The Twilight Saga

renesmee my forever lasting love pt 15

I didnt know why but everyone was in a good mood dispite the news aunt alice gave us. But Dad was the happiest i have ever seen him. So aunt alice must have seen all of us happy later on.
*snap* a water ballon exploded on my back.
I looked around uncle emmett had a guilty look on his face.
"You gonna play dirty or fair."
"No such thing as fair in a war." He said smirking.
aunt rose came up to me with i gaint tub that could hold three uncle emmetts.
She smiled." Ya, no such thing as a fair war, nessie"
"Well take the war out side and dont ruin my house in the process. Because im going to me to bizzy helping to school some boys." Gramma said
See whent out side guys of the family were behind a rock with a blue streak. And we where behind three boulders that ahad a pink line acrossed all three. An the war begone we had at least 10 of those gaint tubs. So we let them have it. We threw pink and red ballons. And blue and green were thrown at us.
momwas up in a tree to the rightof the rocks. And aunt rose was in the tree to the left.
The twins were laying down on top of the rocks. Jumping up only to throw.
Aunt allice and gramma stratigised. Whileicovered them. We had planed positions and the guys throw willynilly.
"Renesmee. Come here."gramma said.
"Here the plan. Your mom and rose havent throw anything an are whatching the guys every move. They cover when we leave. Jenna will takeyour spot when we tug her leg. You an alice will run 5 mile down in to the woods an then around the house behind the guys safe house you will get a good look. You and alice wil take most there amo . Alice said tthey should have 3containers and the rest piled you will steal that and wait fpr me. Then well suraround them and the girls well slowly meet us. They will nodice we are gone they will run out of amo turn around into a trap."
"Ok but how will the rest know."
" i toldthem while hunting."
"Come on" alice said tugging me.
As we were where running she said i need a good look the show the rest possible positions.
So we got there.
They looked like a machine.
Uncle emmett, jake, and dad throughone ballon while seth, grandpa and uncle jasper crounched.
then seth, granpa, and uncle jasper threw a balloon while. Jake dad and uncle emmett crouched the were insync. Throw crouch,throw crounch. Prefectly insnyc. So we grabed then amo and ran 5 miles in the woods and hide them. Aunt alice climbed to the top of a three and waved a branch she broke off from the tree. In 30seconds gramma was next to me.we sat there. I showed gramma the guys.
She laughed. "Only your uncle emmett would come up withthat"
Aunt alice signaled again. Little rose was with me now.
Mom musthave taken her spot because two balloons were being thrown. Aunt alice signaled again.aunt rose was with me. Aunt alice signaled again and they slowed then only one ways being throw and jenna was with me.
I heard jake say. " what are thise crazy girls doing."
aunt alice signaled. And we moved in quickely. She signaled agian we filled up on amo. The climbed up the trees. Aunt alice signaled again. And mom was with us up in the trees.
"I dont see any more balloons being thrown."uncle emmett said
"AMO'S GONE." Seth said
"TRAP!!!!" Dad said
We all jumped out of the trees attacking them. It was halarious.
Then we whent home laughingand soaking wet. I whent to bed and everyone was hanging out down stairs.

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