The Twilight Saga

renesmee my forever lasting love pt 14

I was frightened that id have to see aro again. Maybe he wont take attacking jake so lightly. Maybe he'll see that i whent 6 monthes with out feeding.
And the twins. Ohh the twins. Little rose allready crying.
jake wispers in my ear.
"It will be fine.they dont like me any ways theyll probley pat you on the back." He said playfuly
"Jake, honey," i said turning to face him. "Theyd laugh. Tell me i could live just because of that. Then ask to seeme attack you again." I said the same way
"Ugh. Vampires horrible, sick sick beings."
aunt rose hit him on the shoulder smileing.
"NO NO. Bad dog. Sit." She said. Jake sat down onthe ground an did a pouting puppy face. We where laughing uncontrollably.
"Shut up. And get out the way i cant see the game." Uncle emmett said
"They lose." Aunt alice said proud of her self.
we all started laughing even uncle emmett after he turned off the game.
I realize jake was gone and then i saw him coming down the stairs with something hidden behide his back.
He started waving a hand mirrior in her face. We laughed again because her face was amazing.
Then everyone whent hunting as a group. Whitch weve never done before.
mom: 5 elk
Dad: 10 deer
Me : 3elk and 8 deer
jake: 5 elk and 10 deer
Uncle jasper:4 elk
Uncle emmett: 12 elk and 12 deer
Aunt alice: 9 elk
Aunt rose: 10 elk
Granpa: 11elk and 3deer
grandma: 10 elk and 1deer
Littlr rose: 3 deer
Jenna: 7 elk.
Seth: asleep

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