The Twilight Saga

renesmee my forever lasting love pt 12

We continued driving like that for a month. Laughing makeing gas and food stops.
We finally made it to Ushuaia, a town in south america, our family was already in the jet. So jake and i got on. Finaly we where home.
I whent to sleep it had been a long trip.
I had the dream again. I woke up screaming. I herd everyone run up the stairs.
"Renesmee are you ok?" My mom said followed bye every one else.
"Ya just a nightmare. Sorry."
"Would you like to show me."
"Sure." I showed her. She wiped my tears away.
"Its ok. Hes fine."
Next thing you know jake jumps through the windowfolowed bye seth.
"Renesmee you ok?"
"Now" i said jumping up to hug him.
"What happened?"
"The dream again"
Everyone left but jake he spet in the chair whatching me.
I had it again. Then jake sat on my bed to sooth me. We fell asleep like that. Him sitting and me with my head resting on the arm i gripped so tightly.
Next day we all woke up to help build the twins house.
it was was going to be 50miles away deep in the forest. It was only a5 minute run if at top speed.
We had to build an attachment for seth. It was going to be a small aparment with three rooms a living/bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchenet. And the girls got a two story house with two bedrooms and two bathroom upstairs. Then the down stairs had a living room, a kithen and dinning room. We finished it in a month.
it was beautiful an the girls where so excited.

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