The Twilight Saga

renesmee my forever lasting love pt 16

I woke up everyone was downstairs. Grampa was teaching twins all about the voltri's rules and about the voltri. Gramma was cooking a feast. Uncle jasper, uncle emmett, dad, jake and seth where playing football. And since mom was adimit on learning how to fight so aunt alice and aunt rose were teaching her.
"So is today only private lessons or can we make this class."
"Of course nessie! I can give you a lesson then Rose can take over and teach you some tips."
Then aunt alice took me to the side.
"Remember, it's just a dance." She started side stepping while gently bounce. So i did the same.
"Dance to avoide attacks." And she sung at my face and i leened all the way back and avioded it.
"Good. Now where going to full on. You want to get behind them and get in so punches and you have strong legs so make sure to kick. And distract them dont talk but distract. Ready?"
Mom showed up and i showed her me and aunt alice fight but mom has a sheild around me so aunt alice cant see my moves. She noded and walked away.
"Ready." I said.
She threw a right hook and a left hook so i jumped and dived then kicked her sqaure in the stomach. She then sent a kick trying to kick my feet from under me. But i jumped a layed on her back and got my hands in snaping position.
"Good job honey! I never thought you had it in you." Aunt rose said help both of us up.
Then all the boys came over.
"Great job ness." Dad said
"Who knows you could probaly fight with us one day." Jake said
" well i bet i can take you."
" oh realy?"
"Lets go right now."
"If you say so"
"Human form."
I swung grabbed it and fliped me. My head hit the ground realy hard.
"Oh my god, Renesmee sweetie you okay." Jake said heard growling then dad attacked jake. I got up even though everthing was bulry and i was dizzy and off balance i chased them a pulled jake away from dad and threw him. Then i i looked at dad.
"Daddy im ffff.." then everything whent black.

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