up so she could lokk at me. "You need to eat. Come on."
an we whent into the trees i five mountain lion and twelve deer.
We whent back to her car.
"They cant save him" i said
"Yes they can. Carsile. Was takeing all his medical equpiment home. Thinking hed need it"
seth drove my car up to us i looked at him.
"Hes ok the had a weird heart attack/shock thing with the shock of your 'attack' and the text. Hes in the back sleeping he'll be up in a little bit."
"Thank you seth."
he nodded and thethree of us walked back to the group. I hugged everyone,thanked and apolligized.
they all said your welcome and i didnt need to apolligize.
We all got in the cars an drove off.
Grandpa called me.
"I forgot the tell you hell be up in 6hours and as good as new."
"Thank you for everything. Love you."
" your welvome love you too."
we hung up.
It was 6 hoiurs of painful horrible silence.
then he woke up.
"Seth were is she? Do you know if shes ok?"
"JAKE!?!?!?" i said gentalty pulling the car over.
"Renesmee is that you. Its not a dream is it.?"
"No jake its not a dream."
He grabbed hisphone and looked at it
"No, jake i almost lost you. Im not gonna leave you"
He grabbed me and kissed me almost pulling me over the seat. I didnt whant to stop kissing him. I wish it would last a million years. But he stoped an looked a t me a kissed him once more time.
"Get up here and lets go."
He jumped up and we drove

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